Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello, a Winner, and Happy Faces

I wanted to give you a smile today because you bring such joy to my little old heart! I look forward to reading your blog posts and I'm thrilled when you leave a comment on my blog. Thank you for visiting and speaking into my life. It's so holy and personal, rooted in a willingness to connect to others. I like that!

Ta da! Drum roll . . . SuKnitWitty is the winner of the wand contest! Her cute wand is on her sideboard. Su, please send me your address so I can send you your prize which is . . .

The Knitting Goddess (shown below in my knitting bookcase)! You said you hadn't read it, so now it's yours. I'll get it in the mail as soon as possible! Thanks for playing! You are such a favorite of mine!

So, I am sitting around on the back patio, spying on the birds, drinking coffee, tea, or whatever is handy, thinking about how blissful this summer has been. I'm thoroughly satisfied with my teacher vacation. I have learned so much from reading all my favorite blogs, learned so much from writing my own blog, enjoyed some lazy knitting, traveled a bit and received love from family and friends, and as I approach the end of my fiftieth year and look toward my 51st birthday next month, I'm starting to believe that new doors are opening for me. They aren't big flashy doors. They are simple invitations to look around me, love the ones that are right here, create for the pure joy of seeing what's inside of me, surrendering to the holiness and complete heavenly power of the Creator, and discovering sweetness found here.

I'm overwhelmed by the sweetness of friendship and Reve below says it all with her cute face. She's such an example to me - always giving thoughtfully, always quick with a big, welcoming laugh, always easy to talk to, fun to go places with, always willing to share her heart with me. I'm so thankful that she lives her life right next door.

This marigold brings tears to my eyes! Is she not clothed in the most gorgeous dress you've ever seen? Could we even come up with something so perfect? No! She's a freebie, a kiss, a cha cha cha, and she's resting in the vegetable garden this summer. How can I NOT be thankful?

And my "le Birdie" is such a perfect little package of girl. The years before children go to school are years to savor. She gets so excited about popsicles, walks to her park (she calls the closest park "Birdie's Park") and she willingly takes her nap in our guest room bed. She says, "Hi, Ginx!" "Hi, Bonka!" to Bill and I and we feel like someone has just said, "You are the coolest people on the planet!" Our granddaughters and Finn are our pride and joy!

Last night, Kelli, Kelli's neighbor and friend Mariah, and I went to Weight Watchers and Bill stayed with Kelli's girls. Miss Bug spit up on him at least three times, and LOVED being carried around the house while he popped in and out of the backyard, tidied the toy room, dodged the dogs, and chased Birdie. So, with these big doses of granny fun and nice people all around me, how could I not anticipate a school year full of joy? I'm going to have coffee with three of my former students this morning. I'll take a picture of them so you can see how amazing they are. I hope you have a surprisingly happy day today. I hope you have an opportunity to tuck yourself away in order to say a big thank you to the Creator of the universe . . . for loving you, granting you great grace, preparing joy just for you, soothing you, cheering for you, and smiling upon your worshipful heart.


Deborah said...

Your posts always bring me such joy and peace. Thank you for sharing your day!


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Lovely thoughts and words!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Great to see your smiling face! And I like your comment about the willingness to connect to others. That is a holy thing!



Hi Pom Pom, you know when I read your posts I feel thankful for your insights and your take on life, appreciating everything and everyone around you. You make me feel happy, just visiting you here, it brings me peace. Thank you

I haven't been able to visit for a few days or to blog much. We have guests staying and we've been out every day. I'm hoping for a teensy bit more time to visit my special blog friends xxxx

Andrea said...

What a blessed life! God is so good!

Isn't His love amazing? He uses everything around us to show how much He cares (your precious family, friend, and pretty marigold).

Thank you so much, dear friend, for your prayers and kind, encouraging words! I am overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving!

I am so glad the Lord has allowed me to have you as a blogging friend. I always leave your place uplifted and inspired.

I love your perspective on life! May it be contagious for me and everyone!

Blessings to you,


P.S. Thank you for your glowing smile! :)