Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Praying for YOU

One of the greatest joys of my summer has been connecting with people who are so kind to read my blog. I care about you and I appreciate you very much. So, tonight I feel compelled to pray for each of you - to petition the Creator of the universe on your behalf.

So, with my hands on the keyboard instead of folded, I count it a privilege to pour out my thoughts and concerns.

Prayer is so outside of us, so intimate and holy. We're invited into a relationship with a Savior we can hardly conceive of, and He loves us so tenderly.

Dear Lord, hear my prayers for beating hearts, hopeful souls, friendly and kind people that have reached out to me.
Brad: Give him increased creative vision as he seeks to learn more about you. Lead him to a vocation that stretches him and uses his gifts for your glory.
Samwise: Keep him safe, Lord. Grant him favor with those you put before him. Thank you for his sweet and emotional manner and how it blesses everyone that knows him.
Mud Spattered Man: Thank you for his kind, kind heart. Lead him close to you as he so willingly loves and serves. Bless his next steps.
Francis: Thank you for her vision for others, her warm comments and musings on her blog. Bless her family this summer, Lord. Lead them to listen to each other, enjoy themselves, and learn more and more about the preciousness of the bond they share.
SKW: She's so dear. She's funny, interested and interesting. I can tell people feel safe and inspired by her. Keep her safe and keep her joyful, Lord.
Gigi: Draw G to you today. Give her peace, comfort and inspiration. Give her your healing touch and whisper sweet somethings into her pretty ears.
Elizabeth: Lord, would you give her deep and astounding insights today as she seeks you with her whole heart? She reaches out so willingly and blesses others.
Heart Felt: Bless her creative and beautiful heart.
Bez: She's going to college! Give her sweet inspiration and some precious new friends - friends that last a lifetime.
Tina: Comfort her today, Lord. Give her peace about her dad. Thank you for her dear heart - the heart of a delightful mother.
Bear: Oh please bless little bear! She has her eyes wide open and she possesses such a light heart, all ready to love.
Kristi: Bless her desire to serve her family and give her extra stamina as she meets so many needs.
Andrea: Lord, she blesses so many. Give her peace and assurance today. Heal her husband and give them both a sense of wonder as they receive your grace.
My friend at Cut Flower Garden: She's so close to the earth, Lord. Bless her as she loves your beauty and witnesses sweet weddings. She seems so good-hearted.
Chrissey: Give Chrissey supernatural lift today. She's so insightful and clear-minded. She's a learner, Lord.
Helen: Helen is so soft and open to YOU and YOUR sweet movement in her life. Cause her to see you everywhere today, reminded of her value and her unique gifts.
Robin: Thank you for her new house! Please help her current house to sell and give her peace about moving away from her parents. Thank you for her love for her husband and thank you for her eager heart of love for others.
Jenny: Oh, bless this dear one - give her continued insight and strength as she seeks you and grows a baby! Yipppee!
Elaine: Comfort her, Lord. She lost her sweet kitty. Give her a soft heart of contemplation as she grieves. Thank you for her love for me and thank you for all the people that she reaches out to, expecting nothing in return.
Kelli: She is so busy, Lord. She's so smart and insightful. Lead her to a cozy spot under your wing where she can receive unexplainable comfort and hope. Thank you for her loving heart toward Bryan and the girls.
LibbyQ: She's so talented. Shower her with love and hope.
At Home Mommy: Lord, she has so much vision and creative spirit. Please fill the quiet spaces with assurance of your care and love for her. She's good.
Carolyn: She's one of your super stars. Bless her attentive heart, her concerned care for others and her great artistic talent. Bring glory to yourself.
PilesofSmiles: Bless her trip to California. Please grant her safety and joy. She's a hardworker and a great lover of people.
Brenda: Bless her business, Lord. Continue to inspire her creative heart.
Beth E: Guard and guide her sweet sons and please continue to give her comfort and vision as they grow up. Bless her ministry, Lord.
Grannygirlfriend: Lord, don't you love grandmothers? She's a good one. Bless her as she gives love to those around her.
Angela: Lord, thank you for putting her right where she is. You use her resourceful and helpful spirit to bless people in her parish. Thank you for her great love for her girls and her commitment to the people in her village.
Elaine (pftj) Lord, open Elaine's eyes today so she'll see the unseen. Help her to be inspired and help her to feel VERY cared for today.
50's housewife: Bring her rest and calm. Thank you for her perky spirit.
re: Whatever she's doing, however she's feeling - make your presence known. She has a kind heart.
Sara: Bless her as she parents Lilly and loves her husband. Make her sleeping hours count for double as she chases around her cherished child. Call her to yourself and sing to her, Lord.
Kate: As she loves her four kids and strives to be the best she can be, bless her.
Teresa: Bless her generous spirit, Lord. She spreads joy.
QueenMotherMama: Lord, would you bless her walk with you today? Would you give her inspiration and a huge sense of your love for her?
Rosie: As she is a ponderer and a learner - open her eyes to the wonders before her and keep her safe.
Barbara: As Barbara enjoys your beauty, give her insights into your love and beautiful times with her grand daughter.
Funky Monkey: She has such ambition and industry, Lord! Please have the reconstruction of their bathroom go swiftly (I know you do care about this stuff, Lord. You are so concerned about us) and thank you for bringing joy into her life!
Amy: Bless her as she vacations with her parents. Give her some sweet quiet moments and great connections with people dear to her.
Joanne: I pray for speedy recovery, Lord and added strength. Give her energy and a continued desire to love and to serve. Thank you for her great love for me and the inspiration I draw from her spirit.
Karol: I love her. Lord, give her continued clarity and love as she comforts her husband and bless sweet Laura in the DR. Thank you for her inspired heart.
Shannon: Thank you for such a precious and dear heart. Prepare her for camp and show her new things. Thank you for giving her great times with you and bless her as she blesses others.
Elly: Lord, she's such a great mom and a great friend. She has vision for others.
Please meet her today as she looks to you.
Sarah B: She's a fantastic and happy mama! I love her! Bless her as she loves Jackson and Steve. Give her wisdom, laughter and love.
April: Lord, please encourage her heart, give her precious time with you and thank you for the way she loves CB, Finn and Brad.
GretchenJoanna: Give her a smooth road today, Lord. Please provide laughter and assurance in her encounters with others. Lead her to find great love in unexpected places.
And for those who read and I am not aware of it: Lord, thank you for your sweet love for all of us. Thank you for creating a world that holds beauty and truth. Please unite us and help us discover how to live well. Amen.


