Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grinchy About Grading

The kids' projects are good, but it takes sooooooooooooo long to look through each one and it's time to wrap up the school newspaper, too. I HATE having so much to do! Last night I was SO tired that I decided to take a nap before bed (ha ha . . . I knew I wouldn't get up until morning!) and a whole evening went by and the box of projects is still undone. There are too many meetings today, too much paper, not enough zip in me. I'm praying for a supernatural boost. Would you join me? Thank you.


Amy said...

Do what I'm doing...caffine and sugar combo-works every time! Not very good for you, but in those dire moments of the end of the school year-it's all you need to carry you through. Praying for your zippy day!!!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Oh good luck finishing up your stuff!

Gigi said...

Thank goodness school's nearly out for you! I've always believed that teachers really do need to have a long summer vacation as it takes us (me;) at least a couple of months to recuperate from the long grueling school year.
Wondering if you received your book yet? I felt badly that it was wrapped more attractively, but I was attempting to reuse/recycle ;-).