Saturday, June 23, 2012

Owls and Twiggy Things

 Woo woo!  Hoot!  Hoot!  I find owl making very satisfying.  I still haven't arrived at the perfection I'm going for (ha ha!).  I'm not a good "stuffer" and placing the eyes and beaks isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I thought you'd like to see the two owls I've made in their "natural habitat" and then close up.

 Below you can see the messy "owl making materials" that I found as I went through my meager fabric storage.
 More owls to come!  More mice and rabbits to come!  And more stripey sweater knitting to come, too! 
 I've been thinking of fairy poetry, but I won't have the brain space to consider that until Granny Camp is over (coming up next week!  Yahooooo!)
I found this annotated Secret Garden in the bargain stacks at the bookstore.  Sadly, Frances Hodgson Burnett had a difficult personal life and dabbled in some funky stuff, but this story is so delightful.  I do love Mary and the garden parts are the very loveliest. 

 Have you read The Borrowers by Mary Norton?  They are little people that live in houses and survive by "borrowing" things from the big humans.  It's delightful!  There are quite a few books.  I love them all.  So, if you are wondering where all the paperclips have gone or why you don't have any bobby pins when you're fixing your hair in a fancy bun so you can go to the theater (ha ha!) it is because the Borrowers have "borrowed" a few of your things.  You don't mind, do you?

 Continuing with my fixation with fairies and other little beings, here is my twig lady.  Have you read Miss Hickory?  Oh, you must!  She is the spunkiest little lady ever!  She is left behind by her human family (usually they place her inside on the window sill when they leave for the winter).  She is pushed out of her woodsy corn cob house and must figure out how to survive.  It's very symbolic and lovely.  My twig lady has a very shriveled crab apple face, doesn't she?  Do you like her hat?  I knit a tiny i-cord tube for her and she likes it.
 Last year I made a twig fairy bed that lives over in Kelli's garden, but I started working on this clothes peg/popsicle stick bed, too.  It will go in the chimney garden soon.
 After exercise class this morning, I am off to gather things for Granny Camp (Monday is the first day of camp).  We're having tiny swimming pool Olympics and a scavenger hunt.  I need to scout out some crafts, too.  This year Aria is coming (she's two) so we'll have more participants.  Birdie, Miss Bug, and Millie Rose will join us, too.  I hope Sam can come Monday as well.  Only Atticus will stay at home with his mommy.  I'll keep you posted!
It is VERY hot here in Denver.  It's okay.  It IS summer and summer is good, right?  I made a dragonfly with a twig and two maple tree spinners.  I saw this on Pinterest.  Delightful!
Oh by the way, I've noticed that some of the blogs that I enjoy reading are hibernating just now.  Do you need mini-breaks from your blog every now and then?  Do you feel like you spend too much time with your fingers on the keyboard?  Just curious.
I just finished reading The Book of Summers.  I couldn't put it down, but it did alter my thinking a bit and sprinkle just a tiny bit of sadness into my heart.  No more of that!  I'm sticking to happy stories (I must say, it is very well written and has some lovely imagery).
Have you written any poetry?  Drawn and doodled?  Dabbled in a favorite story?  You haven't grown up, have you? Oh, I hope not.
I wish you Saturday morning glow.  Thank you for stopping by!  


Angela said...

Another lovely post!
re stuffing; have you tried using a chopstick to push the stuffing into the corners and ears and suchlike?

LOVE your peg-and-popsicle bed[we say lollipop over here!]

Weekend blessings xx

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You have inspired me this morning as I just finished Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle and she talked about so many of the authors you have just mentioned.

You have mentioned some great ones for us to curl up in bed to read.

Your owls are daughter-in-law loves owls and would enjoy those.

Yes blogging times life is fuller and time spent there is where it should be

Thanks for the morning inspiration and for visiting my blog along your journey...sorry I don't come back to read comments back...I am busy keeping up with a six year old

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

The owls are darling. Wish I could be at Granny Camp with you 'cause it sounds like lots of fun.

The Borrowers still fascinate me. Such fun things to think about being borrowed. As a child, I used to make dirt mud houses, just wishing a little borrower would find my hut for his living space.


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Oh, this post was made for me! I love The Secret Garden and The Borrowers!! Fairies and owls are favorites as well. I have a wonderful book of fairy poetry and stories that I cherish. I have indeed written poetry...lots of it. Even sold a couple to magazines. I have a couple of stories published in Highlights and Ladybug. I used to write a lot for children...not so much now. It does keep childhood alive for us "adults" though! Love your post! What are you writing?
Also, I just came off a rather long blog break! I guess I needed it!

wayside wanderer said...

Super cute owls!!! Those turned out adorable. I can't wait to hear more about granny camp. I wish I could pop in. Stay cool!

Betty said...

Owls are very pretty.. I absolutely loved The Borrowers and we had a tv film and then a series in the UK - I hope you can find it to watch, it was wonderful. I am hibernating, I am meant to wake up next weekend but think I need longer. Your fairy furniture is delightful, I told my husband today I would like to live in a cave - it would be so cosy - we found there is a cave near my brothers (Torquay area) and when we visit in the holidays we are going to explore (it's open to the public) - can't wait!
Betty x

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I just love stepping into your creative brain for a moment. It is quite a magical place. Your little creatures are charming.

Farm Girl said...

Oh Pom Pom, just lovely. Yes, I am a big Borrowers fan. I just read all of the books a year or so ago. I have loved them since I found them in the school library.
Human beans still crack me up.

I love your little owls, they look right at home in the natural habitat.
I will email you. Between my grands and my almost grown ups, I have been busy. :)
I love your your knitting. :)

Pom Pom said...