Elizabethd said...

How lovely of you. I feel deeply blessed by your kindness and by the prayer that washed through me.

SuKnitWitty said...

Thank-you! I am filled with Joy! You are an Angel on Earth and we, 'YourFollowers' are blessed by your presence and prayers.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

How nice to be prayed for by someone I've never met! I did, in fact, see the "unseen" in so many ways yesterday while burying my dear friend. I'll write more about it later, but I feel so blessed to know that many have been praying for me.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blessing you are to pray for us all, so specifically, thank you so much! xxx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

What a lovely post! Thank you for your prayer. It means a lot to me.

By the way, Gretchen couldn't post her response here for some reason, so she posted it on my Blog for you to read there.

libbyquilter said...

what an incredibly kind and heartfelt gesture~!~ i too am touched by your prayers for me.
thank you~!!~


Pherenike said...

What a long list of supportive people you have around you. Doesn't it make you even more thankful when you remember them all like this?!

Pherenike said...

Thank You :) You have a lovely evening!

Sandra said...

Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :)

I'm going to read through yours and also add you to my Google Reader so I can come and visit you often :)

Pom Pom said...

Welcome, Sandra! I'm putting your blog on my google reader feed, too!

Bear said...

It always makes me want to cry when someone tells me they are praying for me. I love you Aunt Karen! Thank you! I am so glad we reconnected. You are one great lady.

Chrissey said...

Thank you so very much. You are such a dear soul. Your thoughtfulness is certainly appreciated by many.

funkymonkey said...

Thank you so much. I am really touched by your kindness.


Helen said...

Thank you, dear Pom Pom, that is just so lovely of you to lift us all up to our Lord in prayer, thinking about us individually, and bringing what you have discerned about our situations and characters. You have not done this in a hurry, but have taken so much time and care. Your faithfulness to Him and care for others is very humbling to see. I pray that God will bless you richly, dear friend. Helen xx

Andrea said...

Dear friend, my heart is so blessed to receive your prayers, love, and support. Thank you so much for your precious thoughtfulness and giving heart!

God is so amazing!!! I was very moved when I read how He had led you to Mark Chapter 8! The Lord has our steps ordered. It seems He planned our coordinated scripture. I believe it was a simple "I love you," spoken to let us both know how much He cares and that He is in control of our lives.

I pray that our dear Father in heaven will bless you and keep you. Lord, pour out upon my precious friend, whom you have given me. She is a special blessing. May she receive your peace and live in the power of your blessed grace. May her heart be filled with joy and her spirit renewed. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Take care.

In Christ's Love,


Pom Pom said...

Thank you so much, Andrea! I am blessed!
Helen, It's so nice to hear from you!


Dear Pom Pom

Thank you so much for including me in your prayer, for your kind words and your thoughtfulness. I was deeply moved and your words have come at a time when I have things on my mind and I'm trying to work things out. I thank you so much!

May you receive blessings for your kind heart and giving nature


Angela said...

Dear Pompom - thank you for your kind and generous prayers - for me, and for all of your other blog-friends. God bless you richly in all you do too!

April said...

Thank you so much, MomPom! You are a blessing to me, Brad, Cadence, and Finn. You are such an encouragement to me, Thank you. Also, thanks for saying that I am a "Supermom", but you are the real supermom. I pray that I can pick up a few things from you.

Gigi said...

My Dear Pom,
You are a treasure, an angel! What amazing love, goodness, & warmth you bring to our world. And heaven knows, we need all of those good things so very much!
All of God's good blessings to & yours,