Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fairy Dust

Hello! I must show you my little delights! Birdie is sleeping in the guest room and I am musing about the sweet evening we had last night, house full of love and laughter, a marginal meal consumed by all, and a round of worshipful singing! A quick post before Birdie wakes up, ready to play at Gran's all day!

There's nothing quite like an audience that delights in you, is there?

And the fairy dancing begins!

The miraculous sweet pea barrel!

Fairy love!

The fairies are on the move!

CB is an outdoor girl!

Welcome Birdie!

Hello Finn! Dinner time!

Ta dah! CB likes to climb . . . and JUMP!

Soon Miss Bug will get into the action!

We had so much fun when everyone came by for burned wieners, fresh off the BBQ. Kelli noticed that once the girls put on their fairy gowns, they got along very well! They DID run and run and run, delighting us all with their moves! We sang and lifted our hearts to Jesus - together. The abandonment of self and personal concerns happens in spite of me, with no effort mustered from my own strength. One look at the children, and pure joy takes over. And these and this = the blessings of life.


Andrea said...

The children are all so, so beautiful! They do look like sweet little fairies as they play!

What a blessed time you had in the Lord! Isn't He so good to us? Oh, how Jesus is worthy of our praise and our all!

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes. Yes, I am hoping that the fifties will be my favorite.

Many blessings to you this weekend.

In Christ's Love,


elaine said...

That is a very cute pic of you Pom Pom!!! :)

funkymonkey said...

Oh those fairies look so sweet in their pretty little outfits!


Gigi said...

Adorable littles! I am missing mine so much and can't wait to get back to the West to spend time with them.
Love your beautiful silver hair -- it's gorgeous!
Blessings to you & yours.
P.S. "Out of Africa" soundtrack is a longtime favorite of mine too & love the Ballerina by G. Winston -- so pretty.

Bradley Maston said...

It was a blessed evening! Thank you so much for commemorating it with pictures, and you thoughts. The Lord is so very good to us!