Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Best Horse EVER and Pom Pom's Doll Hospital

Hi Everyone!  I have to share "my best horse ever" with you.  Who knew I could draw a horse relaxing on a sofa? 
Thank you, Babette Cole!  I found the relaxing horse in this book!
Welcome to Pom Pom's Doll Hospital!  This Ann belongs to my niece who is now a pastor's wife and a mother of four.  I dug out her childhood doll (I'm so embarrassed that I've been meaning to give her a make over for two decades!) and now I shall spiff her up for Amy's one-year old.  I hope to get this done soon so I can box her up and send her to my sister's lake cabin, where Amy and her brood are staying this month.
Don't you love the print on her dress? 
A new fairy came to the fairy garden.  Look at Mr. Gnome! He's relaxing, too! 
I love it when spotted wooden mushrooms grow in my garden.
I wish you could smell this quilt and pillow.  They have been out on the patio for a month now and they smell like summer.  They remind me of an old quilt my mom always brought when we went to the beach or on a picnic.  I remember that delicious smell and if there were a bottled cologne that smelled like fabric picnics, it would be my signature scent!  Smile.
Lynn at Reasons to be Cheerful (see sidebar) is a lamb.  She sent me a Mollie Makes (I've been wanting it, right Jody?) and copies of the teacher books she wrote (WOW! She's an amazing writer!) and a new PG Tips sample (delish!) and this adorable card.  Have you ever met more generous hearted people than your blog friends?  I found a new to me blog.  My Field of Dreams (again see link on my sidebar) is my kind of blog.  Kim's just like us!  She's a kindred spirit, a mama of many, and NICE, SO NICE!  Oh, I feel so rich with all the sweet and sharing connections in the blog world, don't you?  I forget how I found her.  The link or comment was on one of your blogs, I know.  I finally clicked over to the The Food Network site.  Oh my goodness.  I made low calorie Alfredo sauce last night and it was DELICIOUS.  Bill's going to the store for me this morning and guess what I'm fixing to bake?  Yep!  Victoria Sponge!  I hope it looks pretty.  As Bill and I were praying this morning, I began to feel so glad that the Creator of the universe keeps adding to the TRUTH He's growing in my heart.  I keep learning more about His compassion, His ways, His followers.  He gives me such great helpings of His mercy.  My heart is bursting with joy.  Oh, YOU!  Thank you for coming by today and I pray your day holds comfort and joy.  (xoxox!)


wayside wanderer said...

Adorable lounging horsie! And I love that sweet Ann and YES to her dress fabric. It is so sweet. I can't wait to see her on the other side of her Dolly Make-Over. You are blessed with so many creative gifts!
Hugs from Texas,

Catherine said...

I can't draw ANYTHING never mind a horse!!! LOL!! Cx

Angela said...

Fanulous horse!
And yes, you are right - our God is Awesome and Amazing - and how blessed we are to have fellowship thru the blogosphere!

blessings xx

magsmcc said...

I love tht book- in a former life I was a summer story-teller in a team of story-tellers who crossed the town and all its divides at that time, telling stories anywhere there were kids to listen! And that was usually in my bag somewhere! Oh yes, Blogland is like the revolving worlds at the top of the Faraway Tree, except bloggistes' abodes are all nice! (We're in full Enid Blyton stage here!)Horse is great- reminds me of a strange facebook conversation I've been having this weekend with a round tower of a church....

Gumbo Lily said...

Your horse is SO cool! How do you do it?

Annie's dress is so sweet. I know she'll get a loving make-over (just enough) to make her a fresh new/old toy for little hands.

Love that picnic blanket and pillow. Looks so squishy and comfy.

So glad someone heard your prayer for Mollie Makes. Fun! God knows all those little things that make life so dear.

Happy Victoria cake baking.

Betty-thewoodfairy said...

Hi Pom Pom - your horse is absolutely brilliant! you are a book illustrator - maybe you can write stories too? your grandchildren are blessed to have a gran that's so much fun. I think your gnome has got himself a wife? how sweet they look together. So nice that bloggy friends have sent you some goodies - we have such a lovely community of blogging friends going on here. Bettyx

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

You are so inspiring, creative and gracious! I'm so comforted to visit your Land of Comfort and Joy! Mmmmmmm the Scent of Summer Fabrics on the porch. Thanks!

Thimbleanna said...

