Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pretty House

 I try to avoid too much ice cream because it gives me a stomach ache, but I know there isn't anything like it in the way of an August dessert.  When I am with Kelli's girls for five days, we might have to venture out for nightly ice cream.  

Today we had a meeting with Bill's colleagues.  The band of travelers who live locally all met at our gracious friend's downtown loft.  I revel in their tales, the sharing of their hearts for people and their grasp of God's word.  I'm delighted that I am invited to join them.  The morning on the squishy sofa in T's living room was WONDERFUL!
She is a superb house-maker.  All of the homes she's lived in have her special stamp.  Don't you love this pot rack loaded with cozy copper?
 Her view of the city is astounding.  See?
 Her old pet!  SUCH a chatterbox!
 Just about the cutest tea kettle I've seen!
 Matching serving tray - LOVE!
 Isn't this a perfect table for very important people?  That's how she views all of the people in her life.  She cherishes them.  She constantly shares everything she has.  Everything is so beautiful at her house.  
How are you feeling about fall?  Are you looking forward to it or are you savoring the last weeks of summer? Have you been eating melons, zucchinis, fresh beans, and tomatoes?  I think rabbits are eating my cucumbers.  Boo.  
I mean to spend a few mornings wearing my gardening gloves, pulling out handfuls of wild and rangy weeds and other pushy plants.  Did you know that Tasha Tudor did NOT quit gardening when this time of year rolled around?  She pulled and planted, arranged and straightened.  Our garden here is teeny weeny in comparison, but I hope I have the verve to stay out there and tidy it all up.

I'm thinking about buying a new planner at the Back to School sales.  The one I used last year was impractical, too big and vague.  I think I need a printed month's calendar at the start of every month and the days of the week spread across two pages.  What kind of a planner do you like to use?
All this organized thinking has caused me to crave a cup of tea.  That's what I'll do next and then I'll make a vinaigrette for our cabbage salad.  
Thank you for dropping by! 


TexWisGirl said...

cute little touches in that house, for sure!

happy to have felt a bit of fall here today with temps reaching only low 70s and RAIN! woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely loft with fun decorating! Today I mowed the weeds after raking out leaves from the planters so I could mow them up, too.
Gardening seems never ending and the rewards are wonderful. Hope you get some of your cucumbers for yourself instead of the bunnies.
My planner is a steno pad and a full page calendar next to it. I put the weekly things on the steno pad and fill in the boxes of the full page calendar, too.

Farm Girl said...

How wonderful to have such a warm and loving person in your life. Her house looks wonderful.
I do love that teapot too.
I love my planner. Though it isn't like you described. Mine is an August to August planner.
I just feel safer now that I have it.

I wish I was more like Tasha Tudor in that I loved my garden that much. I am afraid by August I am pretty much tired of the heat and the garden and just wish frost would come and put it all to sleep.
Have a lovely time taking care of the girls, eating ice cream sounds wonderful. Though, it gives me a stomach ache too. :)

Aisling said...

It is fun to spend time in a friend's home. It is another layer of getting to know them, and seeing what.matters to them. Hope the salad was delish! We had some cabbage tonight too, braised in a tony bit of olive oil with loads of our homegrown garlic. Yum!

Julia said...

I love going to someone's house and see how they style their decor. Some have such great imagination.
I love her big table and the furniture. I'm sure it was a nice visit.

I'm no Tasha Tudor but I picked over 13 pounds of yellow and green beans this evening and finished just as it was getting too dark to see. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and I hope we get a good downpour...

Today I made a batch of my husband favorite pickles. They are called Lady Ashburnham pickle. I'll be making more as my cucumbers matures. We're eating everything from the garden now.
I can see the daylight getting shorter so Fall is definitely not far.

Have a great weekend.


Debi said...

You are right... that is a great tea kettle! Your friend has a lovely home. I love summer and I am sad when it comes to an end and the grands go back to school and we see them less. BUT... fall is my favorite season. I love the warm days with just a hint of cool and the cooler nights for sleeping. And I'm in my glory when the leaves change and there is a bit of frost in the air and the mums are in bloom! I use a smallish planner that has a two page spread for each month. I've tried larger ones and find them cumbersome and the small ones just don't have enough room.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love that pot rack. Your friend's home has a global feel to it. Like she has little things from everywhere that makes anyone feel at home. I like it too.

We're still eating lettuce from the garden and carrots, zukes, a few cukes, cherry tomatoes and peppers. Just a very few larger tomatoes are ripening. I've been pulling up the dried flowers that have gone to seed. I imported a dotted gayfeather plant from the prairie. And I'm planning to put in some garlic this fall for next summer! Yum, I love garlic!

