Monday, January 25, 2010

My Rabbit and YOUR Nice Friends

One time I made a rabbit. He has rather rosy clothes on, don't you think? Charlotte visits my blog sometimes. She has a bunny business with an office mascot named Humphrey. He liked my celery greens and asparagus featured yesterday. Kari from Writing Up a Storm shared a doll she made and I fell in love with it! That and Humphrey made me want to dig this skinny bunny out of the toy basket. I'm proud of him. While I was down in the basement rummaging around, I took a photo of some good books. I know you all love books.

Here is a line up of old journals. I wish I had all my old journals. I wish I had my eighth grade journal so I could show it to my students. I might be too embarrassed to share though.

The other day I spent some time sharpening pencils. I must have many shades to choose from.

Here's a happy, praise filled journal page. Do you ever get the urge to cut, color, write, and glue? I do!
The house is very quiet, so I really appreciate that my friend SuKnitWitty wrote me a letter. You can see it if you pop over to her blog. Oh, I keep liking the nice people. I do. I cherish kind words, understanding ears, happy gifts of images that cheer me up. Do you think you could describe a nice person you know when you comment today? I'd like to make a little Nice Person Hall of Fame on my side bar. You can use first names and describe them and their niceness. I think it would be so hopeful, so honoring of the servant-hearted ones who bless us. Here's to NICE.


Kerri said...

Your little rabbit is lovely! I bet he'd love to play with all my big Hares who were hoping around the house this morning!

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Oh HOW exciting to to be mentioned... thank you! And Humphrey is beside himself... In fact he has been misbehaving this morning, throwing his food bowl around, I think all this fame is going to his head!

I love your bunny, it reminds me a bit of the Maileg danish bunnies and I just love their long dangly-ness. And he has a nice face. I really, really want to learn to sew so I can have a go.

Also I could really do with making some clothes - I get asked all the time for outfits for my animals.


Thanks for the mention. Has lifted the spirits of one woman and a bunny :-)

Love Charlotte & Humph

Michela said...

Hello Pom Pom!
Hope you're ok!
Love your crafts! xxx

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Oh, Pom Pom, you did put your bunny on your blog! I love your "long-drink-of-water," bright-red-costumed, long-long-eared, cheerful bunny!! So sweet. Arms wide open. Just like you. Thank you for putting me in your blog. And I love it that you write journals in spiral notebooks, too. I find that is best for me. Well, I'm just going to have to go with YOU for the Nice Person! xoxo Kari

libbyquilter said...

love the bunny and i'm quite certain that one of his distant cousins lives at my house . . . will have to hunt him down and shoot him (with the camera of course~!!~)

i would like to submit my fabulous dh for your hall of fame:
today is our 25th wedding anniversary and he is far more than nice. i feel very lucky to have had this special man in my life for these many years. he has always treated me with such respect and love and is a man of such integrity. i am proud to be by his side~!~


Aisling said...

Another lovely post. What a breath of fresh air it is to visit you here, Pom Pom!

My nice person is my best friend from childhood, Diane. She is the most generous spirit I know. She found an estate sale last year with loads of beautiful suits and blouses and skirts, most with the tags still on and many in my size. She scooped up and bought armloads of them and has been sharing. She sent me another package late last week, filled with beautiful, brand new professional looking clothing. I'm saving them for job interviews, ceremonies, etc. But a few of the more casual items will find their way into my college wardrobe to be worn with my favorite comfy jeans. *grin*

She has a beautiful, gracious spirit. If I am ever feeling low, I know that a call to her will lift my heart.


Hi Pom Pom
Love ya rosie robed rabbit, he's cute! I'm assuming it's a male bunny but I'm not sure in that get up! "He" is lovely! Your latest grand is adorable, she looks like you, she has your blue eyes. A blessing!

Have a wonderful day sweet one!
Carolyn ♥

debbie bailey said...

Your journal pages are lovely; especially the blue plate.Looking at your books above, I see a L'Engle book I'm not familiar with. What's it about? It sounds like one I need to read. Feel free to e-mail me if the answer is too long.

My nice person is YOU! I've never met you but can tell that you're very giving, loving, and NICE. So pat yourself on the back from ME.

scrappy quilter said...

I love your journal. I'm going to see about starting one. Love how you've decorated it. And I agree, my nice person would be YOU. Hugs