Thursday, August 13, 2009

Julie and Julia

Going to the movie restored me. I found myself smiling as I watched Meryl Streep in the role of Julia Child. She bubbled over with personality and made me a new fan of Julia Child. I also smiled at the sweet little dose of Paris. The time period and the charm of the setting was a visual delight!

The most uplifting component of the film for me was the depiction of Julia's marriage. She brought such appreciation to the connection with her husband. They seemed to adore each other and in their promotion of one another, their loyalty toward the other, their reverence for each other as vibrant, stunning individuals, they loved their life TOGETHER. Julia Child's home kitchen/television kitchen is in the Smithsonian. Isn't it beautiful? The counters are raised to accommodate Julia's height (6'2) . I looked online in search of the cook book featured in the film - pretty expensive. I think I'll have something new to look for and maybe I'll frequent some thrift shops to find it.
Rest assured, I heard from my sweet firefly friend Gigi and she suggested playing the flylady game. Set the timer for ten minutes, dig into one of the messy places and usually ten minutes into a chore you'll find yourself motivated to finish. So, today before the girls come over (and Finn!) for our lovely supper and study group, I'll move my art journal stuff AND clean off the "dumping" table. The bathroom will be ship shape. I clean for love, I think. I'll let you know how our time goes and share with you our creative ventures.

The blog part of the movie will make YOU feel like quite a smarty. From the time I started my own blog, I've grown in my appreciation for all the writers out there who share their sweet perspectives, their insights, the photos of their lives - that's YOU! Thank you for that! And to my readers who do not blog, please start. I'll read your blog because I care about YOU!

Oh! You can go to the blog written by the author of Julie and Julia. She has a zillion comments, but you can see it. Go to Julie Powell at blogspot right here. You can read about the whole book/movie thing and see the real Julie. You may want to wait until you have seen the film. You'll probably come home and Google Julia Child, watch the videos on Youtube, just like I wanted to. xopp
One more thing. A web site I love to go to is Heart of the Home because Susan Branch is a cookbook author and a delightful artist and writer. She loves Julia Child, too. So, click your little clicker on those two links and if you click on the pictures above you can view them in a larger format.
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Andrea said...

That movie is definitely on my list of "must sees". I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Now I must be off to click your links :)

Gretchen Joanna said...

You clean for love, you think...I think so, too, and I hope to keep that phrase in my own mind this week as a prayer. Thank you for an encouraging and joyful post.

Elizabethd said...

Thank you for those websites, fascinating!

Chrissey said...

I can't wait to see that movie!

Gigi said...

Thanks for the review Pom -- can't wait to see it! I'm a long time Julia fan -- used to check her book ("Mastering the Art. . .") out from the library back in the 70's b/c I couldn't afford to buy it ;-). Finally got a copy of my own - rarely use it but still, there's something satisfyling about knowing it's there on the shelf with the other cookbooks -- just in case.
ps. love your new blog look -- fallish looking, and I'm soooo ready for fall!

Angela said...

Thanks for the film review! I htink MS is a great actress. We saw JCs kitchen when we visited the Smithsonian 5 years ago.

Kristi Burns said...

Jack and I saw it last night. I loved it. I laughed until I cried at Julia chopping the pile of onions. Meryl Streep was awesome. I liked everything about it.

Bradley Maston said...

I'm glad you loved the movie. I don't know if I would like it, but I loved to read about how you liked it. Anything the movie is would have to be less imporant than the reasons it blessed you. Thanks for sharing!