Friday, August 14, 2009

Quiet Fun - LOUD Fun

Good Morning, Morning Glory! I thought I'd take you on a quiet walk to see some pretty things, before I tell you about our girls group.

First, a quick gander around the front garden - yahoo - another pepper!

This is for Angela and Bob because they buzz around on a similar bike. I am putting this close to the top of this post, so Angela can show it to Bob with out going through all my photos. I crept up to the house to get a good shot.

Love is resting here

You know how I LONG for water? This is it for me. If I want to see the sea, too bad. I can see this determined little trickle though. I like it.

I met this dog on my walk. The girls walking him gave me permission to photograph him. His name is Wizard and he looks like I feel this morning - borderline sluggish and tired. Thanks, Wizard.

If you had lots and lots of money and you could (and wanted to) build a custom home, wouldn't you want to employ some of these classic features? Note the three car garage, though. It sort of takes away from the homey feel (and there was another little garage, too!) But, it's woody and serene looking just the same.

I had to stop here and look for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They weren't there.

Shirley poppy. So nice.

I don't want these growing in MY garden but isn't she giving a good show?

And up through this little path . . .

Dry loveliness

Another little thinking spot

Christopher Robin? You up there?

Gulp! An eyeful of sunshine!

If it's so cloudy out today, why am I mopping my brow with a hankie? I think it is because I am 50.

Ahhhhh . . . hello, pretty leaf! I'll see you on the ground in a month or so. I'll pick you up, put you in a fat book, and keep you for myself.

America, I love you.

right, left, right, left

Where were you? I wanted to play Crack the Whip!

Tree trunk cuddles

Thank you for going on a walk with me. Now, I DID make the bed.

And, I shopped and cooked in anticipation of our girls night. May I just say it was quite a bit noisier than my imagination planned?
Jenny was tired (but hungry!) and BEANS the Pom has infected ears. Below, Jenny is writing in the log I made. Her "status update" read "pregnant and ache-y" and Kelli's read "sick and busy." April wrote "good" and I wrote "happy to be loving my girls."

Finn crawled around and around under Grandpa and Bryan's watchful eyes.

Birdie doesn't feel good at all. They caught colds last weekend. She had a lot of very sad moments, but still roared around and around with CB.

In the middle of all this, we talked, we listened, we shared, we prayed.

Sweet Grandpa helped clean up.

Oh, it's all okay. It's JOYFUL in fact! Even though Kelli sounds and feels weak and tired, she gave the kids a happy, fast ride around the yard in the wagon! Look at Finn!

So, though nobody gave the chicken casserole I made a 10 and our dining experience was a circus, we gathered together, pondered God's powerful word and Jesus' habit of getting alone with the Father, and spent time together. Done and done.
Oh! If you feel led to leave a comment today (please?) would you give me YOUR status update?
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Thank you again for your status updates, friends!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Status update: A bit anxious as the school year closes in and the lazy days of summer fade away. But grateful as always for my beautiful children, fine husband, and silly dog!


Aisling said...

My status update: House is still messy... looks like I'm still in school through I've been done for this semester since Sunday. On the other hand,I've pulled some weeds in the garden and gotten one bathroom in the house scrupulously clean - with a little makeover while I was at it. So, I'm content. :)

Angela said...

Status update - coming to the end of a WONDERFUL holiday - thanks for your bike pic today!!
Feeling really rested and ready for the weeks ahead - we suspect that from now till Christmas, church life is going to be non-stop busy!!

btw on my blog, Chris who brought the flowers is a GIRL friend!!

blessings xx

Angela said...

Oh and I forgot to say- got Anne Tyler's 'Breathing Lessons' v cheaply in a charity shop today!! I will let you know how I get on with it

Gretchen Joanna said...

Maybe Dorothea Brande's quote on your blog has been there for a while, but it just spoke to me tonight. Thank you!

Elizabethd said...

S.U. Very relaxed after a happy day on my husband's birthday yesterday. It's just under a year since he had a stroke, so I am so thankful how well he is.

Aisling said...

I couldn't find an email addy for you on your blog, so I'll just put this here. :)

My friend Nan of Letters from a Hill Farm just posted a little note about the book The Keeper of the Bees by Gene Stratton Porter, which I recommended to you the other day. I thought you might like to read what she wrote, so here is a link:

Have a great day!


Hi Pom Pom, my status update is a few days late so I'll tell you about my day today. My darling hubby cooked me breakfast. We had bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. I made a pot of tea after. You always need a cup of tea after an "English" brekky!

I posted about my purple dyeing experiences and then I went upstairs to sort through boxes and boxes of things I've cut out of magazines. The cuttings are things I plan to stick in sketchbooks, art related and inspiring

Then I phoned my Nanny. She is 92 and I love her so much. We have a special bond, she watched me be born and has been a major influence in my life, probably more than anyone else, actually, if I'm honest

and now I'm visiting a few friends and started with YOU!

I have chicken cooking in the oven for tea. My hubby and I cook together on a Saturday. He does the best rice. We are having a chinese style meal tonight and then we'll cuddle up and watch a movie or two - just the two of us!

I may not have done an awful lot, I pottered a bit, the laundry pretty much washes itself, the place is tidy but it's homely too

I enjoyed telling you about my day. I save my special thoughts and prayers for that quiet time just before I go to sleep when I put the world to rights and pray for love, health and peace and think about special people. I thank God I found you. I think he gave me a gift in you!

Thank you for your uplifting words on your blog

Carolyn x

Pom Pom said...

Would you look at that? We all have a lot to be thankful for, I think! These are the sweetest, most real, just plain wonderful status updates I've read in a looooooong time! Thank you!

April said...

I really liked your chicken casserole! I love your salads, though. Yum!

Kristi Burns said...

PomPom,I loved going on the walk with you and Finn's precious smile in the wagon was wonderful. You are blessed. I will send you a picture of my kids and their kids at the lake and I left you a FB email update. I love you, dear sister.

Bradley Maston said...

Very richly blessed! I love you and am so thankful for your sweet, tender and chaotic time with the brides and the tots!