Friday, January 1, 2010

1-01-10 Light

Last night, the blue moon, our little rock in the sky, shone on me and you. Kerri from Songs of Light reminded me that she sees a different side of the moon. She lives far away in New Zealand. But the light shown in the night for me and for her.

I lit the luminaries. There is so much leftover snow on the ground that they didn't stand out much. The night is bright.

It is so bright outside today that I must move away from the window so I don't suffer from snow blindness. Light is shining on the dust bunnies, the smudges on the kitchen appliances, and light is shining into my heart today. I feel invited into a new year, another January, more of the same - the same good stuff in the lives of the same good people. When Bill and Jeff leave on Monday, a quietness will fill our house. I'll be gone all day and when I come home, I'll turn on the light, fill the teapot, change into soft clothes, eat something mild, check on YOU, and listen to the quiet. I used to wonder why older people like to talk about the weather. I foolishly thought it was because they didn't have anything else to talk about. Now I understand. They talk about the light, the clouds, the moisture, the temperature because they are in awe of the big world. They finally have the time without all the distractions, to LOOK UP. The sun, the moon, the ocean, the mountains, the flowers, the solidity of trees - appear before the eyes of those who stop.

January IS a beginning, but not the beginning of a race. Who needs another race? Today is the beginning of now. I want to follow the LIGHT.


All things bright and beautiful... said...

Yet another beautiful post - please write a book Pom Pom - I shall buy it and savour every word :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would buy it too Pom Pom! Write it!! I love your thoughts on a new beginning, but not another that. xx

Saleslady371 said...

It's true! I talk about the weather all the time! Happy New Year, Pom!

Kerri said...

You delight me x x

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love your thoughts on talking about the weather. We do tend to think it is "mundane," a word which comes, I believe, from the Latin for "world." As I grow older, I too, am more preoccupied and more entranced with weather, and I love this idea that it is a growing "awe of the big world" that is happening here! xo Kari

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, great post Pom Pom. I love the picture of your snow. It looks so soft and peaceful. I am so glad you got to see the Blue Moon. Here in Texas it was too cloudy and we saw no moon at all. God bless you as you follow the Light. :)

Deborah said...

What a marvelous post! Such beautiful pictures again too!

May you have a very blessed 2010!


Gumbo Lily said...

I just love the weather and the moon and all that outdoorsy stuff. Walking in the Light sounds right for 2010.


debbie bailey said...

When we're young we think we have everyone figured out, don't we? How little we know of the world then. At our age we KNOW we don't know anything and we love the finding out. Isn't life wonderful?