Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots of Messes

I'm reading Keeping House, so you'd THINK I would be inspired to clean up some of the messes around here. I'm not. Not in the least. Above: tangled, messy yarn basket located in the basement. Let's start there.
We have a guest bed down here, but right now only a burrowing animal would want to sleep here (and he'd have to be really tired) because it's such a conglomeration of pile ups. There's the sweater I've been working on for half a decade, a basket of random yarn balls, a bunch of books that I really need to consult, an old book I spied when I was daydreaming on the Nordic Trak and other things that don't belong. Sigh.

Yes, the ping pong table is handy. It's a great place to pile school books, the cupcake stand, the broken cuckoo clock, the Santa Claus Christmas card basket, a bag of fabric and patterns, curling ribbon for wrapping gifts, my sewing machine, my literature text and of course my unplugged printer.

Everyone likes to pile things on this table in the living room, but I must admit I am the worst. Here are all those teapots that I showed you a while back. No, they have not been moved back to more suitable environments. The papers for my new refrigerator are about ready to fall off the table and some computer-y thing of Jeff's is teetering here, too. There are a few balls of yarn, some cords, my glasses - it's making me feel a little bit sick.

Before we go into the kitchen, let's look at this random mess found in the bathroom. Systems? Who needs (or can figure out) systems?

The top of my dresser is a perpetual collection of really important stuff. Gardeners hand cream, my luxurious collection of jewelry, pillow spray, air freshener, Kleenex, and of course . . . paper clips.

Even the bed is a gigantic mess. I WILL make it in a minute and take my enemy, the fan, off of it and put it AWAY where people who like to turn on fans can't find it.

Yes, the kitchen. This is where Jeff's been brewing up weird concoctions of lemons, syrups, and salt for his 10 day cleanse. Who am I kidding? It's not his fault. I bought a toaster oven and I haven't solved the space problem yet.

So, I did clean up the cosmos riot in the front garden (and collected a bouquet in the process) and I picked zucchini and yellow squash and sliced it, blanched it and froze it . . . so that's something.

The other bathroom is untidy, too. I'm really glad the scrubbing bubbles are waiting at the ready. I might need them. Oh, and good place for the baby wipes, don't you think?

Back to the kitchen. I'm not sure why Miss Bug's napping nest is in here and the vacuum cleaner has been sitting here since last weekend. I need that box to put old dishes in - I might straighten the dish cupboards. Might.

Here's all my pencils, pens, colors, and other "creative" junk. Yes, this is the dining room table intended for dining.

This little place isn't too bad, but it is actually worse now that I am sitting here with my laptop.

This is the other half of the "dumping table" in the living room. Tea, pictures, more teapots, pencils, glasses, library books . . . ugh.

So, I might do TWO things - pick up TWO areas, but then I am going to a movie.


Gigi said...

Hi Pom,
Oooo, don't you hate that overwhelmed feeling that 'chores' like those give you? I do!
Have you ever tried the "Flylady' thing -- setting a timer for 10 minutes and just do that much on a certain area? It helps me b/c I tell myself I can do anything for 10 minutes, then once I've started, I usually go ahead and work on the area for a longer amount of time. I guess it helps psyche me into taking that first step -- the hardest part?
Speaking of movies, have you seen "Julie & Julia" yet? I'm dying to see it but it's not here yet.
Blessings to you,

Mrs Button said...

ah well - that's a creative person for you! This makes me feel better!

Bradley Maston said...

I hope you enjoyed your movie. Good luck with the great fan war. Nothing like the ever present, deeply maddening hum of an electric fan to give you a new lease on life! I think that being messy may have some part in "living out loud" but I'm not willing to make any authoritative statements about that as I never have been tidy to find out if it is as subdued as it would seem. Big love.

Elizabethd said...

I think I'd go to the movie too!

Gretchen Joanna said...

I admire you for posting these photos! Maybe if I did the same it would goad me into cleaning up. But my blog is for things I *like*. :)

Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet one, I understand as we go through everything we own and decide what to keep and what to give. But, I love to organize!

thank you for helping to celebrate my little one's b-day. May your 5 be even better than you imagined.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Tabiboo said...

Sounds like a plan.

Nina x

Aisling said...

Thanks for making me feel right at home. Looks very familiar and, somehow, comforting. Clean up a bit if the spirit moves you... but not *too* much. lol.