Sunday, May 31, 2009

Watering Cement

Birdie loves the new watering can at Granny's house. She busied herself going back and forth to grandpa (who was using the hose to water my new seed plants) for more, more, more!

Birdie doesn't QUITE make it to the grass or garden.

Birdie is such a lovely little gardener! Do you like her new hairdo?
I am sore today from yesterday's seed planting. I planted nasturshims, hollyhocks, poppies, zinnias, mammoth sunflowers, small, red sunflowers, thumbelina zinnias, peppers, pumpkins, and two kinds of squash. Now, I am so eager for sprouts! I'm especially looking forward to the hollyhocks because we have taken a few years vacation from them due to their abundant production! They were everywhere for years after my intial seed plant over fifteen years ago! Today, the rest of the zinnias - my favorite little cut and come again summer flower- will be gently placed in the waiting dirt, after I till it up and make major messes of myself and the surrounding area. Oh, and the grading goes on. The multi-genre projects are works of art and I appreciate the students' hard work, but no matter how much I intend to speed up, I can't seem to! I talked to my neighbor over the fence yesterday and she is a first grade teacher bogged down with literacy files and portfolios, so I don't feel alone in my grading pit. Tonight, I'm going to buzz downtown and pick up an old summer staffer of ours from when we were coordinators at Young Life's Malibu Club. It'll be nice to see her. She's in town for a conference planning event. And tomorrow, it's back to school for LAST WEEK. I have goodie bags and goodbye notes to prepare for the eighth graders, too. I'll get through the pile . . . eventually.

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