I'm so impressed that you can grow those mushrooms in your garden LOL! Have fun with your doll repair -- you're making me want to go into the attic and get my R. Ann and Andy dolls -- but it's too hot up there. Now I'm going to worry that my dolls are sweating! ;-)

ann said...

Your horse is just so cute. I love Annie. I have one almost just like her. Should dig her out, only I don't know where to look since we moved.

no spring chicken said...

And I LOVE the way you always invite people into your thoughts, sharing the things in you life that delight you (and then us), so that when I leave... I'm smiling because I just visited a friend. Kind of like My Heart, Christ's Home... I do remember it! In fact, I just revisited it a few months ago. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Michela said...

You're s talented! And I love having a peek at your funny garden!
Happy Sunday!

Farm Girl said...

Wow you made tears come into my eyes. Thank you so much for your very kind words. You know from the first post I read of yours I felt right off, "kindred spirit." I am glad you felt that too.
I really do love your horse picture, such a good job and it made me laugh. I think you should frame it.
I also like your doll hospital. I still have all of my Annie's in my hope chest. When ever it get in there I hold them and I still love them as much as when I was a kid, and I know they still know all of my secrets.
Have a lovely day. I know our fairy's visited last night. I found remains of a fairy ring.

Gigi said...

Pom, that little horse is just amazing! You need to become a children's book illustrator - really!
Your pillow and quilt are so pretty! The little flowery prints are so sweet. I also LOVE that wonderful smell of linen-y things left outside in the sun and fresh air. That and Coppertone suntan lotion are 2 of my favorite summer fragrances. In fact, I think I might start wearing Coppertone as my summer cologne ;).
And yes, this lovely little bloggy world of ours is full of good people, isn't it, just like you!

Aura said...

Wow you can really draw. Love the happy expression on the horse. I come across many children's picture books in the Library where I work. I have found inspiration for some of my knitted animals toys in the fantastic illustrations. Last week I came across a copy of Ed Emberley's Big Purple Drawing Book with step by step instructions. Love your fairy garden too.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Lounging Horse makes me want to give him a big hug! It's so fun stopping by your place here...I never know what I will find, but it's always fun and colorful too. So glad to see Mr. Gnome relaxing there behind the green leaves. He looks quite content.

Now I'm off to visit My Fiend of Dreams. Have a blessed 4th of July. And thank you for blessing me today.

Gigi said...

Oh, p.s. -- I just order a subscription to Mollie Makes a few days ago. I can't wait to get my first one! Is it as good as I've been hearing? Looking forward to seeing what Pom makes ;).


Dear Pom Pom ... firstly may I wish you a very happy 4th July!!

I love your idea of a dolls hospital. I do remember when my best doll lost her eye sockets into her head when I was only little. I remember also (eeeeekkk!!) throwing a tantrum that she was broken and ruined. I put her in the outside dustbin. But my daddy retrieved her and took her to dolls hospital and she has new eyes and I have her still. She is called Sindy and has very scruffy hair that you could never get a comb through ... and I have all her clothes still. I love my dolly and the concept of a dolls hospital. Thank you for this and for your constant visits to me with encouraging words

Lots of love xx

Lisa Richards said...

LOVE the horse! Very whimsical!
Yes, God has really blessed us with encouragement through all of the bloggers here. Thanks for all of the joy you share! It's so much fun to visit! :D

Shey said...

=D ah! I love the fairy! The mushroom is cute too!

Diane Mars said...

Happy July 4th, enjoy your day we have plans to see the fireworks tonight... I always enjoy that. The horse is just darling great work! oxox, Diane

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your horse is amazing! Many artsy kudos to you, my dear!

And yes, I think the blog community that we're a part of is lovely and sustaining. So glad we found each other!


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Happy 4th to you too. Oh yes, lots of fireworks everywhere around, and even in the streets, illegal though they be in my city (the street versions)....

M.K. said...

Hi! Sorry I'm so late in putting in my two pennies :) I adore that horse! How do you put so much personality into their looks? I love the expression oh his face, the blanket under him, his "weight" on the sofa, his scrunchy hoof and the lamp that cuts behind his head. Really, REALLY, if I ever do write a children's book that needs pictures, I want a collaboration, okay? We'll have to go away to a mountain cabin for a few weeks to "work," of course, while we drink tea and go for rainy walks, for inspiration :) Love your Raggeta Ann too.