Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ordinary Things

 This is the time of year when the garden tangles itself.  Morning glories can put a choke hold on other plants, can't they?  I may have to wrestle with the winding vines to save a rose or two.  Yikes!  
Look what I found at the grocery store!  The books are ten dollars each so I didn't buy one, but I was certainly tempted.  Adult coloring books are kind of a big deal right now as I'm sure you've seen.
 Summer is so green here.
 I had a whole pot of tea with dressed up Betty.  
 Our garden isn't vast, doesn't have interesting water features, and it is MOSTLY grass, but I still like this tin sign.  
 Christie made bread.  Yum.  The butter is soft.  I'm having THIS for breakfast.
 Cabbage.  I'm crazy for it.  Are you?
 I think I like little red potatoes more than "chips".  The little green specks are onions that grew in the side garden.  Yay!
 Here's James and Christie saying hello to my neighbor's grand pups.  

 Do you place summer leaves in books?  Aren't sunflower leaves impressive? I must think of which big book can house a sunflower leaf.
 I still haven't cleaned up after the weekend grand fest.
 Have you read Susan Southam's books?  The Cottage Under the Big Pines is scrumptious and THIS (I think it was her first) is gorgeous, too.  

 I really love setting eyes on the colors below.  I've been working with them for quite some time.  The striped sweater is on hold, I guess.  
 The bandana cowl is fun.  I have a ways to go.
 Oooops.  I haven't made the bed the girls slept in.  Maybe today.  It's a lot of work to undo a bed, wash the sheets, and then put it all back together.  Lazy Pom Pom.
 I think one of my winter projects will be to paint all the shelves in the family room.  
 Here's teapot alley 
 I sorted (sort of) the tea.  What kind would you like?  Beware of the Yogi Get Regular tea.  It works fast.
I have a sweet friend visiting this morning.  I shall try to go to Jenny's to visit the chickens after that.  I have another book that is extremely tempting.  It's called The Private Diaries of Alison Uttley.  I LOVE reading diaries.  Do you? You must because you read blogs.
Time to dry my hair and eat more bread.  
I hope your day holds precious and treasured ORDINARY joys.  (BIG HUG!)


Nancy McCarroll said...

Diaries are fun to read; I still have my mother's journals. Looking at your blog is like peeking at your life from outside your circle. You have a wonderful family and so much happiness. Continued blessings on you. Love, love.

Anonymous said...

Fun ordinary moments. That whole remaking a bed thing is an endeavor for me! That bread looks so yummy. I love bread. I thank God a lot that I don't have to eat gluten free! During the last several weeks of my mom's life she colored. Some of my siblings bought her adult coloring books. It was sweet to see her in bed coloring with her great grands...coloring can be quite therapeutic. Have a wonderful day dear Pom Pom!

M.K. said...

You know, reading blogs IS a bit like reading diaries, except (usually) the material isn't quite so personal as diary writing. But like the older diaries -- ladies' diaries where they shared their daily doings and occasionally feelings and conversations. Hmm. Must ruminate. Are we part of a vast new wave of diary writing in the 21st century? Are we 50-something trail blazers? Might be! Your knitting looks lovely. I need to start a new sweater.

Farm Girl said...

I never thought about blogs being diaries. I guess that is why I read them too, as I do love diaries too.
I love all of the bright colors. I think your gardens look so pretty. Yes, my morning glories are taking over, but once it gets cold they all die.
Your sunflowers are so nice. I really like that picture of Christie and James. Such cuties. Have a very nice time with your grand chickens.
Before you know it you will have a couple of girls in your backyard. :)
Have a lovely day with your friend.

Nana Go-Go said...

D'you know, I bought myself one of those colouring books today and thought about you! I don't know when the heck I will have time to 'colour-in' though but I remain optimistic! I'm on my summer holidays at the moment and already a week and a half has gone by and I haven't really achieved much except how to thoroughly enjoy oneself when not having to watch the clock! Your unmade bed reminds me of a conversation I had last week with someone about that dreadful woman (I won't call her an artist) who won the Turner Prize in UK for her unmade bed! Mine would win prizes too! Have a lovely week, Pom-tiddly-om-Pom. xxx

Amy at love made my home said...

I love colouring for grown ups and have several books! xx

Betty said...

all those books look tempting, as I am going to be a bookworm during my 'to-do' period I will try and seek these out - any book you have recommended that I bought so far has been every bit as good as you say so I expect these latest recommendations will be too! Your house looks all lived in and loved - the best sort of home! Betty

TexWisGirl said...

sweet fence shots w/ the wee one. :)

lovely blooms.

Julia said...

I love reading my own diaries. I have a stack of them but I kind of stopped writing in my diary when I started blogging. To me blogging is about my life adventures, work, family and meeting new friends and my diaries are more of what my thoughts are. Mainly spiritual stuff, insights and personal stuff.

Your ordinary stuff is always colorful. Have fun with coloring.
The food looks delicious. Love fresh bread...and cabbage too

Lisa Richards said...

I never get tired of reading about your exploits, Pom! Ordinary joys are the best kind. I can just smell and taste that delicious bread. I need to bake some! I love the idea of morning glories climbing up sunflower stalks. I'm going to do that on purpose one of these summers. Thanks for opening our eyes to the simple joys of life. :)

NanaDiana said...

Love diaries! We are living our diaries every day, aren't we? lol
Love the picture of them looking at the pups-that is so cute. What kid doesn't love puppies?
Hope you are having a great week. xo Diana
ps. I used to have a few pieces of MAHadley's earthen ware. I have always loved it.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Love your Birkenstocks in the header photo. I bought a colouring book and crayons for dh; I am the only one who has used it (SIGH)

Great photos of your day to day life.

Gumbo Lily said...

The bed trick! After someone stays, I just make the bed as is. Then when I know guests are coming again, I wash it up fresh and make it.

I like your very green garden. Mine's going very brown now. I water some, but try to conserve. My main watering is for the veggies and flowers.

Granny Marigold said...

I agree that reading blogs is like reading a diary except it's only the parts that they choose to share. Which is, of course, the best way. I love the glimpses I get into others' lives. And I can only hope others feel that way about mine. Our lives are ordinary but still extraordinary. If that makes any sense. I do love your fresh bread, new potatoes, your tea pots all in a row, and your basket of teas. So pretty.

Sarah H said...

I love all the colours in your garden and home. Your pictures are lovely.

And I have been SO tempted by the adult colouring books too LOL. But I've spent all my birthday money now. Doh! Haha.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Thanks for all the book recommendations! I have put requests in for interlibrary loans!