Monday, August 31, 2009

Home on a Monday!

I'm home today! With all the mix-ups with our new refrigerator, I had to reschedule the plumber so he can install the ice maker. Bill left for South Africa and beyond just last night, so I get to wait for the plumber and have a day off. I hate to get a substitute teacher so early in the school year, but I need to give heed to my graduate school paperwork anyway - and blog! JOY!

So, Bill is in London, waiting for his flight to Capetown. I miss him already. Weep. I'm so excited for him though. He will find encouragement, give encouragement and see our friend Deo's village in Uganda later this week. You can click on the Nexus blog by hitting the world on my sidebar to hear what's happening on this NVI trip. He'll go to Australia from there and won't be back for almost three weeks.

My new refrigerator! Thankful! Thankful! It's big inside, CLEAN, looks so utilitarian - what a sight! What a delight!

Last night, some animal had a dig in the sunflower garden and uprooted a big bunch of sunny blooms. Into the trash they go, but they make a cute picture first, don't they?

And one of my two pumpkins (one rotted) is finally starting to turn Halloween orange! Yea! I picked a few squash this morning and gave them to Rusty next door. I am not craving squash anymore.

It's lovely rose time! Look at this Double Delight! It is almost twenty years old and because of our short growing season, doesn't show its age, but the dew is kissing it just the same - wow!

It's so quiet this morning. The plumber isn't coming until noon, so I am soaking up the neighborhood sounds - dogs barking, the main road humming, the MANY birds feasting at my bird feeder, the wind gently tossing the branches to and fro. I'm drinking more coffee than I usually have time for. Do you see me in the coffee pot, taking its picture? (Welcome to another dimension!)

And here we have zinnias in a fish bowl! Tiny little Thumbelinas are poking their heads out in spots and patches throughout the garden. They are so perfect.

Lovely cones are falling from the pine tree. I used to have big pines in our Spokane, Washington yard, back when the kids were babies. Now, in Colorado, I have little delicate cones.

Do you see the Coca-cola frame below? Kids from the squatters village in Capetown, South Africa make them from old Coke boxes. Our friend Ben is pictured in this one, hugging the sweet children he reaches out to there!

Below is a picture Jeff took and I love the verse he added. Entertaining angels, unaware - you've done it. They are here. Your loving acts and loving heart have probably ministered to them many times.

So, I'm thankful for this freebie morning. I'm going to grade some papers, ride the exercise bike while watching Because of Winn Dixie (favorite!) tidy up around here a little bit and soak up the peace and quiet. Right now, though, I'm going to sing and read myself some Psalms and welcome the PEACE that passes all UNDERSTANDING. xopp


Elizabethd said...

You sound as though you are having a happy and peaceful day, lots to think about, lots to do.

Gretchen Joanna said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us! I love the pumpkin especially.

Deborah said...

Isn't it lovely to have a nice unexpected quiet day at home?!?


Heart Felt said...

Lucky lady! ~ a new fridge....(very jealous) Enjoy it! xx

Chrissey said...

I love your garden pics, Pom Pom. And it's starting to look like fall (my absolute favorite time of year!).

So I have a recommendation for you from my publicist contact. Keep in mind I haven't read it yet (though she's sending me a copy so I'll have a review for you soon enough).

Here's what Suzanne told me: "I have a great recommendation for your 8th grade teacher-- Andrew Klavan's THE LAST THING I REMEMBER, which is the first in a series about a good kid who is captured by terrorists and has no recollection of how he got there or how to get free. It's a really fast, exciting read and got some great reviews."

I told her I had an 8th grade teacher in my readers who was always looking for new recommendations for her students. Hopefully she'll keep tossing some new ideas to me for your benefit! ;)

Anonymous said...

What a pretty & colorful post ~ lots of lovely flowers at your house! Your new refrigerator looks great ~ it's always so nice when it is new & clean!

I hope you enjoyed your day at home!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Beautiful pictures as always! I'm glad you've enjoyed yourself a peaceful morning.

I've not watched "Winn Dixie" yet. I like the book so much, I'm worried that the movie could never live up to it. Same with "Bridge to Terabithia."

Enjoy that fridge, y'hear?


Bradley Maston said...

Wonderful day! Enjoy the peace, remember it when things seem crazy again!

Kerri said...

Your garden looks so lovely! I am especially jealous of your sunflowers and sweet peas! I'm so excited that it is finally spring here and soon i will be planting things too :)


Some wonderful treasures and pleasures from your garden to delight our eyes. My favourite is the big happy sunflower that you grew. They are always so cheerful

Sending love
Carolyn ♥