Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He's off to Australia

Because I like riding in boats and can't get enough of the wind blowing in my face, I thoroughly enjoyed my ride on the River Cat last summer. Our friend drove us down to the dock and we set out for our day tooling around Sydney Harbor. Isn't this a fancy mode of transportation? Why can't there be more water in Colorado?

Australians are so proud of this gorgeous structure and who can blame them? It's even more astounding in real life. We walked around it and I marveled at the crowds. It seemed as though everyone simply wanted to be close to this Australian landmark.

So, now Bill is on his way to Australia and New Zealand. He'll speak at camp and visit with many who work with teenagers. It's cold there now, so he took all his warm outdoorsy clothes. I already miss him.

I'm off to walk with a friend. I'm taking my camera because along the canal there are often pretty things (like 3 millon dollar houses) and it's a lovely blue sky day, too. I keep thinking I'm going to sew, but I can't bring myself to set up in the basement (yeah, my not-quite-together workroom) and with Bill away, I can make a nice mess in the dining room, ironing board and all. So maybe I'll make some headway on my skirts and tops.

I'd like to have some quiet reading time to revisit Hind's Feet on High Places. I think I'll enjoy a quiet house while I pray in color. Writing the names of the people I'm praying for and then coloring them up does help me remember to petition the Lord all day long. I'm still enjoying The Creative Call but because I love blogging so much, I'm not as motivated to write for fifteen minutes a day in my artist's notebook. Birdie and Miz Bug came over last night so their parents could run errands, and I didn't get my trip to the library, but after I walk I can stop there and get an armful of books so that I can continue my tradition of reading piles of books, all at once. All of this is what I love about summer. It's hard to admit that I don't have much to show for all the time I've had at home, but the peace I'm feeling and the restoration . . . well, it's about the unseen. Have a happy day. Seek love. Try to notice the secret things that so few seem to notice. Thank you for stopping by today. You are SO special to me. xopp


Elizabethd said...

How we loved our two visits to Sydney, where my son lives. I'd love to go back one day.

Chrissey said...

I can relate to your abandoning the journal for the sake of the blog. I try to really make myself dedicate time to my journal and keep it up so as not to forget how important my creativity is. Blogging is just so much easier! ;)