Friday, May 29, 2009

Beauty Tips

One afternoon, when I was tired of my teaching material, I made up a funny test for the kids. It pertained to the end of the year, characteristics unique to eighth graders, and a few very random questions. Even the kids who manage to sit for fifty minutes and complete nothing took THIS little test. They liked a change of pace, of course. But anyway, one of the questions I asked them was, "If Mrs. M. were to have a makeover, what improvements would you suggest?" I also added, "Don't say lose weight. I like food." Most of them, following their precious little hearts said, "Change nothing. You are perfect." Ha ha! But some really gave it some thought. The suggestions included: Dye your hair burgundy, dye your hair brown and get some highlights, use more accessories, wear skater shoes, wear a little foundation to tone down your color, and simply change your hair. As much as I am counting the days until my summer freedom arrives, I will miss them. I may remain in eighth grade for a very long time yet, but as they gear up for high school, I'm thankful that they have allowed me to share a crucial year of their spunky lives.

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Robin said...

Great post! What a creative and fun thing to do at the end of the school year! I bet they all loved it.