Thursday, August 27, 2015

Granny at Home Again

 I returned from Kelli's house last night after five days of taking care of the girls while the parents went to Napa, California.  Kelli had the flu while she was away, but she was thankful that she could rest quietly in a cozy hotel bed.  She would look out the window and see a vineyard which isn't too shabby, right? Jenny and her girls came over one day and Auntie J braided Birdie's hair.  Fancy, huh?  I did a lot of hair combing, too.

Their eleven year old dog is dying and I tended to him, feeding him hotdogs and peanut butter sandwiches.  He was delighted to see Kelli and Bryan when they came in the door last night.  It's very sad when a precious pet comes to the end of their earthly days.  Sigh.
 The girls took turns sleeping with me.  I slept HARD (because I brought my own pillow this time) and each morning when I would make the bed, I'd longingly consider how many hours remained in the day until bedtime again.  The girls are excellent sleepers (something great to be good at, huh?) and were compliant at bedtime.  I know I chugged through a lot of long days when Bill and I were raising our kids but I admire and applaud all mothers.  It is the most noble pursuit, bar none.  
Miss Millie is at an adorable stage of life.  She has the cutest little laugh and an enchanting sense of humor to boot.  When her night of sleeping with granny came around she was happy to watch Barbie videos on my iPad.  I told her, "One more, Millie and then we'll turn it off."  She said, "And you have to turn off your phone and put it away, too."  Ha!
 Miss Bug is growing up.  She loves animals and children.  When she came home from her homeschool/at school day (once a week through the local school district) she held Millie tight.  She has a generous heart. She can't wait until she's old enough to babysit James.  
 Miss Bug and Millie both had dancing lessons.  This is another reason that I admire mothers.  There are so many places to go, things to do, and commitments to keep.  When our kids were growing up, I kept errands to a minimum, only doing the essentials, but even so there are SO many places to go.  The car becomes an extension of the house.  The girls didn't really like riding around in my car.  They noticed that it had a lot of bird poop on it.  Funny.
I sensed the moms at dance lessons were a little disheartened because school has been going for almost two weeks, the lessons and after school sports are in full swing and they are HOT (it's been very warm) and it is STILL August.  
 Birdie is eight years old and has opinions about things now.  I am glad she feels okay about disagreeing and telling people when she doesn't like something (certain foods, riding along to her sisters' dance lessons, wearing itchy clothes).  It's hard being the oldest child because one must experience all the developmental changes first and then it's semi-easier for the following family members.  I am SO thankful that I quit teaching and can watch the grands grow.  Had I waited until it was practical and reasonable to quit teaching I might have completely missed really walking alongside them.  I wish our Ft. Collins grands weren't so far away.  They have the most precious personalities and amazing talents, too.  I miss them.
I went directly to the zucchini bed this morning and my neighbor came out (in her nightgown) and helped me thin them.  It should have been done long ago.  She dug right in and yanked out four plants!  She's a good gardener.  

Here it is almost the very end of August and soon it'll be Labor Day.  I really don't think school should start until after that.  Do you think kids should return to school in August?  
How do you feel about all the presidential candidates and the ongoing rhetoric?  I do not like what they say about education.  It really grinds my gears.  I fear that there are very few honorable public servants these days.  Sad.

I'm sure you noticed that I whited-up my blog a bit.  I'm going to try to learn more about formatting and expand my blog horizons.  There is always a lot to learn.  It's fun messing around with all the options.

I am going to jump in the shower and carefully dry my hair and style it.  Call me super-shallow but five days of no hair dryer and bare-minimum grooming, looking like a haggle puss, made me crabby.  Ratty hair and a tired demeanor don't lend themselves to the fairy godmother image of myself that  I hold in my mind.  Just kidding, but do you look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Sheesh!  I'm not THAT tired, am I?"

Enough drivel. God be with you today, kind friend.


TexWisGirl said...

loved your sweet charges, and i know they loved having you there. :)

Anonymous said...

Well my dear, these days I avoid looking in the mirror at all! What a good granny and mom you are to care for your grands while mom and dad had a getaway. We used to fight over who would sleep with my babushka (granny) growing up. It seemed like such a treat!
I'm quite sad we are going to have to listen to all the candidate stuff for a full year and a half! OYE and UGH!
I'm all for school starting after Labor Day!

Farm Girl said...

Well I am for one glad you aren't a fairy godmother. I always think you are, because I am afraid, I get really grumpy and tired. I think after five days you need a medal.
I love all of the things you observed. I think that is so cool.
I think that school should wait until September to start after Labor Day. It is too hot.
Not thinking about all of the posers we have talking not stop on T.V.
It is too early.
So glad you are home. I hope you get rested up.

