Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Dirty Mirror and Completed Knitting

 Here's a bad photo.  I think I deserve a D- for cleaning the mirror.  You get the gist of the sweater I finally finished anyway!
Do you like the cowl?  I put posies from The Felted Flower Shop in the bumpy spots of my knitting.  
 I probably won't wear this sweater everyday but I do like the ribbons, impractical as they are!
Here I treat you to my spots and wrinkles AND a look at my pointy-head hat!
 I'm trying to break out of my uptight knitting attitude and expand my thinking to include . . . FUN.  I think this new book might help.

 I'll let you know how it goes.  The weather is cooler today and honestly, I'm less grumpy-frumpy.  I am tired of being hot.  I dozed off three times in between little doings because my allergies are bugging me.  I think when my allergies are acting up, I grind my teeth at night.  Alas, first world problems, right? 
On a sunshine-y note - look at the marigolds that grew from one package of seeds!  I'm so proud of them!
 I bought myself a box of chocolates because sometimes creamy chocolate feels so right.
Thank you for looking at my knitting.  It's fun to share.


Granny Marigold said...

I hope your head isn't hurting any more ( after the backpack episode).

I'm struck by the resemblance between your Mom, aunt, and yourself.
Three lovely ladies.

Your chocolates look yummy. I've been on an ice cream kick this summer and have discovered awesomely good flavours. When my kids were young we would sometimes buy a large container of ice cream and put it on the table, give each one a spoon and it was "dig in". Now I have the privilege of continuing that tradition with my two littlest grands ( that live right here). Such fun.( We did just that today).

happywonderer.com said...

Fun to catch a glimpse of you! I'm sure that sweater will be so comfy when it starts getting cold again. Wowzers, those Marigolds really came forth! Have a great evening!

Julia said...

Yay for finishing your knitted sweater, hat and cowl. That's a lot of knitting. You'll soon need it as fall is nor far away although the heat wave is here at the moment. and you did such a great job.

Nice reward from a little package of seeds. I always plant marigolds except this year. I've been rather busy.

Enjoy your new knitting books.

Farm Girl said...

I am impressed with your knitting! You have got so much accomplished. I like them all. I need to do some knitting. I always think it looks so nice.
So do your chocolates! You are a brave girl. I never buy myself chocolate anything. :)
I am glad it isn't so hot for you. It is still very hot here now with smoke from fires.
I do get a bit grumpy too. :)
Have a lovely evening.

Happyone said...

I bought a flat of marigolds and planted them but the ones that came up on their own from last years seeds are much better - they look like your yours - beautiful.
Great job on the sweater and hat. : )

Betty said...

Lovely knitting, looks all soft and cosy. Marigolds look great - that's a lot from one packet! Never mind the misty mirrors, life's too short for cleaning when there's a lovely garden, all those grandchildren to play with and marigolds to be watered!

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you have fun letting loose with your knitting and going wild! Love your new cardigan and hat! You look great and they look great for keeping snuggly and warm in! Hope that your allergies get better soon, teeth grinding is no fun is it, I know! xx

ann said...

I do wish I could knit. I could probably learn. I like to crochet. I can understand most of the instructions. This cooler weather has been enjoyable, hasn't it? We especially needed some rain; although, you have had a bit more than we have had. I start classes again Tuesday. I'll be teaching two comp classes at the university this semester. Crazy. We should have met at the Botanical Gardens to see the Corpse plant bloom. Happy Stitching.

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely to catch up with all your adventures, both homely and less-so! You have had a wonderful time. I look forward to your more frequent blogging too - I sometimes find it hard to know what to write, but you always have something joyous to say. God bless, dear Pompom. The little kitty Scout is delightful - will you get to see her very often? It may help your Kitty cravings!!

Debi said...

Your sweater looks like it will be nice and warm this winter. I love the hat! I've yet to attempt knitting a sweater but it is something I would like to try. Your marigolds are lovely and those chocolates will surely make you feel more chipper. I hope your allergies are on the way out... they can be so miserable.

M.K. said...

You are adorable and your knitting is very adorable, and your chocolates are such a good idea. Wish I had a few today :) I'm so impressed with that big sweater -- that would take me a year, I'm sure! I'm weary of being hot too. Ugh. Ready for cool temps and real sweater weather!