Friday, June 26, 2009

Wrong Words

Elizabethd had a great idea. She asked me what words I DON'T like. Here's the list:

ledger: this is a muddy word for columns of numbers (yawn)
hack: a mean word
consequence: so bossy
rebuttal: right in the middle of it, something is wrong - how about respeakal instead?
fame: couldn't it sound more meaningful or philosophical? Hmmmmm.
mobile: sounds so flat
dynamic: it just doesn't fit its meaning and needs some romance

New made up words:
vyisp: the surge of excitement experienced on Splash Mountain (Disneyland or Disney World)
ling: the sensation of a cold, refreshing drink
whisple: the longing for prettier toes

I may be away a while. I'm going on a trip. I'll take many glorious photos of my people and my places. I'll keep up on my favorite blogs, so keep speaking into my life, good bloggers! I love to learn from YOU! I have to go deal with sigglepook now, so I can ride the exercise bike while listening to my fairy song playlist!


Elizabethd said...

Have a good trip!

CAROLYN said...

Hope you have a great time. Where are you going? Somewhere nice and refreshing I hope! Thanks so much for all your comments, you make my day!

Best wishes, Carolyn

Pom Pom said...

Carolyn, I really enjoy your art so it is my pleasure to comment on your extraordinary work! I am going to Washington State for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. I will see all my siblings and revel in the atmosphere of my home town! I may blog from there, but I might just talk it up with my parents, sit on the deck and watch the birds, and drive around so I can soak up some views of the Puget Sound. Thank you for YOUR comments ~

pileofsmiles said...

Hope you enjoy your trip! I have something for you at my place. Drop by soon.

Bradley Maston said...

I hope you are enjoying the great times with fam.

pileofsmiles said...

Hi, Pom Pom!
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