Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last Installment

Here's a glimpse of something tiny

As soon as the moon shone bright on the garden, Twinkly popped out to wait for the bird. She paced and paced, worrying about Sue who had been gone all day after leaving in a huff. When Mr. Bird appeared, she questioned him.
"Have you seen Sue? She is very afraid of you. Please tell me you have done her no harm."
"Oh, I've seen her. I've been watching her all day. She slugged her way to that wagon used for potting plants and I must say I was quite impressed with her gymnastic climb up the back wheel. I left her alone today. Mrs. Fraser has supplied me with a water bath - bright blue - and I've been prettying myself for our adventure tonight."
"Whew! Okay, let's hurry. I can't wait to see Zoe!"
Twinkly climbed on the bird's back, grabbed the reins (a small piece of lavender yarn originally used to stake the peonies) and dug her tiny heels into the bird's sides. They lifted and flew over roofs, dodging tree branches, finding their way by the light of the full moon. When they arrived at the park where Zoe was waiting, Twinkly saw her sitting on a toadstool, knitting with tiny sticks, a lovely pile of corn silk at her feet.
"We're here! We're here! Can we help you carry your things?"
Wrapped in a broad leaf were Zoe's "things" and Twinkly noticed two tiny shoes (oh, those humans bedecked their dollies with the loveliest footwear!) and a tiny bedroll woven from maple leaf stems.
"I'm ready and I hope you don't mind that I do not have much to contribute to your home. I try to keep my possessions pared down. Somehow, when I accumulate too much, my step isn't quite so light and my dancing slows. "
The bird restlessly stepped from foot to foot and gazed out toward the quiet street.
"I'd like Twinkly to ride closest to my head, please."
Twinkly found this odd, worried as she was that the bird had different motives than she had thought at the beginning.
The fairies climbed on and after lift off, Zoe whispered in Twinkly's ear.
"We must make a plan to divert this bird's attention. After we're safe in your house, we must take care of this problem immediately."
They landed quietly and after the fairies dismounted, the bird showed no signs of moving on.
"Thank you, Mr. Bird! We'll go ahead and get Zoe settled now."
"Where's my thistle tart? I find it quite rude that you haven't offered it to me."
"I'll make it tonight and I promise to leave it by my door for you, so you can enjoy it in the morning. Good bye!"
Feeling a wave of discomfort, Twinkly kicked the trap door aside and motioned Zoe to walk down the earthen stairs, into her fairy home.
"How lovely! Your gowns are light and feathery and your fire shall warm my dusty toes! Thank you, Twinkly!"
Zoe settled herself down on the bottle cap chair, pulled out her bedroll and placed her shoes neatly beneath her, on the floor.
"Now, let's lace the thistle tart with peony juice. It won't harm the old bird, but it will cause him to lose his memory. From the sound of things, your dear friend's life is at stake and Mr. Bird likes you a little too much! After he partakes of our baked goods, he'll wander away and bother someone else and you, me and Sue can start having fun!"
Sue was listening up at the trap door. Could it be that this new little fairy friend may truly wish to enjoy a friendship with a crabby old party pooper like her? They could use a strategic thinker around the garden. Sue went ahead and bumped the door with her shell. As she heard Twinkly hurrying up the stairs, she rustled up a smile and prepared to meet her new friend.


SuKnitWitty said...

OhMyDustyToes! What a FunFairyLand Nest You have under your PomPomPillow! Beware the PeonyJuice...Oh!Darn!...I forgot what I was going to say! How fun for Sue...she now has TwoFairyFriends.

Bradley Maston said...

You are silly, and it is lovely!