Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She has a candy heart . . .

"Who knows but that Fairyland is filled with old lovable rag dolls - soft, loppy rag dolls who ride through all the wonders of Fairyland in the crook of dimpled arms, snuggled close to childish breasts within which beat hearts filled with eternal sunshine." Johnny Gruelle
For a short period of time about twenty years ago now (yikes!) I searched for old Raggedy Anns. I have many and most are homemade. I even have my niece Amy's childhood Raggedy and I still mean to repair her worn feet and make her a new pair of bloomers. The Raggedy Ann stories found in The Original Adventures of Raggedy Ann by Johnny Gruelle, radiate love and kindness and send a message of good cheer in a simple childlike manner. Legend has it that she has a real candy heart inside and of course it says, "I love you". She's the perfect doll, so humble and pliable. Read her story. You'll fall in love with her, too.

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Brad said...

I absolutley adore that quote. There is no question about the truth of it. Have you ever read Johannykin and the goblins‎? It's so much fun! I think you would love it!