Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home and Happy

There really is no place like home.
My childhood home fueled my heart. Casting my eyes upon the Skagit Valley farmlands, the Guemus Island beaches, and the Cascade mountains gave me a sense of recognition and ownership. I brought home sticks of driftwood from the Guemus beach and I picked up some sticks off the ground up in the mountains, too. I'm going to make crosses out of them and hang them on our wall. I also brought home a handful of rocks from the beach and tomorrow I am going to put them in a special bowl. This time, I was more astonished than ever before that I grew up in such a beautiful place and I loved every moment of my visit. I especially love my family. My parents are my friends. My brothers are kind men. My sisters-in-law are accepting and helpful. My sisters are kindred spirits and my nieces and nephews are super humans. They all live in Washington and I can go and find them waiting, welcoming me and loving me, like only family does. But, now I am reunited with my beloved partner (I missed him SO much) and our kids and the grand babies and I still have a lot of summer left. Yahooo! I am going to parcel out my beautiful photos so I don't bore you, but I do look forward to showing you some regional glimpses of beautiful Washington.
I'm reminded again and again of the grace of our Creator, the personal invitation of the Savior, and the breath of the Holy Spirit as I bask in thankfulness for the people in my life. I find great encouragement as I read your blogs and your comments because I connect to them, feel affirmed by the common life themes, and reassured that there are true souls within easy reach, souls that last forever. May you sense the presence of our holy God in many moments of your day and may you experience mind-boggling assurance that you are deeply loved, deeply known. xoPP


Chrissey said...

It is beautiful! I love living in the Pacific NW. It's gorgeous everywhere, especially in the forests, mountains, and on the beaches. Glad you had a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! There's nothing like being home again though! :)

Bradley Maston said...

just wonderful. beautiful. what a great time.