Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots and Lots of Pink

Hi there! This is my first Pink Saturday post. My friend Sue started participating and I always read her blog, so I've decided to play, too! Beverly at How Sweet the Sound is the creator of Pink Saturday. She loves pink! I do, too. I hunted around my house for pink.

I thought about Pink Saturday at school, too. This is a super star student's pink swish. Cute, huh?

Here we have another darling student's pink shoes!

Stop and look at the pink sky outside the school!

Next time I post for Pink Saturday, I'll feature ONE pink thing! Promise!

Tonight I was talking to Kelli (my daughter) on the phone and we were discussing all the things that have gone "wrong" recently. Around Christmas she suffered a miscarriage. She has two darling babies, but this was her second failed pregnancy. They recently put their cozy cottage on the market and trying to "show" a home with two tiny girls and a big dog takes SO much energy. Her chronic skin disruption has flared up, and now her dog is very ill. Kelli is upbeat overall, but understandably shaken right now. Do you ever feel like once the current stress inducer goes away that everything will go back to normal? Less than ten years ago, we had an extremely rough period. My beloved father-in-law died leaving a huge hole in our hearts, Bill had to have hip replacement surgery (too much running) at 45, Brad (our oldest) was engaged, Kelli was in college, I was going to school full time to get my English/Secondary Education degree, we had two teenagers at home and we had too many bills and too little money. I remember I gave up on the hope of things getting back to normal and it was extremely freeing. Now, dragging my stubborn "I wanna be a housewife again" self to school every day is FAR from normal for me. Having my husband travel around the globe isn't ideal when I wish for normal. I'm completely convinced he's doing the right thing, but of course I'd like for him to be here whenever he is away. Normal. Kelli and I decided that normal isn't a "given" and the realization that we can't "do" our lives alone infuses a great sense of relief into our hearts. There is no "fixing" and there are no guarantees. We surrender control and cling to Jesus. After all, He DID come to save us and I desperately need saving.
Happy Pink Saturday to all of you. Happy day to all of you who nestle in and spend time with me. I count it a tremendous honor.

Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound! She hosts Pink Saturday with the selfless intent of helping happy bloggers find one another. Check out the Pink Saturday participants by clicking on the link and visiting Beverly's blog today. It is a fun way to find new blogs, if you are interested. I continually utter huge words of thankfulness for the connection I have with all of you. YOU make my pink heart happy.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love your pink saturday. I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the babies pink lips. lol
You did good for your first one PomPom
I have missed coming by here this week. You are sweet for leaving me a comment about my frustrating problem with my internet. I will be lost if they don't help me tomorrow.
Take care

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Welcome to pink saturday! I just loved your post. Your pink things- the shoes, those precious baby clothes, the pink book about God...
But most of all I loved your tender story. I said a prayer for your daughter. I love how your trying times are a real witness to what Christ can do in our lives.
God bless you!

Gee said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday. OMG, you have many pink pretties to show us. thanks for sharing.

Cherie said...

I always adored Alexandra Stoddard when I was younger. I still have some of her book. Happy pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

welcome to pink saturday some amazing pinks there particularily love the little angel and your crochet cushion is so cool ( i'm a bit of a fan of crochet!). hope things pick up for your daughter soon have a fab pink saturday

Nan said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday and I'm new here too. Hope you can visit my blog. I had fun looking at yours and all the pink !!

Kerri said...

I'm so glad Kelli has a lovely Mum like you to talk to, I'm sure that is an enormous help for her. Thinking of you and sending lots and lots of love x x o o

Riet said...

Welcome and happy pink Saturday.
Wow, you have a lot of pink in your home. Very nice.
Riet, the Netherlands

Kate @ Color for Your Home said...

So much pretty pink around your home. Thanks for sharing and for sharing so much from your heart.

Dru said...

What great first pink post - welcome and Happy Pink Saturday! Love your music also.

Suzanne said...

Wow...where to start! You have some amazing PINK in your life:-) We also have the True Identity, Susan Branch and Alexandra Stoddard in our home, as well as knitting and other goodies like you. Beautiful photos!
So sorry for Kelli but it sounds as if you and your family have a strong faith and that is what we all need. Funny how life rarely turns out as expected. Maybe we all needed to step back and let God guide us to the life he has planned for us. Absolutely beautiful post...look forward to reading more in the days to come.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Yipee, 'PomPoms A Pinkie'. Welcome to Pink Saturday....sooo glad you joined in the're a Natural Pinkie with ALLLLL your PinkPics! Love the FINISHED Crochet Pillow, the Pink Girly Dressing Table, the Pink Tiara, the Pink Clogs and THAT PINK PAISLEY PURSE! You're going to have so much PinkFun Today. So, Happy Pink Saturday, my Dear Friend....Sue

Mumsy said...

