Friday, May 8, 2009

M is for MY MOM

I love my mom so much that I often wished I did not have to share her. I was fifteen months old when my sister arrived. I have never recovered. I am thankful that my sister was such a fun playmate, but I resented sharing my mother's attention. I have four siblings and I think they all prize my mom's attention. I never understood my friends when they rolled their eyes at their mothers. I have always admired my mom, considered her extremely smart (she is!) and desired her company. She deserves admiration. She's long on principal, industrious, thick skinned and curious. I love her face and her voice, her taste in clothes, the food she cooks, her "take" on history, her coffee, her pie, and the way she loves my dad so much. Happy Mother's Day, Mama!


The Mud Spattered Man said...

There are so many moms in our family now! Its amazing how the great "mothering" has trickled down from generation to generation.

elaine said...

I think your mom is cool, too!!! :)

Bill said...

wow... your heart is pourous (sp?) and wonderful.