Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eyeball to Eyeball SMILE!

 Well, hello!  I wanted to look you right in the eyes and tell you I've been thinking about you!  Sorry that I have no lipstick on my lips.  It's nice to see you!
 Last night we roared around the driveway on bikes.  Sam's having fun with the pump.
 Birdie wanted to wear her new raincoat even though it wasn't raining.  She's got some fine pink boots, too!
 Missy Bug in yet another tutu!  Just so you know, I'm pausing on the forward dash to buy my tutu.  I can't decide on a color and the price is a little high for pool shenanigans.  I'm thinking about it for a while longer, but as soon as I order it and it arrives in the mail, I'll model it for you.  Promise.
 I have to snap the purple when I am walking around my neighborhood.
 Cottontail is hiding in the garden, but I think she LIVES at my neighbor's.  They found a hole in their flowerbed and put a rock in front of it to discourage bunny occupancy.  I heard the bunnies talking and they were saying, "Well, how do you like that?  We must call in the bunny movers and remove that boulder as soon as possible."  We didn't have bunnies before. They are cute!  I planted carrot seeds today right beside old Joe Scarecrow.  Jeff asked, "You do know you are planting what bunnies love, don't you?"  Yes.

 I picked peonies this morning.  Aren't the buds pretty?  So round!

 I picked some for YOU.  Now, scoot on over for a cup of tea, won't you? I bought one piece of cake at the grocery store and I ate most of it.  I did this because there are no Diamond Jubilee parties in my city.  Sad face.  I ate sweet lemon cake in honor of Queen Elizabeth.  I really like her.
I have two and a half more days of school.  I am writing my cards to the kids and bagging up candy to tie on each one.  Well, that's what I am MEANT to be doing right now, but it's fun to chat with you a while instead.  
It's almost time for knitting and poetry!  Woo hoo!  It's also almost time for drawing and coloring, watching happy pretty movies and thinking about fairies and gnomes.  I made a little twig doll and I am going to tell you about her and my obsession with tiny people very soon.  Don't you LOVE June?  I was a June bride.  Even though I am a little burned out on wedding attendance, I do like brides and I LOVE posies.  
Thank you for stopping by today.  I'm going to post more often now that I have more time for thinking and planning. 
See you soon!


Lisa Richards said...

Yay! Glad you'll be posting more often and having lots of fun! I love your new blog background. I think maybe I have the book that picture came from...or did I just see it on your blog? Too much info crammed into my brain. It gets all mushed together sometimes, lol!
Smiling back at you. Glad you had some cake in the Queen's honor. She does seem like a nice person!

Sara said...

Hi Pom Pom! Lovely to see your shining blue eyes. I wish you a very lovely summertime of knitting and poetry and other good things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister Toadstool! I love your new background~its so sweet,I would you just love to join those cutie mice for a cup of tea and a slice of cake :)
Love seeing all of the beautiful flowers around your neighbourhood,peonies are a current favourite and We bought a new plant yesterday~a red one~I'll post about it later in the week.
I'm already looking forward to seeing your twig doll.Happy week ahead,take care,lots of love juliexoxox

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Nice to see your beautiful eyes...and all these pictures, what joy! I thought of you while sewing a raggedy ann and andy print material for a friend's baby shower was a bag.

Enjoy your June...teachers desire them...and give yourself a pat on the back for another year of teaching...have wonderful summer

Wow, you have been to Cambodia...what a joy to see more of God's creation and His people...haven't been to other countries...just my children have

Farm Girl said...

I am so excited!! you are almost out of school. I can't wait! You have such pretty blue eyes. You were a June bride? How nice.
All of the pictures are so pretty.
I look forward so much to all of Pom Pom's Ponderings for summer. :)

M.K. said...

Oh, Pom! What a post! You've addressed too many of my favorite things!, and when I clicked over here to comment (from my Google Reader) I see you have adorable Richard Scarry art all along your blog sides -- what a dream :) I love his little mice. Peonies! Grandbabies! School's out soon! So many nice things. And I'm happy to see you, eyeball to eyeball :) I'm too scared to take a close-up like that. Here's an idea: what about some type of loose,friendly poetry,knitting,movie-watching,drawing "group" for the summer. Nothing stressful or even with any structured commitment. But something like the "willows group" of friends who would share what they're doing on such things, this summer? I like that :) I'm eager for you to be FREE for the summer!

