Monday, July 13, 2009

Teapot Line Up

I think I may have a few too many teapots. I don't often make time for tea, but I do adore cute pots!

Within the last ten years, nice people have gifted me with teapots. Today, I found time (ha, ha, I'm not that busy) to arrange some of my teapots after running them through the dishwasher due to their heavy coat of house dust.

The first two teapots in the front are "one cuppers" and Kelli picked them out then, using Bill's credit card, purchased them for ME! The small one on the right is a gift from a Korean church. Bill helped them with camp.

What is that? Do you see it? Right by my Christmas teapot? Any ideas?

Last night, I didn't sleep well AGAIN. I really need Bill to come home. Even though I bought a four-inch memory foam pad for our bed (it is just too hard) I still am not sleeping well. I feel like I'm falling out of bed and the smell of the foamy thing is just a tiny bit creepy. Oh well, I'm sure when Bill returns, I'll be fine. Anyway, I decide to have a quiet "putt putt" kind of morning due to my lack of rest. I went down to the basement (yeah, we're not calling it my studio yet) and straightened my books a bit. Here are all my writing books - not the teacher writing books - the grown up writing books.

Yes, and because one of my interests is the possibility of losing weight and having a fit body (emphasis on POSSIBILITY) I have collected some wonderful and sensible books about eating and I like to LOOK at the books.

Here are some inspirational books. Gigi sent me The Gentle Art of Domesticity, introducing me to Jane Brocket! LOVE THIS! I've always liked to read Alexandra Stoddard's stuff. She's a decorator and a writer. I love Living a Beautiful Life. The Psalms, Jesus, and Epistles books are suggestions from my mother. She introduced them to me. Thanks, Mama.

I've gone through happy periods when I pursued knowledge regarding organization. I hope the information in these books has found a spot in my storehouse of background knowledge. That was my goal! Notice the Kathleen Norris books. Amazing Grace and The Cloister Walk are both fascinating.

Here are a few thought provoking books that sort of sang to me. I could revisit them again and again. They're deep.

Kind of appropriate that this photo turned out fuzzy, because this little line up of Shakespeare and such requires complete quiet and concentration. No multi-tasking allowed. I can't multi-task anyway. I really can't.

I wonder if Laura Ingalls Wilder had any idea when she wrote these stories (with a pencil and a yellow tablet) that they would become so well loved. I used to read them every year. My favorite is The Long Winter.

This is the crate of teacher books I brought home, but haven't touched yet.

The knitting books. I love knitting books more than I love knitting. Knitting in America by Melanie Falick was my first. The pictures are lovely and the profiles of American knitters - inspiring.

More knitting books!

Aren't they pretty?

One last photo of the most humble teapot. And off I go to have a sweet cup of tea. The thunder storm outside is over and the birds are chirping at the feeders. I have had such a sweet and peaceful day. Thank you, Lord.


Deborah said...

Lol! I just came up after unpacking my teapots and putting them on a shelf in our crawl storage. (I decided to take a little break and pop by your blog). I think I have five or six teapots. I broke one earlier this year :0(. Yours are lovely. The center one looks antique! And I love the yellow one!

I loved reading about your books too. You've helped me add to my list of must reads!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Love the colour of yours too :0)! Yellow makes me happy!

SuKnitWitty said...

Tea for Two? Pour another cup and I'll join you. I know it's cooler there than here...only 102 or 3 or's HOT. How bout IceTea? You have lots of knitting books...I haven't seen the Goddess one...I'll have to check it out. I found 2 old knitting books today at the antique barn. A Treasury of Knitting Patterns..1 and 2. I'll show you soon and share some neat swatches that will make a 'CrystalBallBag'.LOL '65ers are smoking my keyboard. I love your HumblePotteryTPot.

Bear said...

Aunt Karen.

I love tea. I love books. I love you! And I would love to learn to knit.



Kerri said...

Oh I loved looking at all your books! Isn't it funny how books become old friends that you love to visit again and again? You have so many Julia Cameron books that I have too! But what really gave me goose bumps was your Laura Ingalls Wilder collection! I love those books too. They somehow become part of you. I once looked up Laura on the net and found that I could see Pa's fiddle and the very spot the little house on the prairie stood. Amazing. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog too by the way :)

Helen said...

A great selection of books, Pom Pom. I love books, and yours seem to be very much along the same lines as mine, with the exception of Shakespeare, I have to say! We are in the throes of decorating the bedroom that our youngest son vacated in February when he moved out and got married, and that will be the main guest room, which means that the room that is our guest bedroom now is one that I am going to turn into a 'quiet' room / library. I can't wait - it sounds very grown up, doesn't it. We have books still in packing boxes in the garage from when we moved here in 2006, oh and more boxes of books in the loft too. I'll need lots of shelves. Again, I too have loads of teapots (how can this be), because my husband comes from the area of England known as the potteries, where all things ceramic have been made since the beginning of time, so we have inherited teapots, jugs, bowls, plates, ornaments, etc. etc. in abundance. As for the fairy, would that be the Fast Fairy?

Angela said...

I love all your teapots [in fact I shall go and make myself a cuppa in honour of your collection shortly!] and the books are fabulous.

one little problem - whenever I check your blog, my PC seizes up!I dont have this problem with anybody elses blog. is this just ME or have other friends had pom-pom-problems???

love, hugs and hiccups!

Tina ♥ said...

Lovely teapots. I love 'em! :)

Helen said...

Just to say that my computer screen seizes up as well, with Pom Pom and also with Gigi over at Firefly Cottage, which is a shame as these are both people whom I love visiting! When I click to open their blogs, they do open, but seize at the same time, then I have to click and click, and then get a whirly disc for a couple of mins. Then it stops, but the screen is still seized so I click again and get the whirly disc again for a while longer, and then eventually it frees up. To post a comment takes about 10 mins (there,that shows you how committed I am Pom Pom). Not sure if Angela is from UK - think it may be Angela from Tracing Rainbows, but if I move away from here to check it will take me too long to get back. If it is, then it may be just a few USA blogs that you are having probs with. I did ask my husband and he muttered something about somewhere in the States having a fire which may be causing the difficulty, but he wasn't too concerned on my behalf! Good luck, and keep being persistent - don't give up. I'm off to rendezvous with the wirly disc thingy again.

Angela said...

Thanks PomPom - don't know what you have done, but this visit to the blog seems MUCH smoother.
Yes, Helen, I was getting a whirly thing too - but that seems to have gone now! and I AM that Ang from Tracing Rainbows!

Gretchen Joanna said...

Teapots (containing tea) and books make a splendid combination. My husband and I just watched the movie, "The Hobart Shakespeareans" last night, which made me think of you. Have you seen it? About a 5th grade teacher in a Los Angeles school where none of his students speaks English at home. Delightful.

Bradley Maston said...

You read so many wonderful books. Thank you for sharing the love of books and tea and all of the sweet quiet miracles that God has given us in our quiet moments.