Thursday, January 28, 2010

Puppy Cuteness and Sue Sweetness

Meet Callie. I've been begging one of my students to PLEASE bring his puppy to school so I could see her before she grows up. His family was blessed with her this Christmas. I agree with Charles Schulz - Happiness is a warm puppy. It was freezing out in the school parking lot, but well worth it. Isn't she adorable?

The kids asked, "Who brought you flowers?" I answered, "Me. Aren't they pretty?"

Guess who The Angel Pie of Texas is? Yes, you're right! It's Sue of Collect in Texas Gal and SuKnitWitty. She called me the other night. We talked and talked like we'd known each other for one hundred years. Isn't that amazing? When we blog, we share so much of ourselves and it allows others to REALLY get to know us. Sue and I had so much to talk about! Today, a white box came in the mail and I couldn't wait to open it because I won a pearly-faced angel on Sue's birthday. Look what else was in the box? Oh that Sue. She gives and gives and gives some more! She's amazing! She knows I love Raggedy Ann, so now I have two more little darlings. She made Sam a cuddly little blanket. Do you see the cute Ann frame? I wish my face looked like Raggedy Ann's. Sue wrote me a very dear letter, too. I wish she didn't live so far away from me. I loved hearing her sweet Texas voice for the first time. She sounds like someone with a golden heart, someone who has made kind choices all her life. I think the Blog Fairy really likes me, sending such sweetie pies my way.

Stay tuned for Pink Saturday. I have something fun planned. I won't post tomorrow because I'm going to be busy getting ready for it! TGIF! The kids at school are wonderful and they've been dear this week, but I'm ready for the weekend. Brad is getting installed as the new pastor of his church so we'll go up for that. I'm excited! I'll post some photos of his little church. I hope that your Friday is filled with thankful feelings and that you have some rosy encounters with a couple really nice people. I'm working on my Nice People Hall of Fame. I had some sweet, sweet comments and I must say, "There are many really sweet somebodies out there!" YOU are one of those sweet somebodies. I have good books to read so my flannel-clad bed is beckoning. Thank you so much for popping in for a nice little hello!


Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Just a nice little hello :-)

Love the puppy!!


Gigi said...

Awwww, that sweet Sue! You girls should be friends -- the two of you are truly sweet peas in a pod -- generous, kind, fun, thoughtful, loving and much more.
Love that sweet puppers too!
Bless you,

Vicki said...

Hi, PomPom,
Callie is a sweet puppy! Who wouldn't love that sweet face? Congratulations on your pretties from Sue. She is a true sweetheart! I, too, love Raggedy Ann and Andy. One of the books from my childhood that I remember my mother reading to me was about Raggedy Ann and Andy. I am so glad you took a bouquet of daffodils to school to enjoy! Thank you so much for stopping by to help me celebrate my birthday! Vicki

Deborah said...

Dearest Pom Pom!

I am playing catch up! Are you reading through the Proverbs too? Such wonderful wisdom they hold! Every time I read them I learn something new. I have some Raggedy Ann stickers that I have been saving. I think she and Andy are just the sweetest with their bright eyes and triangle noses!

May you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend full of cutting, gluing and colouring :o)! (It sounds like great fun)!


Kerri said...

You are pure love, joy and gratitude and I love that about you! Can't wait to see what you're planning!

wayside wanderer said...

Love the sweet little puppy and the tulips are a bit sunshine!

scrappy quilter said...

That puppy is so cute. Love puppies no matter what kind. Hugs

libbyquilter said...

good for you~!!~ you deserve the wonderful sunshine that the daffodils bring into life~!!~


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the puppy!