Kit said...

Well, Hello there! My you are pretty! Nice to finally "meet" you. :) Sounds like you are one busy gal. I am trying to post more too and with my summer off, I think I just may able to! Kit

Brad M said...

Lovely post. You are so pretty. I love you mama!

Betty said...

A lovely pretty picture of you and what a delightful post from your son! I love your new background with the little mice, I would like it for wallpaper for my dining room! Well I bet you saw all the coverage of our lovely Queen, didn't she look pretty and enjoy herself. She stood all the time and braved the cold rain. I walked in the woods, made cake and watched Her Highness on telly. Today it's our street party - our bunting is up - it will be fun to chat with all our neighbours - we used to have a street party every year so maybe it will become a regular thing again. Maybe you could make a tutu - that might be more affordable. Cant wait to see your twig person. Betty x

Catherine said...

Of course...Richard Scary...I knew that!! So nice to see you! did you see me looking right back & get my big huge hug? Yes aren't peony buds so adorably plump & round...plumper than anything anything else I know AND then they unfold out & become a tutu!! We are holding you to that promise lol I can't believe you at the end of school again wow. Thanks for the tea...can't believe you ate nearly all the lemon cake though before I got there! I've already started on the poetry front I hope you noticed...can I crochet instead of knitting? Have a lovely winding up. Much love Catherine x0x0x0

Anonymous said...

You have the best of smiles, and you always lift my spirits when I come here to visit you. Thank you dear PP. xxx I love your super-cute blog theme and I'm very happy that you will soon be free to enjoy all your favourite things! Yippee!! Sending hugs across the ocean...xxxxx

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Great photography. The girls look like they are having a marvelous time; pretty in pinks.

You new sidebar is so sweet. It makes me smile.

Wonderful week to you (vacation, yes?)
Nancy on the other side of the mountain

Gigi said...

So much pretty in your world Pom! Those peonies are just gorgeous -- I'm having peony envy! And love the little bunny. I hope you grow him lots of carrots, so he'll visit a lot and keep your gnomes and fairies and adorable littles company.
Happy almost end of school!!!
♥ ♥ ♥

Gumbo Lily said...

Your eyeballs are very beautiful! Hooray for Summer! I'm looking forward to more from our Pom Pom. You are such a nice teacher to write cards and give love-gifts. XXOO


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Love the pix, especially the one of you. I can tell you had braces--you're teeth are so straight! I haven't decided whether to get braces or not. I can't wait to hear more about the poetry you're reading. I think I'm going to try to write some songs this summer. Happy last few days of school!


Flowers in the Window said...

Lovely post! I loved looking at all your flowers - thoses buds are just so perfect! That's exactly what I'd do - plant carrots for the rabbits :) I loved their conversation about the boulder :D Maggie xx

wayside wanderer said...

Pretty posies but especially a pretty Pom Pom. It is such a lovely time of year even with those rascally rabbits. Why do they have to be so cute? Blessings on your day!!!!

Happy@Home said...

How nice to see your smiling face and pretty blue eyes.
Your new background is the sweetest.
Enjoy your last few days of school and I look forward to more posts.

no spring chicken said...

Such natural beauty does NOT need lipstick! And I smiled right back at you... a big, wide, eye to eye grin. Now I'm getting dressed so I can beat everyone to tea and that last little piece of cake. I'll think I'll wear a hat in honor of the queen! :)

Blessings, Debbie

Susan B said...

Hi! Your photo is so pretty. You have such a lovely smile! :) I love your blog background! And all the beautiful flowers, and the the sweet bunny. Your grand daughters are so precious. Thank you for sharing...looking forward to more posts! Take care. :)

libbyquilter said...

i bet that bunny takes a sniff of those beautiful peonies every chance it gets~! soon it will have carrots to nibble as well~!
thanks for sharing them Pom Pom. i miss that mine haven't done well the last couple of years. not sure just why. maybe i should replant some more.


Attic Clutter said...

beautiful pics and you too (:)