Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Swim for Pom Pom

Granny's invited to join the fun! It's Saturday morning swim! Up and at 'em early, I drive up to Brad and April's . . .

Brad and April live in an adorable little storybook village!

Beautiful! Here is Brad and April's pretty house!

The faithful guard dog, Pugsley!

The flowery welcome!

Brad and April's garden

Not many dads crochet for their kids, I know! Brad is a creative dad and husband and whipped up the above softies for CB and Finn!

These are the love notes Brad wrote for April. He put them all over their house to remind her of how precious she is to him.

Isn't this wall mural enchanting? Our friend Beth painted the lovely fairyland scene!

This is where Finn sleeps for naps, but his busy sister makes THIS crib too noisy at bedtime, so he sleeps in another crib in his parents' room! Note the Pug pillow!

CB's cozy bed! She is like her daddy (doesn't really LIKE sleeping!) and can't wait to hop out of her downy nest!

We arrive at the pool.

Look at sleepy Finn!

Swimming pools are FUN! I love the pool where CB and Finn swim! I feel energized by the water and so do April, CB and Finn! The kids are going to be swimmers like their mommy!

Finally, dressed and DONE. Finn usually naps in the morning, so swim lessons (as fun as they are!) interfere with his schedule! Note the tired eyes! It's time to go to Granny and Grandpa's for lunch!

And the fairy ate her lunch!

After taking a delicious nap in the upstairs crib, Finn joined us and crawled around like a champ! Go Finn! We had such a fun morning and afternoon! Next on the schedule for Finn and CB was a trip up to see their other grandpa and grandma. CB looked forward to feeding the horse. Grandma has volunteered to horse sit for a neighbor! Fun!

Yahoo! Yahoo! Beautiful Rosebud and Scott found out yesterday that they are having a . . . GIRL! So, at the end of November or the beginning of December, we'll have a precious little girlie to hold and cuddle! I can't WAIT! Finn will be one in August and by the time the new granddaughter comes, Miz Bug will be ten months! We are so blessed! Thank you, Jesus!

And today, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to Bill! He's a VERY committed father, an engaged grandpa and he prays for us with passion. He partners with me and helps me grow. He loves me like crazy and I am overwhelmed with thankfulness.

Today, Birdie and Miz Bug (and their parents!) will join Bill, Jeff and I for a Father's Day dinner! Rose and Scott will come, too! So, I'm off to prepare for all the fun! I'm thinking of my own sweet father today! He will probably enjoy a delicious fish dinner to celebrate! Next week at this time, I'll be with him! I can't wait to plant a kiss on his balding head! He is lovable!

Happy day to all of you!


SuKnitWitty said...

Well, MsPomPom UR are just like Raggedy NICE and, yes, blessed with a beautiful family...and congrats on the news....a Girlie. Thanks for the 'HangInThere'...UR a PatiencePerson..I can tell. I am's just fun to WhineABit OutLoud!

CAROLYN said...

Such a lovely family story, so wonderful that you are all so close. Blessings to you all xx

Pom Pom said...

SuKnitWitty and Carolyn, THANK YOU!

Samwise said...

And you have a cute smile :)

Beth E. said...

What wonderful have a beautiful family!

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog...yes, we boohoo all the way through the reading of the blessing letters! LOL

Bradley Maston said...

Cadence and Finn are so thankful for their time with Papa and Granny! They had so much fun! Thank you for having us over!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

The great thing about swimming lessons? The naps that follow!!! We have a pug, too! What cute little ones! Congratulations on the new girl coming soon!! I love having a girl...she is so sweet and dainty. You have a beautiful and blessed family!!

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos. My kids always loved visiting the pool when they were little too.

Thanks for visiting my blog.