Monday, June 11, 2012

High Skies

Thank you so much for all the kind anniversary wishes.  We are happy as clams up here in the mountains of Colorado.  You may have heard that there are fires raging here in our state.  We're praying that they are under control very soon. 

 The sky is so blue and the clouds are so puffy.  Yes, we deal with a bit of smog in our city.  It's been a long time since we enjoyed the mountain air.
 The paths and trails are groomed and inviting.
 Look!  I found a toadstool! 
 I looked for Ratty, messing about in his boat, but I didn't see him. 
 We ate a delicious supper in this cozy spot.
 I sat and worked on my ripples for a while.  This puffy cloud floated by.
 It is so beautiful and I am feeling rather spoiled.  Tomorrow we'll go home and I'll get ready for my first granny stint.  
Real quick:  I forgot my ripple instructions (they are online, I know) but I marveled at how my fingers remembered what to do when I picked up the hook.  What other nice things do you think our hands remember?  What do our hands remember because our ancestors busied themselves with the same activities?  When I cleaned houses, I felt like I was carrying on a tradition.  I think my distant relatives of long ago might have been house helpers.  I really don't know, but it's fun to think about what hands remember.  Tina commented that my bridal hands looked slender and elegant.  I noticed those overgrown nails!  I didn't need to use those hands for scrubbing just yet, but soon after I was washing a sink full of wedding dishes. I trim my nails very short because I like the way working hands look.  By the way, if I've met someone I can always remember their hands because it's the first thing I notice.
Funny, huh?
What will you do with your good hands today?


catkin tales said...

the puffy cloud resembles an angel :)
how lovely to be breathing mountain air in such a magical spot.
i am sure ratty was there peering at you and waving shyly from a nearby rock.
oooooo i love those ripples ❤

Hazelnut said...

Happy, happy Anniversary.
You looked so fresh and beautiful on your wedding day.
The mountains must be so uplifting! Id love to see them and sniff the clear air...
Have a lovely time.
My hands?they are currently stroking our sweet little cat Moppet, while I write.
xxx H/A

Gumbo Lily said...

You are surrounded by beauty! Enjoy that fresh, clean, mountain air. When I see the pics, I think of "Rocky Mountain High?" (John Denver)

My hands have been pushing the mower and hoisting the weed whacker. They are very tired so I'm taking a break so now I'm typing and lifting my coffee mug to my lips.

Enjoy your remaining time.

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you got to get away for your anniversary. What have I done with my hands today? Scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more, but I have a very nice clean house.
It is sad when I get a new mop and I was looking forward to mopping my floors all weekend.
I can get all of my work finished and then I can play. It is always such a motivator for me.
Have a nice week.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I notice people's hands, too. I'm so glad my husband has nice hands--both my boys to do, especially Will.

I don't believe in past lives, but I do wonder if our DNA carries past memories, which is why we feel connected to particular tasks, eras, etc.

I keep my nails trimmed short, too, even though they look prettier longer.

Happy summer, Pom! I like your "toadstool"!


Lisa Richards said...

I used my hands to do a little drawing and painting today! Also washed some dishes and cooked a couple of meals. I've kept my nails short since my teens when I began playing the guitar and decided that was more important to me than long fingernails! :D
I hope you enjoyed your vacation. My step-son in Longmont is watching the fires and we're praying they go away. Thanks, once again, for some beautiful and uplifting photos!

Betty said...

Glad for you enjoying puffy clouds, crochet and fresh air. My hands know how to touch type very fast (92 wpm last time I was tested) I don't know how they do that! Piano players hands are interesting to watch, how they land on the just the right note every time and rush up and down the keys. I made some hand treatments last few weeks when I was joining in a 'finding fun' bloghop. The best was glycerine and rosewater, makes them soft and smells wonderful. Have a safe journey home. We have been on the news here in Horley because the River Mole has flooded with all the heavy rains (12 inches in 24 hours)

Vicki said...

Hello, dear Pompom,
Looks like a wonderful setting for a nice rest! I heard on the evening news about the wildfires. I am praying for you folks there in Colorado. I just recently returned from a trip to my son's home in NM. They are having fires as well. Praying for all those affected all over our country. Enjoy your week, my friend~ Vicki

wayside wanderer said...

What a lovely get away! I am glad you are having a wonderful time. Prayers for fire cessation and healing. So sorry to hear about that.

Kit said...

You make me smile! My hands watered some new plants for my patio pots and mowed the lawn. I keep my nails short too, these are working hands. No nail polish, no fake nails. And even with a couple of age spots I love them. :) Kit

Maria said...

Hello, found you through the lovely floss's blog...
Loved your post and read back to your beautiful wedding photo post too..(just soo lovely)
Interesting your thoughts on hands and lifes work..
My daughter has the most longest beautiful hands ever, but hates them too..(crazy the young)....
The clouds on your photo's were looking so like angels!
Love Maria x

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Hello Pom Pom! Happy belated anniversary! Such happy blue skies. It's freeeeeeeezing here!! We have bushfires too. So devastating.

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary Pom Pom. Loved seeing your wedding photos. So glad to hear that you are enjoying a nice anniversary celebration.
I had heard on the news about the fires in Colorado. I always hate to hear that and hope they are under control real soon.
I found it interesting that you notice people's hands first. For me it's hair and then teeth :).
My hands need to stop typing comments and go get ready for work.

libbyquilter said...

beautiful white roses~!!~
and i love the looks of that growing afghan.

today my hands did some kitchen cleaning up and some stitching . . . odds and ends . . . busy hands with short nails.