Thursday, August 6, 2009

High School - No Thank You

I'm feeling sleepy and I'm wishing for a little bit of quiet. I think I'm sick of the sound of FANS. Bill's exercising downstairs and to hear the television over the stationary bike, he has the sound up way too loud. We sleep with the fans on, too. I don't care if it is too hot, tomorrow morning I'm going to turn the fans off and try to hear the quiet again. It's driving me bonkers.
I think maybe my nerves are gearing up for school. I quickly forget how noisy middle school hallways are and maybe I need to start practicing tolerance - as far as noise goes. Yikes.

It was fun to see these sweet former students yesterday. Aren't they dear? We talked about high school, extra stuff they are doing outside of school, junior year and what they are looking forward to. They remember a lot about advanced language arts three years ago and it was funny to hear their perspective. They remembered watching movies. They remember how noisy they were (but, we still got all our work done!) They remembered exactly who was in class with them for eighth period, 2006-2007. I felt a little sad afterward. High school is so scrutinizing, often spiked with rejection and obscurity. They attend a big high school and I know they desire more from their peers than what they're getting. I'm so thankful that our kids are finished with school and I know I wouldn't want to relive those years. I think "friend lessons" would be a good idea because it seems as if a too small number of teenagers really know how to be there for each other. I'm going to try to remember that many of my students may be feeling lonely, scared, or invisible.


Anonymous said...

Teachers who care for my boys, like you seem to care for your students, are great gifts from God! Have a blessed year!


How lucky the students are to have you for a teacher, with your wise insights and caring thoughtful ways. Visiting your blog makes me happy for the day, and reminds me to see things from the point of view of others - I thank you for so many things Pom Pom

Sending love
Carolyn xx

SuKnitWitty said...

Lucky Kids...That have you as a Teacher...especially in Jr.High. I loved JrHi'ers too...They loved ART and I loved teaching-sharing ART with them. I still hear from them via 'Son'..."tell you're Mom Hi...she made a difference in my life". Son and friends are 37yrs. rewarding...making a difference! You're a 'DifferenceMaking' Teacher...LuckyStudents.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

It takes a special person to teach middle school, and the middle school teachers I know LOVE it. I'm not surprised your students come back to visit you.

I'm tired of the sound of the air conditioner. Ours doesn't kick in until mid-afternoon--the house stays pretty cool on its own til then--and then stays on constantly for the rest of the day. It drives me nuts!


moey said...

Thank you for being the kind of teacher you are. Teachers who cared made such a huge difference in my life when I was young. And yes, the ones who cared still have a devoted following, just like "Mr Holland."

Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog also. I do appreciate it! :-)

Bradley Maston said...

You are such a wonderful encouragement, light and minister of the gospel in a dark and scary place. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, hopes and prayers.