I'm still savoring summer.

Betty said...

That is a most beautiful home and all the more so because she shares it so generously. I love the table and chairs, it suggests long meals with friends, a room full of chatter and no rush to clear away! I love Autumn, I think it must be my favourite month, the colours are so rich and I feel inspired to garden more now than ever - I have lovely rust and yellow pansies to plant up and the lawn needs seeding. We are having a big walk tomorrow to pick the elderberries and a bbq after - perfect. Betty x

Lisa Richards said...

You NEED a planner with all of your family activities, etc. I just jot things on my wall calendar. I like to keep it simple, and my life IS pretty simple. But I'm going for even simpler!
I love your friend's loft. I hope I have the nerve to break out of my little box and decorate my next place like I really want to. That would be kind of bohemian. I think it will take a move to force me to get rid of furniture that isn't really "me". :) Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Happyone said...

Lovely home - I'd like a tour. : ) Love that tea pot. For some reason it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
Since it doesn't get real hot where I live in summer I never tire of it, so just take each season as it gets here. We get lots of snow in winter and I like that too. I live in the perfect place for me. : )
Eating lots of cucumbers, but the bugs have eaten all the pepper plants.
I've spent the afternoon in the yard mowing and weeding.

Granny Marigold said...

I love the black and white checked tea kettle and serving tray.
Love ice cream too! It doesn't make me sick but it definitely makes my clothes tighter!

I'm loving all the school supplies and new planners and notebooks that are everywhere this time of the year. Sooo tempting.

Aida said...

Hi Pompom, I can't believe you are on your last weeks of summer, while us here down under is still on our last weeks of winter. How time flies huh? I love ice cream too even on winter cold nights. I love the pot rack and the tea pot at your friend's house. She surely has a bird's eye view of the city ( lovely). Enjoy your veggies from the garden and the rest of the summer weather.

God bless and thank you for dropping by.


Happy@Home said...

Making people feel important and cherished is a wonderful gift. I love to visit homes like this one. It seems as though everywhere you look there are interesting things to see. The owner's unique personality seems to shine through in the furnishings. I really like her dining set. So unusual and pretty. I once saw a book of Mackenzie Childs artwork. This is what the teapot and tray remind me of.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Loft living intrigues me! And how wonderfully she has decorated hers. Usually the ones you see, on tv, are very modern. I like hers better. :-)

Signs of Autumn are popping up. Time to savor the remaining summer. :-)

I don't use a planner. Never did. Just me... :-)


Jeannette said...

I half expected to see Alice in Wonderland at that fancy table!

Pom Pom you ask so many questions...hmm...yes I am eating wonderful things from the garden, what a blessing to be able to grow some favorite this summer has been peaches, now figs are coming and grapes too.There is kale and tomatoes and I have been making little jars of pesto to freeze with some of the best basil I ever grown. Raspberries and..well as I said, so very blessed.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh I do like all the MacKenzie Childs things, so beautiful. I keep two planners plus a wall calendar. The personal planner, at the beginning of the month, has the full calendar followed by each week spread on two pages. The business planner, stays at the computer, is a large, month at a glance. I've been told to combine work and personal but this is what works for me and I refuse to even think about going digital on my phone. UGH!
What a nice home, thanks for showing it to us.

ann said...

I am not one to ask about a planner for I just try to remember it all in my head and go from day to day. The loft is so cool. I love the dining set. Alice in Wonderland-ish. If I could live in a Denver loft or town house, I would choose to live in one of those about I-25 just north of Mile High Sports Authority Stadium. What a view of the city. Can you imagine that view at night? I will be returning to a classroom at UNC Tuesday to teach two classes a week for the semester. I know. crazy. I hope I am second guessing my decision at the end of the first week. So fall for me will like returning to normal.

Kit said...

Oh what a wonderful home! I just love those chairs. Very fanciful! I use a little blank notebook and write my lists. And a little calendar book I get from Hallmark slips right inside. I am getting ready to go back to work and I am so excited! Have a great week! Kit

M.K. said...

She does have cute things, Pom. Our early fall is chaotic and it wearies me just to wake up in the morning. WE are both bone tired, with no end in sight. Not quite sure how we will manage finishing this move this week.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your friend's house is lovely!

My garden is quite a mess. We need to get out there this weekend and tear a lot of stuff out, and start planting for fall. I can't wait for fall. It's my favorite!

Every year I get the Sandra Boynton Mom's calendar that runs September to September.It shows a week at a time, which is all that I'm up for.


sandy said...

Lovely loft! Very fun post!