Kezzie said...

You are a lovely nanny and I love how much time and care you give to your grandchildren. They will flourish because of it. Your description of Miss Bug is delightful. She sounds a sweetie and she has such an intelligent look in her eye.
You are very good to learn to do more with your blog- I am such a dunce with mine! I am too chicken to try and change anything about it!

Gill - That British Woman said...

the grands grow up so fast don't they. Our kids go back to school in September the day after Labour Day here in Canada.

Happyone said...

Such a happy place to visit. : )
I too think school shouldn't start until after labor day. That's when we always went back.

Julia said...

You did well looking after the girls for 5 days. It's a big responsibility.

I agree with you August is always too hot and humid to get the kids to school.
Our school starts after Labor Day on September 8 and I'm glad.

Those girls are adorable.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

On the one hand, I'm looking forward to having grandchildren sometime in the very distant future--I think it will be fun to play with toddlers and little children again, especially ones that are the children of my children. On the other hand, taking care of small children is exhausting and I don't know if I'll be as sweet as you are about it!

I like the quote at the top of your page. I also find that taking a shower will fill you up with ideas. But walks are best!


GretchenJoanna said...

I can't believe you have recovered enough to write such a great blog post. Five days is a long time for a grandma to be with energetic little girls and a dying dog! It's probably time for YOU to go on a vacation to Napa - and then you would be close enough to come visit me, too!

I believe strongly that school should *NOT* be in session until after Labor Day. Unfortunately no one consulted me on that policy.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

lovely hair braiding, simply beautiful!

Granny Marigold said...

I'm so glad you get to observe and interact lots with your grands. It's definitely a privilege denied to many. Yes, it can be exhausting but it's so worth it.
About politician? Well, we're also in an election year and already I'm tired of hearing about promises one knows are not even possible. Not to mention the mud-slinging. I am very fond of the mute button on the remote.
My hair is causing me problems these days as our humidity is low and my hair is dry and fly-away. Haggle-puss. That's cute!

Betty said...

I like the picture of the bird on the wire, hair braiding is pretty too. I am glad you are enjoying your retirement with all these little people. Betty

Nancy McCarroll said...

Goodness! I am tired just after READING about your taking care of the girls and old dog. So you must be exhausted, but in a happy, satisfying way. Glad you are home and in your own bed now.

Happy@Home said...

It sounds like many happy memories were made with your grandchildren. How fun for all of you. The pictures are all so cute, although it made me sad to see the one of the doggy. Gulp. That has to be so hard for them, but I know he was probably very happy to receive the treats you provided him with.
Had to laugh at the story of your neighbor in her pj's in the zucchini bed. That IS the sign of a true gardener.

ann said...

You had a very busy time. Poor dog. He looks old and tired and it will be a very hard loss for the family. Lucy takes ballet in Ft. Collins. I wonder if the girls are at the same studio. Wouldn't that be a hoot? The grandsons started school two weeks ago. The grand daughters in Ft. Collins go to a charter school and don't start until the 8th, when school should start. Have a great week end.

Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds as though you had a very good time, apart from the sad doggy news. I hope that all will be as well as it can for him. Enjoy playing around with your blog! xx

Lisa Richards said...

I'm glad you're getting the chance to "walk alongside" your growing grands. I'm enjoying doing that, too. I plan to semi-retire a little before it's practical, too, because sometimes there are things you want to be able to do before it's "too late", lol.
What fun to have a neighbor who comes out to garden in her nightgown! :)
I live in a touristy area with lots of resorts, so the kids don't start school until after Labor Day. After all, they have to clean all those cabins! But I think the kids in southern Minnesota start school earlier.
I haven't decided on a presidential candidate. I should really be watching the debates. Hmmm...
Enjoy your time back home, fairy godmother. ;)

Nana Go-Go said...

Five days?! You are a saint. I only have one day to spend with my two, one of whom is at school for most of the day (schools here started back two weeks ago) and after a long day with the baby, I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards and in the evening I sit on my sofa with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth, unable to physically move or talk to anyone!! I wish I was retired too because the next day at work is proving to be very hard indeed. Sorry about poor wee doggy. x

Kit said...

I am so glad you have this time with your grands! They will love you forever for all the time you spend with them. :) Kit

M.K. said...

YES. I've had quite a few days lately when I've looked in the mirror and said that very thing. Ugh. I look terrible :)
Glad you are back home and can rest now, but it sounds like you had a great time with those girls. What precious memories you are storing up in their minds, and you are doing it while you are still quite young and able to BE with them and have fun with them. They are lucky girls.
I like how your blog looks! I love the new banner and your "by line" underneath. I do miss some color along the edges, but it's looking good!