A great series of pink photos.
Wish your daughter a great year ahead.

Beverly said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday. I am glad you followed Sue over to be with us today.

Goodness, you are sharing so many wonderful pinks - and every one of them made me smile.

I pray that the road smooths for your daughter. It is such an incredible blessing to know that God will take care of it all.

Claudia said...

You sure shared a lot of wonderful pinks! Welcome to Pink Saturday!


Nancy said...

"Normal" is SO gone here, too. Happy Pink Saturday.

Diann @ The thrifty Groove said...

Hi and welcome to Pink Saturday!

Isn't it amazing how many pinks we have around us! you showed lots of cute stuff! Have a great day!!

Jacalyn @ said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday and thanks for sharing your pinks! Blessings to Kelli!


Terri Morse said...

My uncle once told me that "normal" is a setting on a washing machine. I take comfort in knowing that normal is wherever the Lord leads us. I'm so glad you shared what was in your heart. I guess in recent years a lot of us have said good bye to life as we knew it, but along the way we can find things in ourselves that we never knew were there. I love your pink things. The shoes and your student's sneakers are wonderful. Oh, and pink things are like potato chips. You can never have just one. I hope you share twenty more next week :) Have a great week!

Julie said...

Hi Pom Pom, Thank you for joining Pink Saturday....I may have never found you...I have fallen in love with your blog... I too love to laugh....But oh so want it to be kind...I have spent way to much time here this Morning...BUT...I will be back ...OFTEN...Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

Gigi said...

Pretty in Pink, Pom!
I'm so sorry to hear about your little one's recent sadness and difficulties. I remember someone once saying that a mother is only ever as happy as her least happy child (bad paraphrase), but . . . isn't that true?
God bless you & yours My Friend -- you're a true light in the darkness.

someplace in thyme said...

Welcome to ps and it's so nice to meet you. I know what you mean by not normal, I don't know what normal is anymore, it seems to change by the day. Life can hit you really hard, but one day at a time and one step at a time. Your post makes me happy, lots of lots of wonderful eye candy there, Happy Pink Saturday and please don't be a stranger, I love company and comments even more, Char

♥Mimi♥ said...

My gosh, I hope you haven't used up all of your pink today because you'll need some for next week☺ Welcome to Pink Saturday!

LV said...

What a big assortment of pinks. I do good to find one now and then. I am glad you joined us today as it is fun to see what others come up with. A great job.

Treasia Stepp said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! I am fairly new here myself. I loved your post. Those pink baby doll lips made me smile.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

You shared a lot of great pinks with us today - Happy Pink Satuday!

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I feel as if I have spent my whole life trying to get my feet on the ground, but maybe walking on air is where I should be all along! Pom Pom, I went back to school to get my teaching certificate and then my masters when I was about 41, started teaching at about age 45, and taught for 12 years. I so identify with you! I loved the kids but the whole teaching experience was the hardest thing I have ever done. I hope you take all your pink with you on Monday! Bless you and Kelli and all your family. xo Kari


Happy pink saturday Pomp Pom. Have you enough pink to last all year?

Have a lovely weekend
Carolyn ♥

Sammy Girl said...

Hello, lovie ...
Welcome to Pink Saturday. Thank you so much for you incredible selection of "pinks". Thought the pink purses or shoes would be my favorite ... and then saw the pink "swish"! That's it!! My kids know that someday they might find me with short spiky PINK hair. Wouldn't THAT be fun.
Even more important than the pink you shared is sharing your heart. Bless you for that honesty.
I am new to your blog, but will come back for a longer visit when I can.
A super big hug for you ...
Betty :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty pink pics pom pom!! I ESPECIALLY loved the little soft pink snail! Adorable!

Lots of very wise words from you too, and I wish I could come over right now and hug you and Kelli. Praying for you too.

love, Tina xxx

Carolyn said...

Lots of lovely pinks !
I wish you and your family many blessings for this new year.


All things bright and beautiful... said...

Much love to Kelli.
During a two year period many years ago I lost two babies - I was 17 weeks each time, my father died, My husband's Grandfather died - my husband idolised his grandad, and then my lovely husband was stabbed. I just felt nothing would ever be normal again. But then what is normal? I learnt a lot during that dreadful time.

MamaF said...

What a beautiful post :) We're in the middle of the storm right now. Actually we've been for the last two years. I wish i could talk with my mother the way your children can talk with you, unfortunately we're light years away even if we live very close.

I wish you a very blessed sunday !


Jenny Campbell said...

If life were normal, we would never learn anything, so thank heavens for learning, and thank you jesus for our family! Kelli is in good hands.

Tammi said...

