Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pretty Stuff

These beauties were part of our dinner last night and after talking to my mom on the phone, I can't wait until next weekend when I will arrive in strawberry land and feast on farm fresh berries! My brother just returned from an Alaskan fishing trip and brought home a freezer full of halibut! YUM! My dad said we must get some crab, too! Yeehaw! We'll journey up Chuckanut Drive or go out to Samish Island and choose our crabs!

I think these gorgeous peonies MIGHT be the sneeze makers! I am not ready to rid the house of peonies YET, so I keep sneezing and sneezing and sneezing.

Yay for PINK! I'll put pink by the sweet peas, pink in the front, close to the pansies!

Petunias and marigolds are all ready to go into the ground. I bought some pepper plants, too. I planted some pepper seeds, but they are not popping up yet.

New calico all ready to be sewn into a skirt (with a sort of apron appendage) and a blouse! I'm ready to begin this wearable sewing project. I'll show you the finished costume and you can tell me what you think.

Found! Another piece of jewelry! Does this bracelet remind you of gumballs? Yum!

Do you like my new $13.00 shoes? I do!

So, happy Saturday to all of you! I'm very thankful for food, flowers, happy clothes and shoes and PEOPLE, today. I'm going to put on my pink swimsuit and my board shorts (a necessity) and go swimming with Finn and Cadence! After that, they'll come over for a chicken salad lunch to wish Bill a Happy Father's DAY! Finn will nap and we'll talk and laugh! Tomorrow, everyone else will come for a yummy steak dinner complete with potatoes from the lovely blog, As Lilies Sewing. She is darling! She shared her cheesy potato recipe with her readers. I bought cake flower so I may make a delicious almond cake for our dessert. So, there is a lot to do today! Swim, cook, play, plant, sew, read, write, and delight in all that is good, true and beautiful. Have a peachy day and remember . . . YOU are loved and you are ENOUGH.


Elizabethd said...

Arent strawberries wonderful? I've picked 2 kilos tonight, made some into puree, and the rest in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch.
Have a happy weekend!

Samwise said...

The Clown goes back to her roots

Bradley Maston said...

I like your fabric choices...can't wait to see the final product!