Oh JOY and jumps up and down! I am so glad to hear that other people have fairies and little people on their minds!
Thank you for your sweet and detailed comments, friends! They do my heart great good!
I must start calling frozen pops lollipops. That is brilliant!

cottonreel said...

First visit to your blog . lovely . I came over to you from Tracing Rainbows .

Cheryl said...

I loved The Borrowers growing up, I used to wonder if we had them under our floorboards x

Fat Dormouse said...

Oh PomPom, I love reading your posts - they are full of such joy and a sense of fun. I think you must be a fantastic friend to have!

I loved Frances Hodgson Burnett when I was growing up, but I think I loved Noel Streatfield more (Ballet Shoes was such fun to read) I devoured books, sometimes reading two, or even three, in a day!

I'm so sorry not to be welcoming The Willows this year - I would have loved to have seen the book, and to meet the Chaps! Sigh. Instead I will be working away in England. Never mind! Another time perhaps!

Attic Clutter said...

Oh yes the book'' the secret garden'' so cool..
love the owl you made darling..
and yes I too want to jump into those pretty room pages pics(:) LOL have a good one POM (:)

Catherine said...

And of course you knew exactly what I meant about the Secret Garden..didn't you : ) I will never, ever forget seeing the garden as it came in to bloom & the joy that those 3 found that summer with in the garden walls. My Matthew especially adored the Borrowers & became obsessed with tiny, miniature things..he still likes wee things, actually. I'm glad that you make stuff just because I keep eyeing up the velvet moss that I see around the place...I am tempted to make a fairy garden. I am thinking about it. I have just read some reviews about The Book of what way did it alter your thinking...I am wondering? I saw a sign this week that said..Don't ever grow up it's a trap!! so I've definitely decided not to. Happy Granny camping. Much love my friend GK x0x0x0

A garden just outside Venice said...

I read the Secret Garden at school and loved it!
How cute your owls!
Hope you're having a great Summer!

Lisa Richards said...

What a wonderful post filled with fun and color! You are a wonderful start to my day, which will include frying a lot of chicken at work! I will take these images with me!
Love the owls! It inspires me to try my hand at making some handmade stuffed animals for my grandkiddos. Look at that mushroom fabric!
I love the Secret Garden and will try to get a copy of The Borrowers. I think I saw a movie of it, but the book is always better!
You're having so much fun this summer. I may have to re-read this post when I get home and can really savor it and take notes!
I painted a rainbow colored willow tree last night before going to bed. I'll post it on my blog eventually.
Love you much, Pom! Have fun at Camp!

Attic Clutter said...

British Country Living no but I'll look into it (:) Have a nice day POM.. ya the cherries here are delish..and the SUN or lordy we get so much during the summer- ugh ''hot hot'' too..AC thank-you AC ..LOL p

Vicki said...

No, dear Pompom, I have definitely grown up! I think I may spend too much time in childhood memories!! I had a magical childhood and love to revisit often. Your owls are so cute and full of personality, too!! One of the first things I remember about elementary school was our second grade teacher teaching us how to draw an owl. I hope you have a lovely week, my friend~ Vicki

Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

I love your owls! They have such lovely expressions. And yes, i grew up loving The Secret Garden and The Borrowers- didn't know about Frances Hodgson Burnett having an unhappy personal life though. Glad you liked my summery stripes - thank you so much for commenting. Yours stripes look delicious too! Have a blessing-filled day, Pom Pom. Elizabeth x

M.K. said...

What a lot to ponder!! Lovely post :) Those owls are superb - absolutely! You could sell them, but I know you don't want to - haha! I LOVE Secret Garden, although haven't read it in quite a while. I need to do a blog post today. I drove ALL DAY Saturday - ugh! -- and was recovering a bit yesterday. Plus I need to put new batteries in the camera, and just haven't bothered .... I do occasionally need a little day or two break from blogging, but not for long! No poetry yet from me; the inspiration fairy hasn't not yet descended on my brain. PHooey!

Sue said...

I love the Secret Garden, and it's one of my daughter's favourite books too. She's 17 now but still put the video of this on just the other day.

Have lots of fun at Granny Camp.

Susan B said...

I enjoy reading your posts so much! They always make me smile. I think your owls are adorable! I hope Granny Camp is going well. Can't wait to hear about it. I've never read The Secret Garden or Borrowers before. I will have to put them on my 'to read' list.

I hope you enjoy a lovely week! :)

libbyquilter said...

i remember reading The Borrowers and enjoying several of the books.

your owls are so bright and perky and i enjoyed seeing them in various nesty places within your post.

sometimes, life is just so very full and i have to choose carefully what i really do have the time and energy for. unfortunately, it's not always bloggging but i find i do miss it when i'm away for very long.

your twig doll and dragonfly are charming. i imagine that the granddaughters might like them too~!

the colors of the fruits in your last post are so temptingly yummy looking. i love fresh ripe fruit in the summer time. definately one of the best things about the season.


Jayne said...

How lovely, you've inspired me to dig out the children's books and get reading and have fun! Thank you to for your kind comment x

Anonymous said...

Adorable post as always,Pom pom,love the owls and twiggy makes :) right up my street!
Love the Borrowers,saw the film at Christmas and the Secret garden book looks so lovely.Have a great week,lovely,xxx

Kerri said...

I seem to have an obsession with owls myself at the moment. Aren't they lovely? I think the illustrations in your secret garden book are amazing! So beautiful. And yes, I do seem to hibernate from my blog quite often! I don't know why exactly, but I do feel a little more blogish at the moment thank goodness x x

Anonymous said...

I think your owls are most 'owely ;)
I 'owle the red one the best.

My mother used to read us the borrowers! I have fond memories of us all crawling up in bed next to her to read 'just one more chapter... ;)