Sunday, June 17, 2012

Granny and the Girls

 Mommy and Daddy are having a great time in NYC, taking in the sights and shows.  After the girls talk to Mommy on the phone they say, "I miss Mommy.  I like her."  When we use Facetime to talk, Miss Bug is the first one to say, "Hi, Daddy!"  They're so cute. Last night Birdie got mad at me because I held her back so Miss Bug could go up the stairs first and because she had a big day at a birthday party, she was tired and grumpy.  "You didn't let me win!"  Finally after saying, "I don't like you anymore and I like Mommy but NOT YOU!" she calmed down, apologized, and wanted a story.  Whew!  Mommies work so hard. 
 I found a pinny in Kelli's pantry.  Here we are reading The Twelve Dancing Princesses AGAIN. We all look a little weary, don't we? Do you see Miss Bug's lambie?  It was one of my clown puppets for my birthday party Pom Pom clown jobs.  Missy found it in our basement closet and has loved it ever since. She's such a nice girl, helpful and smiley.
 Bill's pushing Millie Rose in her pink swing.  She likes to swing very high! 
 I've been chasing her around quite a bit.  It's a waste of time to sit down.  I've been standing at the ready, leaning on the counter.  Even though she is only 17 months old, she obeys.  If I say, "No Millie.  Stay here."  She does!
 She wants to do everything the sisters do.
 I slept in Birdie's trundle bed the first night and I got up to talk to Kelli for a minute.  Birdie took my phone and took about 100 blurry photos of herself and one clear photo of the doll her Auntie April made her.  Isn't she so cute?  April made one for each of the girl cousins (and that's a lot of girl cousins!)
 Birdie went to a beauty shop birthday party yesterday and had her hair braided and nails painted.  The party wasn't until the late afternoon, so from 8:00 am on, she asked, "Is it time for the party?"  Today is Father's Day and Grampy is taking the two older girls to the movies during Millie Rose's nap.  Did I say Millie Rose's nap?  I meant GRANNY and Millie Rose's nap.
I have an hour before the good mornings begin.  I am going to have another cup of coffee and say my prayers.  
I remember when our kids were small, I made a lot of lists.  Not "to do" lists that involved housework.  I knew what I had to do every day, but I made lists of bigger jobs like sewing, improving bedrooms and other rooms, and I always listed "do crafts and art with kids" because that was the hardest to get up the gumption for.  Mommies are tired and always on the go.  Field trips and games are the icing on the cake, aren't they?  The day-to-day doings are what define the family.  I applaud the homeschooling moms.  My kids would not have learned much, I fear.  We did do a lot of reading and riding bikes, but how do the homeschooling moms do all the rest?  Please tell!
Thank you for checking in on us!  I have the fancy camera here now, so I'll try to take some more photos.  
Have a lovely Sunday!


M.K. said...

Oh, it makes me tired to read! But I know you're loving it, and after the parents return, you will enjoy the happy memories with these precious girls. But mommying is wearying :) You asked about homeschooling moms, and how they/we do it. I don't know. I've had babies/toddlers; at that age, you don't "school," but they're always learning new things, every minute. That gets you prepared for the idea of being your child's instructor. I've also worked full-time while they were in traditional schools. I found that much more exhausting than homeschooling. When I worked, I had to meet the demands of a boss/students/parents, plus meet my family's needs. When I homeschooled, I could more seamlessly integrate the needs at home, large as they were. You have to slightly shift your mentality of your relationship with your children, becoming not just mommy-friend, but teacher-authority. That's the hardest part. Once that is mastered, homeschooling is generally not difficult. It's important to do little house tasks while they're working on school, instead of sitting down for pleasure.

Floss said...

Lovely to read your reflections on life as a grandmother, Pom Pom. Like you, there's no way I could have home-schooled. I don't have the self-discipline in that area (although I'm OK in others, honest)! I remember when my mother home-schooled us for a few months when we'd moved, and I did a lovely project on the Vikings and no maths whatsoever. It would have been the same with our boys if I'd tried homeschooling!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday with your sweet grandaughters (wow, girls are so different to boys) and that you enjoy a good rest later!

Hazelnut said...

Ah the ups and downs of it all! This brings back so many memories of that stage of life.
Rest assured that that little lady DOES love you ( I know you know!) she just has a strong will...from her granny, maybe? ;)

Such sweet pics, they look such characters all three.
May all your sweet, tired prayers be answered,
xxx H/A

Debi said...

Watching grandchildren is tiring for sure... but such a good tired it is!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

OH WOW! NYC! I'm green with envy; you GO! Good reading about the "chirren" but what's happening in NYC!? Tell ALL!

wayside wanderer said...

Those are some cute bundles of energy you are taking care of! You made me lol saying that sitting down is a waste of time. Oh, my! I am sure you are sleeping like a log and hope you get some good R&R when you get back home.

magsmcc said...

Oh you make me cry! Oh it is hard and I'm glad Floss mentions boys! I should make these lists too-though at the minute it's PC suggesting painting walls, lots of walls, and it does actually make me want to crawl back into bed! Keep going- lots of tea and smile smile smile. I do find that if I make myself smile it can avert melt-down- my melt-down!!

Maria said...

Thank you for sending me some sunshine!
Such a beautiful post,It must be a hectic time being a special gran!
Beautiful children...
Have a happy Monday!

Lisa Richards said...

It's not just your imagination. You really ARE working hard, so try to find some more nap time! As I recall, when I was homeschooling the trick was to give up hobbies until the kids were grown, lol! You really have to lay down your life for those kids. But I'm glad I did it!
I'm admiring your strength! We're having trouble keeping up with one!

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hi lovely Pom,pom,Wow what a great Mom/gran you are!I'm exhausted just reading,lol.I dont know how you do it,but I'm sure your having great fun,between the naps ;) Lovely piccies and beautiful girls,I agree with Hazelnut,hope all of your prayers are answered,you deserve a medal!
lots of love juliexoxo

TexWisGirl said...

oh my goodness! you've got your hands full there! how cute, though!

thanks for stopping in today and leaving a comment. really appreciate it! bless you as you chase these little ones and play nice! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I don't know how homeschooling moms do it, either. I admire them and think homeschooling is very cool, but I always knew it wasn't for me.

Your grandbabies are adorable. I'm sure they'll remember this time with their granny for the rest of their lives. It's good to make memories!


libbyquilter said...

mommies do work so hard and so do grandmommies sometimes~!!~

i had to laugh at the story of your budding photographer. she did a great job on the one dolly shot~!

what a good spirit you have Pom. so patient. so loving. those girls are lucky to have you. in fact your whole family is lucky to have you~!