Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reading The Giving Tree

Hello my big-hearted blog friends! When I got home from school today, I cooked dinner real fast, ate it (yum- pork tenderloin and red potatoes) and then I had to scurry off to run a few errands for class tomorrow.

The sky was smoky, still and pretty.

I didn't find the book I needed at Target, so I had to keep buzzing around. I found it at Barnes and Noble and there was one more copy of this (below) lovely lady. We are a month behind here in the USA, but at least I can find it. DELICIOUS magazine browsing feast - that's what this is!

The eighth graders were cherubs in the library today! They listened to the librarian, asked good questions about books, listened to Mrs. M (smile) and tomorrow we'll write in our reading journals and our writing journals and do one other heart-building thing.

I usually don't go for preachy posters, but with my big push to get my students to LOVE reading, I thought Denzel might help me invite them into the world of books.

I found this "ice breaker" idea on a web site. The Giving Tree is about a tree that loves a boy. The tree gives and gives and the boy grows up and when the tree has given all it has and is just a stump, the boy is old and needs a place to sit. We'll read it and then we're going to talk about how we can give of ourselves. What can we give? We can give kindness, generosity, attention, and ultimately LOVE. We're going to hang apple shapes with our gift written on them, on the tree that I have to whip up in the morning when I get to school. You'd think fourteen year old kids would think this is juvenile, but this wise book is not really for children. It's written to send a message to grown ups. I hope they'll begin to label gifts that ARE not material and start placing value on the manifestations of their character. Next week we start Romeo and Juliet and things get more academic, so I am taking advantage of our team-building week. And then . . . we'll quiet ourselves and lose ourselves in the READING ZONE for a while.
Now it is black outside and my eyes feel all peppery. Time to employ my pirate toothbrush, snuggle under the quilts, and dream of trees.
Have a frisky, happy, "give yourself away" kind of day! xopp


Tabiboo said...

Beautiful sunset pictures. If you like the August CK publication then you are going to love September one.

Happy reading,

Nina x

Heart Felt said...

Good on you.....I'm a librarian so I just love parents and teachers who encourage their kids to read! xx


Hi Pom Pom, I feel like reading that book too! I will look for it. I also enjoy Country Living every month and my other fave is "Country Homes and Interiors" as well as various stitchy type mags

I loved your comment on my post ... it made me smile for it reminded me so much of something I am going to post on my textiley blog next time ... you will have to wait and see but I think it may make you smile :o)

Elizabethd said...

What an interesting book, and the subject shpopuld bring forth much discussion.

Gigi said...

British County Living is my very fav magazine too. My subscription just ran out -- must renew in spite of rawther high cost ;-).
You're such a good teacher! What lucky kids.

Anonymous said...

That book looks fantastic I think it may be something I could use for my boys when they get to that age.

I love the photos the sky looks amazing

laura x

Kerri said...

You have such a great heart. I love all the things you are trying to teach those children, they are so lucky to have a teacher that cares as much as you. That is a gift.

I just wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog too. You always make my day :)

Deborah said...

We have this book too! I think I will read it to the children next week as part of their Mom-reads-to-us time. Thank you for reminding me!

So glad your week is going well!