Friday, June 19, 2009

Bees and Hankies

My mother-in-law saved her hankies and when she died, I was the blessed recipient of these lovely little pieces of cloth. Because I have a bad case of the sneezes today, I decided to pull out these useful pretties. Last summer, at Jenny's beautiful backyard wedding, I hung them on the clothesline. I thought it was a precious idea, but Jenny (those opinionated brides!) nixed it. Not wanting to call attention to our clothesline, I guess it made sense. So, April sweetly unpegged them and I shoved them in the entryway chest. Today I pull them out again and think of my mother-in-law who was always so nice to me.

Also, in the entryway chest . . . Pom Pom's bees!
A clown (and a granny) can't have too many finger puppets!

So, I had to take this bee outside to visit the gnome and buzz around. I'm still in my pjs, but no one stared.

Because my instrument of choice is the kazoo, I can make my bees buzz, but today we buzzlessly (the kazoo is in one of my purses) checked on the pansy bed.

I am so thankful for this little pot of goodness. I can't stop sneezing and had been blowing my nose on paper napkins (lazy)! My auntie uses this magic elixir on her feet when she feels cold and tired. Its fragrance is a bit much for Bill, so I don't do it very often. It is my friend today, for sure.

I'm really enjoying THE CREATIVE CALL and I came upon a quote that I think you will love:
"This, then , is the beginning: to know that we have a right to the creative and to follow it where it leads. Why should that be so difficult? We know things when we are very young that we forget as we age." ~Deanna Metzger

Okay, just one more:
"When I'm operating at my best, my work is my prayer. It comes out of the same place that prayer comes out of --the center, the heart." ~Matthew Fox, PH.D

The author, Janice Elsheimer, speaks about "playing by heart" so that's what I hope I do today, and that's what I hope YOU can do today, too! Big LOVE! PP


Elizabethd said...

There is something so lovely about the vintage hankies. I ahve some of my mother's and they are so pretty, dainty and lacy....not to be used, except maybe to drop at the foot of a suitor?

Bradley Maston said...

I'm glad that the giant bee was pollinating the pansies. They need extra bee power to grow beautiful and strong and act as bait for fairies of every stripe, size and color!

libbyquilter said...

i think that i am totally charmed by your blog~~!!!!~ and will have to become a faithful follower to be sure~!!~

love the quote by Matthew Fox, PH.D. i've always felt like the creative "muse" flows through me and that i am just a conduit for the art that happens despite me~!!~ if you know what i mean~!?!~ as crazy as it seems, i do resist it . . . always pressured by the daily grind of stuff to do . . . but when i succomb . . . it is bliss~!~

thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving the kind and encouraging comments. i have been buried by a variety of things going on but am hoping that things will calm back down within a few weeks, at which time i will be doing a lot more visiting of my own~!!~


SuKnitWitty said...

Oh!My! I do love the hankies...have a collection..even some of my Grandmothers. Have used in quilts and other special stitchings. I had a nice MIL, too...I miss her and am so thankful for her greatest gift to me....her son. Thanks for visiting my blog today. You'll have lots of LOL's from the book. I sure did. Feel better and keep using the paper hankies. lol

Pom Pom said...

libbyQ! I know what you mean! It IS bliss to allow the muse to flow! Thank you for your sweet words and please do visit often!

Bradley, You are so right about the fairies!