Friday, August 21, 2009


Whew! After a great night's sleep, I'm feeling human again and I'm filled with joy over my blog friends as I spend the morning catching up on all your brilliance! I feel compelled to share and connect so I'm going to tell you about some of the "over the top" posts and blogs I am blessed by!
First, my artist friend Carolyn's two blogs are ALWAYS inspiring. Her pictures of her home in St. Ives are better than a travel brochure. She always says such kind, warm things to me and I feel so connected to her. Then, Elizabeth in France posts about roasted tomato soup and I am delighted by it. She has such a sharing heart and gives sweet details and lovely photographs. Mmmmmmmm! SuKnitWitty is creativity and skill personified! She is someone who you could follow around for a month and you'd see no end to her brilliance! She knits, she quilts, she used to be an art teacher, she organizes, and she's hilarious. I love her! If you've never visited her GO NOW!
Then, my first favorite blog - I found it when I was snowed in over spring break- the blog I cut my teeth on (smile) which is Gigi's blog. She's funny and clever and very eclectic. I marvel at her knitting, her flowers, and her PIES! She's been featuring a pie a week and even if you are trying to eat like a skinny person as I am (drat) you will find yourself elbow deep in pastry after looking at Gigi's pies!
I absolutely LOVE Canadian Deborah. She is a dear heart, a beautiful mother, and she has a heart for the world. I love her children, because she takes the dearest, most real photos of them. You can almost see the halos of love around their images.
I'm crazy about HeartFelt. She features precious photos of her adored children. She has such a sweet heart, so her blog name is so appropriate. She's stylish and crafty, real and true. She lives in New Zealand and I tell you, everything I see from New Zealand makes me feel all loving toward the kiwis!
Tabiboo is another favorite. This mom lives by the sea and takes glorious pictures. I love to visit and pretend like I live by the sea. She's clever and artistic and never disappoints!
Tracing Rainbows is always diverse and interesting. This Baptist pastor's wife LOVES so much and so many and shares her experiences of village life. You can't help but feel involved. It's sort of like real life At Home in Mitford! Angela is a fun writer and an inspirational woman! Go there. I promise you'll learn something!
A Parson's Wife is completely inspirational. Andrea is so hospitable, so welcoming, so LOVELY. She has such a humble heart - full of love. You feel like you've been invited into her home and she is fluttering about you, trying to find out what you need. It's all kinds of wonderful. If you haven't visited her, do! She's another pastor's wife. I love pastor's wives!
Of course I love all my kids' blogs (Brad, Kelli, Jeff, and Jenny) and wish they'd update every day! April has a creative blog and she posts what she makes. I check it every time she updates. Bill's international ministry blog has just appeared and of course I love my husband's heart! I really could go on and on and on! I love Gladsome Lights because Gretchen Joanna is so smart, articulate and thoughtful. Her posts are thought provoking. If you've never read The Left Handed Housewife you are in for a word treat! She's a beautiful writer with a down to earth viewpoint. She is completely original. You'll hear her voice - that shows how gifted she is. You'll anticipate her next post. She's a star! Pileofsmiles is always upbeat and direct. She's faithful and alive. I always visit her. Songs of Light is another favorite. Her photos are highly artistic and powerful. Aisling is a poet and a teacher at heart. She's honest and forthright and completely inspirational. I like to participate in her blog!
I could go on and on, but I'll save it for later. I'm just bursting with thankfulness. I'm off to buy peaches, some groceries, some teacher stuff. The sky is blue, the house smells like soy sauce (yeah, Jeff is cooking something out in the kitchen - something borderline weird) and I'm still in my pjs and noon is fast approaching. I love you, dear blog friends and I love all my visitors. I hope you can feel this big (HUG) and *KISS* xopp


Angela said...

Thanks for the kind comments about Tracing Rainbows.
I note that you and I read some of the same blogs - but I shall check out some of your other favourites too. Personal recommendations is always a good way to find new blogfriends!!
Have a great weekend - blessings xx

Elizabethd said...

You have one or two of my favourites there too! And on my list I would include your blog, always soemthing interesting to read.

Kerri said...

Oh you are such a sweetie! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, you made my day! Can't wait to check out your other reccommendations too :)

scrappy quilter said...

What a great list of bloggers. I've bookmarked a number of them. Thanks for taking the time to give us all these links. Hugs..

Anonymous said...

Hi Pom Pom ~

I'm glad you are feeling refreshed today!

What a wonderful list of blogs to check out! Thank you for sharing!

You are such a blessing! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, lots of places to visit...where shall I start? Lol! :)

(loved your smiley picture!) xx

SuKnitWitty said...

By All That is Fun & Good...It's the Face of PomPom...Luv Your Smile! Thanks for SuKnitWitty's CoolReview. The FAVS. I'm on my way to check out your FAVS...already know about GiGi...she's a super pie maker.

Heart Felt said...

Thank-you so much....I always enjoy reading your posts and also appreciate all your comments you leave. You are very kind and special. xx

Aisling said...

Thank you for the blog-love. :)

I hope your first days of teaching are going well! I will be paying close attention, so I'm further ahead when I get to my teaching days.

Deborah said...

Isn't it wonderful what a good night's sleep will do??

Thank you for your kind words about me. I truly love stopping by your blog as often as I can. Your posts are always so fun, interesting, and food for my soul! Your photos are stunning!!

I'm think I'm going to have to check out a few new (to me) blogs soon too!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

So wonderful to see your smiling face! Thanks for the shout out and for new blogs to visit (though your blog list and mine definitely overlap).

And thanks for all your wonderful words and wisdom. Your blog always cheers me up and gives me lots to ponder.