Monday, May 25, 2009


"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles." ~ Doug Larson

"I still don't know why I fish or why other men fish, except that we like it and it makes us think and feel." ~ Roderick L. Haig Brown

"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

Brad and Jeff went fishing the other morning (I love the idea of the brothers continually enjoying each others' company!) and Jeff the photographer extraordinaire took this prized shot. Both boys have romantic hearts and appreciate all the right things about fishing. They love the movie, A River Runs Through It and they both love the outdoors. Brad caught his first dog fish while cruising in Grandpa's old, wooden, BLUE boat, just off the Olympia shore. He caught another fish at a fish farm in the Northwest. Jeff waded through the tide pools at Malibu Club and fished for crawdads at our neighborhood park. Now, they fish the creeks of Colorado. Again, it's the simple things that sit right with me. The cheap, grocery store bird feeder hanging in front of our living room window and the sight of my seed packets inviting hope for the summer blooms - these are the current joys and I'm greedy for more of them.

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Bradley W. Maston said...

Fishing is beautiful. Even if it isn't attractive to kill the fish. Catching them is more fun when you know that you are going to restore them to their cool beautiful watery home and give them a second lease of life. I don't know that fish feel that way, but I feel that way on their behalf.