Saturday, January 2, 2010

Real Winter

I guess January is serious. It really shouts winter. A friend and I walked along the trail today. We stepped slowly, quietly, and carefully even though skinny, fit runners zipped by us.

Some sweet dogs padded along with their owners. Don't dogs get cold feet?

The sky was amazing. Do you see the Canadian geese on the top?

I've taken so many pictures of this little outbuilding. It speaks to me.

I'm thinking about buying a hyacinth bulb so I can force an early bloom. I just don't think I can wait so long for green stuff. I guess I'll just eat green stuff instead.
I am crocheting! I like it! I'll show you my wacky project soon because I really must grade the stack of papers that is ever present. I'm dreadfully slow and I'm having a hard time sticking with it even though I love reading the essays and I think the students have done a fine job analyzing the stories we read.
One more thing before I get back to my work, Tina at Content at Home wrote a post about home style and it made me think about houses and my favorite features of home. I like story book houses with white sheets and puffy quilts. I like tidy kitchens with teapots purring on the stove. I think flowered sofas and ceramic lamps say "welcome" and neat little racks where brooms and feather dusters hang at the ready thrill me. Jenny has a little book called Cozy in the Woods and the pictures are delightful - animals wearing hand sewn clothes and knitted sweaters, polka dot dishes on simple tables, soup cooking and guests warmed by a fire. Do you agree? Some people are very talented when it comes to cozy. My high school friend Molly had a delightful home. I remember the first time I visited, I was fifteen years old at the time and I had yearnings for a house like the three bears' even then. Her house astounded me. There were fresh white curtains at the windows, knotty pine cupboards with wrought iron pulls and hinges. Everything was in its place and it is always the house I think of when I am reminded of the honor and privilege it is to "prepare a place" for my family just as Jesus promised to prepare a place for us. Don't you like to look at the tidy little nooks featured on your favorite blogs? I do. Everyone loves Jewels blog, Eyes of Wonder. She doesn't blog much anymore, but her little home is still on the web and you can venture there and look and look at the wonderful world she has made as a homemaker. Shiny Red Houses (darling Sara) shows her readers many views of her cheerful red bedecked home. Gigi from Firefly Cottage often invites us into her happy, pretty kitchen and even makes pie for us. I'm sure you've visited Attic24 where Lucy fills her rooms with color and delicate adornments. I've said this before, but blogs are much more satisfying than magazines (I love them, too) because they SPEAK to us. Don't you agree? I love the way so many women have found yet another way to invite others into their homes. We like to share, we like to give people our attention. We love to love.


Heart Felt said...

Beautiful photographs of a beautiful winter...stay warm. xx

GretchenJoanna said...

Those photos are quite amazing--the colors are hard to believe.

Yes, blogs are much more satisfying than magazines--and yes, real women speak through them of their real, loved homes, even if they don't say much.

Thank you all for sharing your selves and your homes with us, your readers!

Sara Padrusch said...

What a beautiful tribute! I was just thinking that I need to take some new pictures of the house to post on my blog. I remember visiting a friends house when I was in high school and being completely enthralled with what her mother had done. It was amazing! Details everywhere! At Christmas there was a tree in every room and one tree was decorated entirely with weather vanes! Her style continues to inspire me 20 years later.

Thanks for the shout out Pom Pom!


Aisling said...

I love the photos from your walk with a friend. The first is particularly lovely!

These days blogs really do take the place of magazines for me. I envy the easy-grace some women seem to have for feathering their nest. Mine is never as tidy as I wish, but it is friendly and comfortable with a lot of color and light so I'm content. :)

I loved this post, as I love all of your cheery notes.

Gigi said...

Oooo, beautiful Colorado, beautiful photos, beautiful Pom's hearfelt words!
Thank you so much for the kind mention of my little blog.
You're a rare treasure, Pom!

Gigi said...

Oh, and can't wait to see your crochet!


Lovely post ... I agree with your description of home-y-ness ... clean white sheets, plump pillows, heavily quilted covers, teapots, kettles, spoons, log fire, rugs, cushions, slippers ... yummy

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the snow but don't care much for the zero degrees weather, lol.

cinnamonwhirls said...

Oh pom pom, you have such a way with words! I agree totally...blogs are way better than mags! :) Thank you for your little mention of my corner of blogland! xxx We went for a snowy walk too today, we could hardly stand up it was so icy...had to head back home! Can't wait to see your crochet project! :)

scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful photos. I love your way with words too. Hugs

Deborah said...

Look at that blue blue sky! Your photos are gorgeous! Your description of lovely homes sound much like the ones I picture in my mind too. I love blogs waaay more than reading magazines. I so thankful for the many women who invite us into their homes regularly through their blogs.


PS I too wonder if dogs get cold feet.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

"Cozy in the Woods!" What a cozy title for a book ~ it sounds exactly like a three bears kind of cozy, and what a wonderful way to characterize that yearning so many of us have for the storybook house in the woods.

Pom Pom, I lived in Colorado years and years ago and loved the snows there, snows that we don't get here in Austin. Thank you for the photos! xo Kari

Gumbo Lily said...

I loved your wintry pictures.


Kerri said...

Such beautiful photos! That little outbuilding speaks to me too. And I think you must get a hyacinth bulb or ten! I loved mine this last winter.

Country Life said...

Such rich thoughts of home and happiness you have painted here, Pom Pom !!

I have been to many different houses I thought were warm and cozy and I liked different things about each of them. I think the reason why these houses stood out to me is because the women who lived there truly loved their homes and tried to make them warm and inviting. It could be a large home, or a small, cozy home, if love is there you feel it and are welcomed by it.

Thank you for your encouraging comments, Pom Pom. You are a such a gem!!

Karen in Ohio <3