Thursday, May 14, 2009

Praying in Color
My new book! Today the books I ordered came. This is one of them and I've already devoured it! WHAT a fun concept. This cool author, Sybil MacBeth, is a math professor and Episcopal priest's wife. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee. She leads workshops and you can view her web site at to see how interesting she is! It's very simple and yet so inspiring. Check it out! I am going to try it now that I've read all about it. I like how being it is instead of doing. The other book I bought is The Creative Call and to view this author's web site go to . I'm so pleased with both of them and I will let you know what I discover as I complete the exercises. I needed this today. It was Career Day at school and I hated it. I realized that I don't care about careers and being successful means something totally different to me, thus I don't have passion for career advice especially when the input is aimed at middle school kids who should simply enjoy being KIDS and not feel pressured to define their career path! Just the day before in Writers Workshop, we went outside to play Hook Up. We are getting ready to write personal narratives and I thought it would be good to breathe some fresh air, feel the sun, laugh, and then come back into the classroom and write about it. The kids dashed around the circle chasing and loving it when someone chased them. Some ran VERY fast and some limped along, hitching up their saggy pants! One cute Korean girl, new to America, voiced concern because the instructions I gave for the game confused her. She hestitantly followed the group outside, but jumped right in and ran the circle. Later she wrote that she realized she "is much faster at running than she used to be" and she wrote that she loved the game. I told them that it made sense that a fifty year old fatty like me had a hard time running, but THEY had no excuse and I admonished them to run more, ride their bikes, and act like the healthy, young kids they are. They thought that was funny. Anyway, that's the kind of scenarios I love as a teacher, not blah blah blah-ing about careers and colleges and income graphs. Sheesh! So, now I am going to "pray in color" before I go to bed and let YOU know about it tomorrow! Peace to you, my faithful readers.

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