What fun it was perusing through your pink photos. Tell you daughter to hang in Mom used to say, "trouble comes in bunches" and whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed I remember those words and it keeps me sane knowing "this too shall pass" (another famous Mom saying).

What a sweet Momma you are to share her burden and to listen and lighten her load.

Happy Pink Saturday and Welcome!



Cottage Rose said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday.. my goodness you have a lot of pretty Pinkness. Your tender story of you daughter was so sweet and sad at the same time.. How Blessed we are through our Lord that no matter ruff our life gets,, He is always there to help us through... Happy Pink Saturday..


Anonymous said...

Happy Warm Pink Saturday! Cute post!

BethieJ said...

I LOVED all your FUN pink shares!!!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Becs said...

Hi pom Pom, Welcome to Pink Saturday! I noticed you SUsan BRanch books, don't you just love her illustrations? She is one of my favorites! Becs

dana said...

Happy FIRST Pink certainly have lots and lots of pink to share. YOU fit right in!!!

You are right, there is nothing that is a 'given' and sometimes there is no real 'normal'. Your faith in The Lord is certainly what will bring you through the tough times. I hope you do find peace in the days ahead. Dana

wayside wanderer said...

Lots of pretty pink, Pom Pom! I love your fun shoes and especially those pink flip flops. I have a pair of hot pink flip flops that I love. Boy...I will so be ready to wear them on the first warm day we have. We will have a warm day again, right? Hugs.

Lisa Richards said...

I really understand what you mean when you say, "dragging my stubborn "I wanna be a housewife again" self to school every day is FAR from normal for me". I feel the same way about going to work, but I think the Lord knows it's good for me to be forced out of my shell. I'd just LOVE to stay in my little cocoon at home, but I NEED to stretch myself and interact with other people. It's hard giving up control and letting God work on us! But so necessary!

I love all the pink things!

Kathy said...

Wow, what a lot of pink you've shown us today - jewelry, pillows, books, bags, sweaters, pj's, and hair! My husband retired about 20 months ago after teaching middle school social science for 40 years at the same school. He loved his career and he misses the kids and the nice people he worked with, but he loves retirement!

Welcome to Pink Saturday...have a beautiful weekend...Kathy

PS...Your blog is playing one of my ALL TIME favorite songs "Redeemer" by Nicole Mullen. Is she fabulous or what!

Bradley Maston said...

Don't you think "normal" is just an illusion that we use to make ourselves feel more in control? God is taking us all somewhere, an incredible journey. But adventures are not made by "normal" days. Love you, great post.

Summer Gypsy said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! Lots of Pink goodness in your home! Thanks for visiting my post so that I could find you! Blessings!

Maia said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday Pom Pom.
You sure know how to make an entrance; what a great variety of lovely pinks you share.
They are all wonderful but the last photo is the cherry on the cake.
Thanks for sharing.

I don't know much about the planting period of the pansies but there is species called "icicle pansies" that bloom through the snow too. You can find many info by googling.

The Artful Paper Doll said...

Hi there,

Just popped over to welcome you and say hello. Thank you for the grins today with a few of your favorite pink goodies.

Sending you fairy magic and butterfly wishes for a .•*˙˙*•.HaPPy PiNk SaTuRdaY!.•*˙˙*•.

Cheers! =D
~Kitty Kellie

Vicki said...

Hello, Pom Pom,
I am a little late getting around to all the Pink Saturday posts so please forgive me. I enjoyed seeing all of your pinks especially that precious grandbaby. No, I don't think life will ever be totally normal but I, too, cling to Jesus knowing that with Him I will have the strength to face life's ups and downs. Thank you for this fun and inspirational post and welcome to Pink Saturday! Vicki

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You found many wonderful pinks, but I have to say that I am partial to the pat the bunny book (used to read it to my grown kids) and the Susan Branch books. They are favorites.

Deborah said...

I was looking at your photos and wondering how much pink I can find. I think the girls' room might have some :o). You last photo is the most precious pink I've every seen. What a sweetie. Will you let Kelli know that she is in my prayers? We lost two little ones in a row between Beans and Squirt. It is tough!! I am glad you and she are able to talk. Somehow through it all, God is faithful even though we have a hard time seeing it when we're struggling.

I'm so happy to be catching up on my favorite blogs! Your crocheting is beautiful! I love the bright warm colours. I hope you get a snow day soon!

((Hugs!!)) and blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday!

My, you sure have shared lots of pinks :-) I never would have thought of putting a tiara amongst all those books. It sure stands out :-) and I love the angel.

Not only did you share lots of pinks but you shared a piece of you as well. Sometimes things happen that we don't understand - whether it caused us happiness or pain. And yes, surrendering and praying for it really eases things slowly.

I wish you and your family a blessed New Year!


Elisa said...

WOW!!!! I adore all your pink stuff =) Sigh. Love pink.