Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Agatha Hops Over

 Remember the bunny invasion we've had around here?  I named this bunny Agatha.  She's bold.  She has Bill's pretty grass for a first course (she comes around dinnertime) and she hops over to Jeff's tomato garden for dessert. 
 She's pretty and she knows it. Look at her softness!  She scratches her ears a lot so fleas are suspected, but I'd still like to give her a hug.  Wouldn't you?  The carrots can't grow fast enough for Agatha.  I had better go out and play with the garden hose this morning to speed things up a bit.  We have so many rocks in our flowerbeds because the people who lived here before us had an "easy maintenance" view on gardening:  cover all dirt with rocks and spray poison on invading weeds.  We've dumped a lot of dirt around here over the years and the rocks keep wiggling their way to the surface. 
 Good bye, Agatha!  Please come back tomorrow!  (Bill doesn't invite her back, but I do!)
 There were GORGEOUS flowers in the mountains.  Snap dragons LOVE thin air, I think. 
 Our lilacs were gone in May, but look at these beauties!
 Bleeding hearts!  Columbine on the right!
 The mountain church, chiming its call to anyone and everyone. 
 Ratty?  Is that him?  Do you see his boat?  I fear we just missed him.  He's already around the bend.
 Now some pretty inside things.  I LOVED the Bavarian theme in the hotel. 
 I drank my morning coffee from this fat cup.  Isn't it pretty?  Custom restaurant china at its very finest, I think. 
 I think I'm naming June mornings "oatmeal beginnings" because now I have time to make myself oats and I do love a pretty bowl of porridge. 
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the nicest one of all?  YOU!  
I am knitting a little grey something and she is wearing a purple dress.  You'll see her very soon and I'll tell you all about her.
I haven't forgotten my "tiny people" promise and my twig doll is looking very shrivel-faced and GREEN, but she's waiting to meet you, too.
I'm off to stir up some oats!  Thank you for stopping by!


Betty said...

Hi PomPom, I couldn't resist a peak although I'm having a blog rest! I love Agatha, maybe you could buy carrots and encourage her to come to your door for them? bunnies love dandelion leaves too - so she could be good for weeds. She does look soft. We get lots of baby weeny bunnies on the grass verge and roundabout (I know you don't have roundabouts in the USA!) just outside Gatwick Airport - lots of them. When I worked at the airport and did funny hours you would see these little things all huddled up watching the traffic! Bettyx

Gumbo Lily said...

Agatha is a pretty little bun. I like them, but I like them in the pasture or in the barnyard, but not in my garden. I'm a Mrs. MacGregor type! Maybe she would like your kitchen scraps.

Your Mountain Vaca looked so wonderful. I still have bleeding heart and columbine blooming in my backyard.

Happy Homey Life. Enjoy your morning oats.

Bonnie said...

I love oatmeal!!!! I'm a Mrs. MacGregor too. Love Bunnies but I work too hard in my vegetable garden to feed them from there. I have a MAJOR quail problem every year and this one is no different but they are so charming.

wayside wanderer said...

I don't think we have bleeding hearts in texas. Those are absolutely beautiful. sigh. Our previous owners had the same idea about landscaping. We have picked white rocks out of the flower bed, a rather small bed at that, until our trash bin was so heavy we could barely move it. I have a feeling I will be plagued by white rocks for a long time now.

Farm Girl said...

Hello Pom Pom,
So glad you are back?? Are you now?
I can't wait to see what you have been up to this week.
Yes, time for oats in the morning is so nice. I love the red of the raspberries.
I have been grandma today and I am tired. Now one to being Mom of a birthday boy. :) Life is so interesting. So busy too. I was asking him what he wanted for his birthday and he told me then asked, " Is that too selfish?" I wanted to give him the moon.
Have a great evening!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

My guess is ear mites not fleas. We share a love of porridge for a meal; love mine with fruit as well.

Betty...we do have roundabouts in the USA; just not very many.

M.K. said...

Agatha is adorable! But I'm afraid she only loves you for your nibbles :) Your trip to the mountains looks great - what a beautiful stream! I love the bleeding hearts, one of my favorites. I haven't seen a single one in our new town :(

Lisa Richards said...

Bunnies abound in our little woodsy area, but I haven't seen a lot of them lately. I see you have white columbines in your photo. I know the state flower of Colorado is the blue Columbine, and here in Minnesota they are red! So many kinds! They're one of my favorites!
My mom always made us oatmeal with lots of sugar and milk and played up the fact that it tasted like pudding! We fell for it and I still love oatmeal.
I'm looking forward to seeing these two little "people" you made!
Have a great evening!

libbyquilter said...

agatha bunny is cute and apparently hungry . . . she must be thrilled at your growing garden.

that oaty breakfast looks berry good~!