Sunday, August 2, 2015

Little Lambie Pies

 We've had a lot of lovely little people among us this weekend.  I'm a tiny bit weary, but it's the very high-quality sort of weary, if you know what I mean.  Miss Bug holding her sweet little cousin makes my heart grow a few sizes.  
 I've never had such robust pumpkin blossoms in my garden.  I know my jack-o-lantern anticipation is borderline-silly, but I can't help myself!
 Sam and Plum Cake were sweet gems when it came to bedtime.  Their parents were out somewhere sleeping in a tent, but they were tucked up with us in the second best bed (remember that from Anne of Green Gables?)  I read them a sweet book Mags sent me years ago titled You Are Special.  So dear.  I said prayers over them as they were falling sleep and they listened keenly.  
 Yes, we took care of their petty pet, too.  Thumbelina the pom pom.  She's needy.
 Three at the Saturday morning breakfast table.  James LOVED having fellow little people to interact with.

 Look at how cute he is!  Little walking man.

 We went to different parks A LOT. Sam likes to make new friends and she immediately introduces herself.  So sweet.  I met some moms and grannies at the different parks.  Plum LOVES parks and never wants to leave once we get there!  She is a true spider monkey on the play structures!  Even when I was in my 20's, I don't think I climbed the ladders/stairs and slid down the slides.  Granny stands close by and cheers.
I slept on the sofa so I could hear them if they woke up.  The dog slept with me.  I feel a little crooked after sinking into all that softness all night, two nights in a row.
Our son in law, Bry, said that he read that SITTING is the new cancer and everyone needs to sit less, move more.  Well, it seems obvious, but I like my moving to be purposeful, but I sure can do a lot of purposeful things while sitting.  Anyway, I am going to purposefully walk down the aisles at the grocery store and then purposefully pick up all the toys in the family room.  After that, I'll resist the temptation to sit again.  Do you sit a lot?
Oh, and we went to the pool.  Sam and Plum wore their Puddle Jumpers and floated on the rafts, Birdie had a pool noodle, Bug had a floatie, and Millie had her Puddle Jumper.  We all held on to each other and created a granny flotilla.  All connected.  All happy.  Aw!

Thank you for poking your head in.  I like it when you do.


Aisling said...

Lovely glimpse of family life! Our pumpkin blossoms are robust this year as well. Loving it!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Nothing like having kids around to make us feel young. I am sure there is not sitting around when they are visiting. Looks like you had a fun filled weekend.

Gumbo Lily said...

I guess you can batter your pumpkin blossoms and fry them like a fritter. Anything fried sounds good to me. There's a way to tell if your blossoms are female and male. Only the females will make into a pumpkin. The one you are showing is a male because of it's sticking-up-thing (stamen?) in the center. The female has a bumpy little ball in the middle of the blossom. I guess the male blossoms come out first.

Your little cherubs are so cute. I can't believe Sweet Baby James is now The Walking Man (also a James Taylor song!). Wow, time sure flies.

I've heard that sitting is the new disease that will kill us. I hate sitting very much. I'm a mover and could never sit still for long. I do sit for embroidery and sewing, but I must get up every so often and move around or my fanny gets stiff.

Happy Summertime. I hope you get some rest in your own comfy bed, instead of the couch. Poor Granny.

Farm Girl said...

If I had a great big pumpkin blossom, I would be watching it like a hawk. Knowing that it will be a pumpkin would be awesome. I love all of your lovely pictures and all of the fun that goes on at your house. Little walking man, looks like he loves being with his cousins. You snap good pictures.
I am so glad you are having fun at the pool and at parks. It sounds just perfect.
I am afraid of sitting too much. I need to be walking lots more than I do.
I hope you get rested up. Isn't sleeping in your own bed bliss? Cute dog too.

Granny Marigold said...

I hope granny gets to sleep in her proper bed tonight. Sounds like you had loads of fun though. As for sitting? I do sit around a lot compared to what my life used to be like but I jump up and do things often. DH can't understand why I HAVE to do it NOW but it's partly because I forget otherwise, and partly a little OCD, perhaps?

Lisa Richards said...

Oh, what a fun sleepover! It takes me back to sleepovers with my cousins! You have such a warm and inviting home. The second best bed? I'd forgotten that in Anne of Green Gables. Maybe I need to read it again? :)
Time is flying by. Everyone's growing up!
I sit a lot when I'm home, but I guess I can be thankful that I stand all day at work, eh? :)
Hugs to all!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Wish I could have seen that Granny Flotilla! Get some rest while you walk.

Amy at love made my home said...

My goodness, very busy times at your house!! I would be excited about the pumpkin flowers too by the way! xx

M.K. said...

Granny flotilla!! haha -- I love it! What a warm, loving home your grandies are growing up in. They will remember it always, and associate it with YOU, and with all their cousins. Such a rich blessing for them. Poms are very needy; it's bred into them to long to be IN your lap :) Our Beau is the same.