Sunday, August 16, 2015

Good Places and Cute Faces

(my brother Dave and his wife Judy's beautiful country home)
 It took a few days to recover my oomph after getting up early to catch the plane home and then waking up in the night a lot the next night.  Bill and Brad came all the way from the Philippines so jet lag is a major factor, causing tossing and turning.  I'm a light sleeper.  Oh well!  I am so happy to be home with Bill and also happy to be back in grandkid territory.
Yay!  While I was in Washington I was able to see my Auntie!  She is on the left, my lovely mama is on the right. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?  I love this photo of two light-bright faces.
 Auntie is making a bird quilt for my mom.  We love birds in this family.
 We had lunch at a big garden center.  Isn't this cute?  I knew you'd like it.
 The next day we were off for Guemes Island.  The little ferry is a big part of the fun.

 My mom said it well, "When you drive off the ferry and onto the island roads, you realize there is NO PLACE LIKE Guemes."  It is SO life-giving, so beautiful!

 When we were kids we visited this little log cabin often.  My uncle and aunt spent their vacation here.  He was a Lutheran pastor and they moved around quite frequently, but this was their true home-sweet-home.  They shared.
 I shot a few photos through the window.  Guess what?  It looks just the same!  What a relief!  I remember lying on the bed, reading Pollyanna.  I can almost hear the grownups chatting and the door opening and closing.
 I remember this small counter, the potluck meals, the suds and dishes in the sink, the wood stove used for ALL the cooking.
 This is the backyard where my uncle set up tent-bedrooms for my cousins.
 The view.  Gorgeous and lasting.  My brother Dave still spends a week at Guemes every summer.  It's his very favorite place to be and even though he couldn't pull crab pots this year (the surgery, remember?) he was still able to soak up the Guemes vibe.

 Before heading back to my mom's we took a tour around Anacortes.  Here is my grandparents' church.  My mom and dad met Jesus here.  They ALL did.  The whole family.  

My other grandma lived here, with my great grandmother.  I have many memories of this cute little storybook house.  Karol and I played on the stairs, stuck pinwheels in the front planter boxes, watched my grandma hang clothes on the line, ate tasty meals that always included bread and butter.  My grandma's kitchen drawers were always neat and tidy.  Her house was snug and lovely.  I'm so happy that we stopped by to take photos.

 We spent many Sunday afternoons here at my dad's parents' house.  Grandma and Grandpa were welcoming hosts.  It seems like there were always swarms of people and lots of food.

 We stopped to photograph my mom's high school home, too.  I loved knowing that my mother lived right there, with her widowed mother, my nice uncle, and the auntie pictured above.  

 Meanwhile at home the garden was harvested.
 You can see "the pickers" below.  Good girls!
 James is building quite a good relationship with his kitty.  Christie says that the kitty needs LOTS of attention!
 We all landed in Denver at the same time, so I was thrilled with grand hugs and a chance to take a photo of our precious Ft. Collins family!  
We are back to normal for a week.  Bill heads out again and I go to Kelli's to stay with the girls while their parents visit the wine country in California.  We'll have fun!
Samantha Rose starts kindergarten tomorrow afternoon.  I get to go, too!  Yay!
While I was using the restroom at the airport, my backpack fell off the door hook and landed on my head.  Yeah, my neck is a little sore from THAT! 
I'm drinking LOTS of water and trying to be a bit quiet so Bill can recover from the exhaustion of his trip AND jet lag again.
I have another finished object to show you soon.  That makes three!  I'll put them all on and take another selfie!  Ha!
I hope your August is warm and wonderful, sunny and full of harvested garden goodness.  I appreciate your visit, nice person.
Thanks for hanging in there for this long ramble!


Lisa Richards said...

It's so much fun to see all the photos of your trip home. I saved some of the photos of the interior of the red cabin for my "tiny home" file. :) It has everything you need! Isn't it fun to photograph old places that have been a part of our lives? You have a wonderful family and they sure keep you hopping! Hope you get some rest before your next babysitting gig. Thanks for sharing! :)

TexWisGirl said...

love the shot of your aunt and mom!!! and that BIRD QUILT!!!

Julia said...

It looks like a nice rewarding visit and to check out the old familiar places of your childhood but it's nice to be back home.
Great photo of your aunt and mom.

Betty said...

What a lovely place, the beach looks clean and everything fresh. Your auntie is a clever lady making the bird quilt, handmade gifts are always the best. You have some beautiful memories, especially of childhood at the log cabin. Betty

GretchenJoanna said...

What travelers you all are! I'm happy you could go and have such sweet visits, and glad for you that you are home and settling in to your usual again. Love...

Amy at love made my home said...

Wonderful to go along with you and relive your childhood memories! Thank you for sharing them with us. I am glad that it is all as you remember!! Hope that you have a good week and that all jet lag soon passes for all! Wonderful picture of your Mom and Aunt!!! xx

Elizabethd said...

So lovely to retrace childhood memories, and in such a special place too.

Kezzie said...

Mum and Aunty have SUCH lovely smiles!!!! I love them!!
That log cabin looks so exciting, I would love to go there!
That church looks like the windows look truly beautiful inside!x

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Beautiful happy ladies!

Wonderful place, to still be in the family... On such a delightful island...

Great trip! Other than the backpack-on-the-head!!! Eeeek!!!!

Yes, let's all enjoy summer, while it is still with us.


Nancy McCarroll said...

What a wonderful trip. All those memories revisited. And you might have learned how to be such a gracious hostess from BOTH sides of your family. So glad you have such sweet memories, and your photographs will help solidify that love in your heart, always. A wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Your aunt and mom faces are so full of joy and light. Wonderful!
What a fun trip down memory lane you had while you were here. I haven't been to Gueme but I've heard a lot about it.
Sweet family from Fort Collins! You are blessed!

Farm Girl said...

How wonderful to see all of the places you went and lived as a child.
I love how you had such lovely places to explore. The island and the beaches are wonderful.
I love that picture of the kitty with James. That is so cute. I also like the pictures of your family. You have such nice produce.
So glad you are home. I hope you slept better last night.
Happy Monday!

Happyone said...

Nice picture of your mom and aunt. They look a lot alike.
Great photos for us to enjoy!! : )

Granny Marigold said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely trip and all those photos too. How nice that all the places you remember so fondly are still there and haven't been changed too much. Hope you get lots of rest in the days ahead!!

M.K. said...

Thank you for sharing all this wonderful info about YOU :) It seems to me that your heart-home is wherever your loved ones are, but there is a child-home, and that (for you) must be on Guemes Island. What a wonderful place! And I looked on the map, and it's so very close to where my daughter and niece were, on the Lummi Reservation! They loved it there. The beach photos are just the same look as yours. I hope you can continue to return there and recharge the batteries of your heart-memories. I feel that way in W.Va.
Welcome back home! Rest well.