Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Road

What a sweet freebie! For some reason the road people decided to replace the pavement on our street! After paying (choke!) a lot of money for our new driveway it is so pleasant to have a nice, smooth black road in front of our house! When Bill and I were doing our usual "sit in front of the window, drink coffee and pray" routine this morning I was filled with gratitude for the improvement of my view!

Our grass is so delicious - such a green, hobbit-y carpet! Bill is THE MAN when it comes to the lawn! He makes it look like a putting green. My front garden is sort of a mess. The cosmos are overstepping their bounds. They are volunteers so I feel bad yanking them out (they showed such noble efforts so independently!) but they are taking over! I guess my excitement about my squash and pumpkins resulted in front garden neglect. I did have ONE green pepper growing in the front and I picked it and put it in the chili last night.

The packet of green zinnia seeds ("Envy") resulted in two plants. What's with the seeds? The last two years my zinnia seeds have been duds. Anyway, I like the way they look, all rebellious and taking on the leaves' color and still looking so zinnia-ish!

This is Miss Bug's new thing! No more laying around on a blanket for her! She's dipping her toes in summer and LOVING it!

Look at that smile! She has a much better view now!

I didn't think it would happen, but I'm sort of (I'm whispering) getting tired of reading blogs. GASP! For a while, I was absolutely addicted! I couldn't get enough of the pictures and the commentary! It's all I wanted to do. I didn't want to write in my journal, or write stories, or even read as much as I usually do. But that is waning now and I've decided to simply read my favorites (all yours - because I feel like I know you now!) and not search for more for a while. I'm not going to comment on the blogs that have 150 followers. It's too impersonal and I don't want to play. What I am drawn to is the personal connection, not the impersonal idea-generating feature that attracted me at first. I like writing my blog for the introspective value of thinking while typing and sort of getting to know myself better as I read the written result. I'm so thankful that Brad (our oldest) always reads and always comments and I'm thrilled that all the kids have blogs and post quite often. I love reading their deep thoughts, puffing all up with MOMMY pride while I do so. So, I don't feel so much like a "runaway blog train" anymore. I think the Lord's so sweet to me, pacing my days and moods and sort of steering me in the direction of what's good and right, in spite of my own wacky tendency to "go off" in random directions. So, today I'm going to journal, read my Anne Tyler book, buy a refrigerator (ours in so old - it's creepy), maybe wash a window or two, take a nap, NOT knit. Yeah, that sock I was knitting looks like something Braveheart would wear and what am I thinking? I don't even WEAR socks unless it snows which is really only about 10-15 days out of the whole Colorado year! Thank you for visiting today, good reader. I hope your Saturday is fine! I hope you think about your faith, your loves, your worth and revel in your ordinary moments that really are the sweet stuff of our life on earth, because ordinary is so original to each one.



Hi Pom Pom

I clicked "funny" "interesting" and "cool" because your blog is all of these things - from the heart is best!

I hope you may still visit me from time to time but understand if it's all taking too much time for you to get round everyone. I do find that myself sometimes!

Right now, you are comforting me more than you will ever know and I will tell you about it one day, when I'm ready

Sending love

Elizabethd said...

You are saying something of what I feel at the moment. I love my regular friends blogs, wouldnt miss them, but I just dont have the time or energy to research more now.


THANK YOU POM POM (for everything!)
and I forgot to tell you how much I loved your green zinnias - they are NEW to me. I've never seen them before! xxx

SuKnitWitty said...

Whew!I was worried...til your visit today...SKW on your 'RegList'...I'd MissYou...but understand. You're saying what alot of us BlogAholics are feeling. About the Frogs...That LilyPond is FrogFree or is it...FreeFrogs. Whatever, there are no Frogs...and G-Son looked for them and fishes. BTW...ThePostOffice, Bless Their Hearts, must think the PonyExpress picks up the mail at the Tex/Colorado Border...Sometimes that might be faster.LOL

Deborah said...

I just love Miss Bug's grin in that second photo. Isn't is wonderful how little ones get so excited about life!?

Your comment about the sock you're knitting made me laugh. I have a post about knitting coming up soon. Let's just say, I haven't mastered it yet :0).

You have a lovely day planned. Here I am(supposed to be)packing and cleaning, all the while watching it pour buckets. We're going camping. Now that the kids are older camping in the rain is doable. Thankfully rain isn't in the forecast for our entire week. As much as we like reading and playing games,we would like to do some canoeing and hiking too!

May you have a blessed weekend(and week too)! I will look forward to catching up on your blog when we arrive home again!


Anonymous said...

Hello Pom Pom ~

Miss Bug is adorable!! It sounds like a good day for you enjoying some simple pleasures ~ I hope it's a lovely Saturday!

Sweet blessings,

Bradley Maston said...

You have a wonderful blog and it's always fun to read. Gardens, grass, family, and Jesus. All of the things you write about make me smile. But I'm glad that you are being obedient to your heart. You are a wonderful writer and a wonderful mother and Grandmother. I love you.

Anonymous said...

She looks very happy about feeling the grass under her feet, very cute. x

Angela said...

I am all behind with blog reading cos I am on holiday - just had a big catch up session- but interested you are reading Anne Tyler. I just picked up"Patchwork Planet" in a 2ndhand shop on Thursday - and read it in 2 days!! What other stuff of hers do you recommend? Loving your pictures of flowers and children
blessings and hugs xx