Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snazzy Words

Today, as I was reading THE CREATIVE CALL, I enjoyed an exercise that required making a list of favorite words. Here are some of mine and an explanation of why I like them:
buoyant: this brings to mind the wonderful faith-filled feeling of floating and also reminds me of how much I love upbeat, happy times.
illustrious: I know this has a negative connotation sometimes, but it seems so bright to me, like a colorfully dressed friend.
fluid: this evokes the idea of movement, clean pipes, no barriers or hitches.
twinkle: the K sound is fun to say and this word sounds crisp
ointment: don't you like the sound of this word? Useful and zippy!
soothe: this is a nice servant-hearted word. I like to soothe and be soothed.
tulip: I used to wish my name was tulip. I love them and I think this is a smiley word
nest: oh yes, the visual, the concept, a VERY favorite word
gnome: love the way it's spelled, love the magic in the way the word LOOKS
cozy: zzzzzzzzzzz
bird: brilliant, the perfect name for a delightful species
purple: love the p's and the majesty associated with the color
conundrum: doesn't it sound so much better than problem?
bus: such a little word for something that holds so many
sew: some of my students did not recognize this word when reading (SAD!) and I love it because it is small and full
oyster: funny! I still don't like them but I think it is cute that my parents do!
brave: doesn't this word have a lovely lilt? AAAAAA - and then a V. So good!
flexible: I like words that employ the X
fish: love the shhh and the quiet associated with fish

Now I'll make up some words:
sigglepook: this is the frustration that you feel when you have to untangle your iPod earbuds AGAIN
chaiyup: this is the feeling one has when they want to eat a cookie, but feel like they should eat an apple
sleyn: this is the way a child's hair feels
peeop: this is the guilt associated with a dirty car
narn: this is the delicious feeling recognized when none of your body parts hurt

I had my students make up words once and they came up with some fantastic words and apt definitions. In your comment, make up a word and define it. I'll add it to my vocabulary in your honor! Big LOVE ~ PP


Elizabethd said...

Do you have words that you dont like too? I do!

My made up word is 'to ungle' as in 'I was ungling about, waiting for my friend to arrive...' It means to kind of hang about, waiting for something!!

Pom Pom said...

Perfect, Elizabethd!
I will have many occasions to use the word ungle!
Also, great idea to make a list of words I don't like! Stay tuned! Thank you!

Chrissey said...

I LOVE the word Conundrum! It's one of my favs. I also love "piddle". Not just in the "My puppy piddled on the linoleum" sense, but I also like to say "I'm going to town to piddle around at the bookstore."

Brenda Leyland said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a footprint of your presence.

I enjoyed your 'snazzy word' list -- especially the ones you made. I am very happy to meet another 'kindred' who does that. If I can't find the right one, I make it up. I love your 'snigglepook'!

Bradley Maston said...

Loving those words. sleyn is the perfect word to describe a childs hair, but does sound phonetically like "slain", am I mispronouncing?

SuKnitWitty said...

OhBoy! Write up my 'WonkeNitWrd'List. Ok, here's two I used in my last post...ProfAnado and ProfAnada. Go see what they mean....I really like 'sigglepook', and since I don't have an Ipod...I'll use that word when I untangle yarn.

Pom Pom said...

You guys are so GREAT! I love your responses! Brad, sleyn is pronounced like KEN. SuKnitWitty, I'll have to check out your words! Chrissy, you are so right! Piddle is a great word! Brenda, keep making up words and please share! Thanks for visiting!