Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School, A Pirate Toothbrush and TOO MUCH SQUASH!

You too can turn yourself into a hockey player. Just go to www.photofunia.com. Yes, when you should be doing something else, but you are too brain dead to do it - play around on the Internet and then write a random blog post.

It's been two days with students and I am not yet feeling organized at school. Tomorrow we're going to the library so they can browse through the stacks and also so we can have an occasional fifteen-minute read during the class period. I am ready to start inviting them to jazz up their journals and release all their brilliance on the page! I wish we could fast forward to the middle of the trimester, so all the kids were comfortable and relaxed. We'll get there and I will start to calm down and find my groove. Do you like my new toothbrush? It was on sale at the grocery store.

Next year, I am not planting yellow squash. For heaven's sake! I don't like them that much! Every time I go out to the garden there are MORE and if I don't pick them they get weird and BIG! Now that I've sort of lost interest in the garden, everything is looking BIGGER and BETTER!

When the seasons are about to change do you ever get kind of spacey and unsettled? I think I do. I have a million things on my mind and the "I don't have enough time" voice won't be quiet. I'm reminded to surrender, wave the white flag, and shout, "HELP! I can't do ANYTHING alone!" I'm glad HE is listening.


The Mud Spattered Man said...

I like your toothbrush, it is a good toothbrush for an old lady. Only 9 more months of school to go! Thats like having a baby but easier.


I like your yellow squashes, but to look at - not eat! I guess with that many you can kinda get "squashed out"!

Hope you find your groove soon. Wish we were encouraged to journal when I was at school ... I'm making up for it in my adult years ...

Have a lovely day (it's 7.30 am as I write this, up early today!)

Carolyn xx

Life is good! said...

never had the chance to turn on a pirate before! have fun! arghhh

Gigi said...

Cute picture! I love your fun loving outlook on 'things'.
And yes, I get unsettled and spacey (or spacier ;-) when seasons change -- especially end of summer for some reason? My DD and I were talking about that yesterday. Maybe fall brings some kind of instinctive desire/need to get ready & organized for the coming winter, so we can crawl into our caves & rest a while -- or something?
Oh, and I forgot to thank you so very much for the mention of my blog. You're too kind! I have to say I love being 'eclectic' -- so much nicer than scattered, weird, or all over the place, which might be more accurate ;-).

Cal said...

Just been reading your blog Pom Pom - really enjoyed. Thanks for the photofunia link - will be putting that on my blog one day - oh dear another reason to be on my computer! Yes I agree, season changeover is a bit strange, neither one thing nor the other! I like Autumn though. Have a good week. x

Deborah said...

Amen! I am glad He is listening too! The first few weeks of school always make me question my ability to be both mom and teacher. Then things thankfully settle down and we find our groove -- if but for the grace of God.

Cool toothbrush!!

Have you made zucchini bread, zucchini cake, zucchini muffins, had fried zucchini, baked zucchini, zucchini soup, and whatever else you can do with zucchini? You can always be a friendly neighbour and gift everyone on your block with a few. :oP!

Praying your new school year will soon work into a nice routine.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm getting kind of tired of my garden, too. Kind of a sad time of year in that regard.

School starts and it's all overwhelming. Must go e-mail bunches of people to tell them I can't do half the things I said I'd do this week. What was I thinking?


Kerri said...

I LOVE that you have a pirate toothbrush!