Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kitty of Enormous Size

Here's Wilbur cooling off on the tile floor in the bathroom!
Meet Wilbur. He is an adopted kitty cat, welcomed into Kelli's family as a tiny kitten. Kelli and Bryan are ardent cat lovers and fell for the "super size" deal at the shelter: Adopt a kitten, get a grown cat for free! This meant that along with cute little Wilbur, they also gave Bessie a home. Wilbur has an abnormal appetite. Kelli uses a self feeder and Wilbur self feeds . . . all day long! He is so fat that he cannot boost himself from the seat of a chair, up onto the arm. He is adorable and inviting, making everyone want to pick him up, but picking him up hurts my back! He is the fattest cat I have ever seen! He lumbers along, only venturing downstairs to the chow, but he will also pursue other culinary opportunities and devour melon, Sophie's scraps, and the lingering milk in cereal bowls. He loves to have his tummy scratched and isn't at all afraid of the three big dogs that share his domain.

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The Mud Spattered Man said...

When times get hard enough, we will eat that cat.