Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy, happy! Last year we were in the Philippines for our anniversary and it was our thirtieth! This year, for our thirty-first, we are home and going to dash off to pamper ourselves at a nice hotel. I'm thinking about how life builds and builds and daily tasks create something wonderful like a snowball pushed around the yard, gaining girth and momentum. That's how it has been for us. Thirty one years of ministry, four astounding children, five grandchildren, travels around the globe, thousands of enlightening conversations and SO MANY encounters with deep and true people have landed us right here, at this sweet spot in life! I was a nineteen-year old bride all those years ago. I wanted to support, grow, learn to keep our home, keep pace with Young Life kids, become a good wife. The Lord provided his abundant grace and I grew and flourished and Bill and I ran along together (me several steps behind most of the time) looking upward. The truth, the beauty, the encouragement is UP as we embrace the privilege of descending instead of ascending. He must become greater and greater and I must become less and less. Us, the BODY of Christ, we are the ultimate BRIDE. I hope you have the sweet opportunity to go to a wedding this summer and share in the miracle that occurs when two become one.


Gigi said...

Well, happy anniversary to you! And thanks so much for your concern for my little self. You're a dear.

Brad said...

Happy anniversary! You are a loving mama and a wonderful example to wives everywhere! Praise the Lord for you! You are blessed!