Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dodge Ball

Hi sweet friends! Before I deliver my philosophical "take" on the game of Dodge Ball, I have to jump up and down and say, "I sewed today! I sewed today! With the MACHINE and everything!" I decided that the hearts we had hung on the Christmas tree were too sweet to hide in the ornament box all year, so today I made some bias tape and hung them up. I know . . . big whoop. But, really I had to PIN and IRON and FOLD and zip along with the machine. So, it's a finished object, isn't it? Please say yes.

Here's the bead garland I found at JoAnn's for a sparky price of just $5.00. I really do need to sew the bunting I've been planning because I LOVE hanging stuff around my house!

Kelli, Bryan, Birdie and Bug came over for naps today because they had two house showings. Miss Sam came, too. She is such a good little bambino. She is happy, smiley, strong, and she smells like heaven is going to smell!

Now, Friday we (the staff at school) had an email that asked if we'd be willing to play Dodge Ball (teachers against administrators) at the "rah rah!" assembly that was going to occur during our planning time. Seriously? Dodge Ball? We've been showing the kids videos about bullying and talking to them about building community. Why would we play Dodge Ball in front of them? I believe only MEAN people are good at Dodge Ball. When I was a kid, I had to play so much Dodge Ball at school. Everyone lines up, even numbers on each side of the line, and when the whistle blows everyone tries to grab a ball off the line and throw it at someone so that the person who is hit must step out of the game. You know, the last person left means the other team won, unless there is only one person left on the other side, too (highly unlikely!) I HATED this game. I wasn't intimidated by my peers until we played this ridiculous game. I believe that getting hit in the head so many times cause my A.D.D. Well, maybe not but I really don't get why people think this is fun. One of my teammates (young, athletic, former P.E. teacher) said she LOVES the game and when she taught P.E. she had the kids play it all the time. She went on to tell me how it ISN'T a game only mean people are good at . . . . blah.blah.blah. I still believe it IS an ugly way for people to play and I'm sticking to it. I asked my girls what they thought. They hated it, too. They are not afraid of much, but they hated this aggressive "let me show you how cool I am" game. Sometimes I just shake my head at the mixed messages we send to kids. For now, I shall continue to love them with every ounce of conviction in my Dodge Ball phobic little heart. I didn't go to the assembly. Fridays are my Coffee Talk day with my friends Melissa and Tom. Coffee Talk was much better for my soul.
Oh, I am SORE because I am getting older and my muscles are stiff. When I get up in the morning, I want to say, "Oil can! Oil can!" because I am so stiff. I think it's the cold. Brrrr. Have a wonderful week. I hold you in my mind and heart.


Deborah said...

If you had to run your machine the sewing counts. I LOVE what you made!! Now you have me thinking if I have red fabric to make something with hearts that would look similar to what you made.
What is a bunting? I hope you will post photos when you are done. What sweet photos of baby Samantha. *Sigh*, I can still remember those days...

I never did like dodge ball either.

Praying you have a great week at school!


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I love your heart garland. That looks so cheerful. And your grandbaby looks so sweet and content.

I very much agree with you about dodge ball. Its uncivilized. But what do I know. I don't like Red Rover either. :)

I hope you have a blessed Monday!

Aisling said...

Pom Pom, In my Movement Education class we were taught *not* to have Dodge Ball in our lineup of games. It is a game of exclusion, so not everyone is physically active all through the game (therefore, not physicially beneficial.) And, it is aggressive, and as you hinted, encourages a bully mentality. I definitely would have been a conscientious objector!

I hope your week is wonderful and happy.

Helen said...

Hello dear Pom Pom,
Thank you so much for your kind comments. You are such dear friend, so encouraging all the time, full of cheer and goodness, a bringer of light and kindness and warmth. I am truly blessed to have such a lovely friend, and I thank God for you, and pray that He will bless you and your dear family richly.
With much love, Helen x

Gigi said...

Hey Girlie,
Love the garland! And real sewing -- waaay more than I've done in an age. I do really think about it, but the sewing machine is still in the garage ;-).
And dodge ball? Well, I used to skip P.E. as much as I possibly could get away with, or have some lame excuse not to suit up (or is it out?), or better still -- have a note from my mom. I not only hated dodge ball but pretty much everything that took place on a field (oooo, that reminds me of field hockey -- bashed shins!) or in a gym ;-).
So sorry to hear about your DD's dog -- sad indeed! Wishing you & yours sunnier days.

libbyquilter said...

good morning Pom Pom~!~

what a lovely post and your heart swag is SWEET SWEET and more SWEET~!!!~ just what i needed to restart me on my blog visiting.

hope to be back in the swing of (blog) things by the end of the week . . . i've really missed it~!!~


Susie said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly Pom Pom, I DETESTED dodgeball! It was only the boys with something to prove who enjoyed it xxx

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Good for you for rebelling against participating in dodge ball, of all things! And during your planning period, too! One of the best things that our school initiated with regard to P.E. was no more kids choosing who would be on teams, which always left the same two or three kids chosen last ~ so cruel. The teams were chosen in wonderful random ways so no one had to suffer that embarrassment. And oh my, do I know what you mean about that oil can in the morning! I guess my "oil" is my first cup of coffee ~ I'm not much good until I've had it, I'm sorry to admit!

And yes, yes, yes, your sewing project is beautiful! xo Kari

Bradley Maston said...

I'm glad you got out of dodge-ball. What kind of ridiculous group think idea was that? Do you ever wonder if administrators are given their role just to keep that level of incompetence away from the students? Hmmm...I think so.

Love you.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Love the garland--yay for sewing! As for the dodge ball fiasco, I'm proud of you for skipping the assembly. It's a horrible game. Did you ever watch the show "Freaks and Geeks"? It gets to the heart of the dodge ball sadism, I think.

Beautiful baby you got there!


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Sew You Sewed? Just getting the machine out...counts as sewing...the thinkin part makes it sew! Here we are again...on the same SewWave...I rearranging my sewing a totally other room. Which leads me to your request to see my stash...I'm working on it...part of the move. It's sooooo cold in my studio! No fun to sew,knit or quilt in there. Watch SKW for the new SewinKnittinRoom. DodgeBall...pleeeeeze...Principal must be an Old Football Coach! I never, never lined up myself or anybody else to play that Ridiculous Game...signed SKW,Former Coach and PE Teacher!!!!

debbie bailey said...

What a sweet baby! As for dodgeball, I agree with all the above comments even though I was quite good at it. It is a humiliating game. Your heart garland is adorable. If I even thread my machine, I consider it sewing. So congratulations! You were definitely sewing.

Vicki said...

I love the hearts across your lace curtain!! So cute and reminds me that Valentine's Day, a personal favorite of mine, is coming up. I agree wholeheartedly about the Dodge Ball game. Never liked it and it can become very mean and dangerous!! Have a happy week and thank you for stopping by for a visit! Vicki

Kerri said...

Hooray for your sewing! I love the hearts! And I love the last picture of Sam too, so sweet :)

Heart Felt said...

Well done you....LOVELY little baby pics, she is beautiful xx

Anonymous said...

You SEWED! And so beautifully. Love those hearts! Big hugs, xxx

Gumbo Lily said...

I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks.