Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Glad Game

Today I'm playing The Glad Game.  I popped over to Catherine's blog today and was blessed very much.  She is a collector of beauty and I'm so glad I found her.  You'll love her post and you might want to play The Glad Game, too!

I'm glad because of my Redeemer.  I'm utterly in awe of His grace given to me. 

I'm glad when I doodle and I am glad when I smell these markers!  I'm a marker smeller.  Do you have some of these?

Today Kelli is going to the zoo with the girls and April and the Ft. Collins grands.  Millie's too little, so she will stay with me.  I'm going to watch Pollyanna while Millie smiles, eats, and plays.

I read Hip-Chick's Tea Talk post today and decided to try some new teas.  See how friends are made?  Sweet sharing.  Sweet connections.

Yes, this teapot moves around the house.  This photo is perfect: an angel in the garden (Catherine) and tea (Hip-Chick).  I love it.

I'm glad about the teaching year (summer, too!), books, and reading other peoples' thinking.  Yours!

My favorite poppy (Shirley) and a fairy to match?  NICE!

Yesterday, I read Anne of the Island.  Oh, Anne Shirley is such a perfect literary character, isn't she?  In this book, Anne and her college friends live in Patty's Place.  Read it.  You'll love it.  More gladness.

And I never leave The Wind in the Willows far behind.  I have a sweet childlike love for Badger.

Bunnies in blue dresses with lace-trimmed pantaloons.  Yes.  Glad.

Maud Hart-Lovelace had the same sweet literary spirit as many of my favorites.  This book made a huge impression on me in fifth or sixth grade.  Glad.

Norman Rockwell?  Art can make one glad.

Yesterday I baked oatmeal cookies and then thought, "Hmmm.  This batch of cookies is BIG and I might eat way too many."  Glad came when Jeff's friend stopped by, spied the cookies and said, "Are those cookies up for grabs?" 

I planted my sweet peas around President's Day back in February.  Glad!  Now they are climbing up the heart trellis.

Lately, as I've been making our big bed, I've been marveling at its beauty.  I'm so glad Bill's back to keep cozy with me.

The Fourth of July is coming up and I'm thinking about how to make it even more fun.  Any ideas?

This is kind of random (shocking, I know) but lately I've been seeing so many welcoming chairs.  This one costs way too much, but the wicker chairs at the antique mall were only $115 for the pair.  I'm thinking about them and they just might come here, to this house. 

At the end of July, I am going up to Washington to see my family.  My brother stays here for a week every summer.  My parents and I will ride the little ferry over and dine on fresh- caught crab at this very table.  GLAD!  I know that Pollyanna's game involved taking something sad and turning it into GLAD.  I sort of skipped the sad part and went straight to the glad, didn't I?  Oh, well.  Do you want to play The Glad Game?  Just know that when I read your blog and when I think about you reading this blog, I'm glad.  Time for another cookie and a cup of tea and great surges of gladness and thankfulness.  (HUG!)


libbyquilter said...

love your 'glads'~and they make me glad too.
Norman Rockwell is a favorite glad of mine.
other glads: banana bread, choc. chip cookies, flowers, summer rain, playful dogs,

thank you Pom Pom.

Catherine said...

We have such a lot to be glad about! Pollyanna had the right idea! Cx

no spring chicken said...

I was glad through your entire post! All of the literary figures and illustrators you mentioned make me glad, glad, glad! And I think that if more youth today watched and appreciated Pollyana we would have a much nicer society! I don't think I've ever used so many exclamation points. Then again, maybe I've never before been so GLAD!! ;)

Blessings, Debbie

Lisa Richards said...

I share a lot of your gladnesses! Maud Hart-Lovelace...yes, I've heard of her; not sure I've read her books. I love the illustration. Pen and ink makes me glad!
Thanks for sharing so many good things this morning. I'm off to work and feel I've been fortified by your blog. Blessings! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I think I'll write a post a little later about my gladnesses. Mostly I'm glad to be home with no plans of going anywhere for another month--yay! And I'm glad to be visiting my blog friends to say hello. That is one beautiful grandbaby you have there, Miss P!


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Gladness!!! It's such a GOOD Thing! GLAD I dropped in to share in your GLADay! Loved them all!!!!Sweet Baby Gal...d!!!

Gigi said...

Well, I think you actually are Pollyanna - you sweet girl! So many pretty things in your post -- pretty thoughts, pretty pictures (especially love the E. Wilkins), pretty baby!
I must read "Anne of the Island" - sounds lovely. Actually, I'd love to go to PEI someday, wouldn't you?
And I would also love to go to Washington -- never been there. All that rain and cool weather sounds like perfect heaven!
I'm so glad (;) that you're enjoying your well deserved summer break so much!

Betty said...

I am very glad today to see your blog looking so happy and cheery, your pictures are all so lovely. I had a glad morning in the woods, teachers strike in the uk but my boys kept busy delivering leaflets for the local gym and earned some pocket money - I'm glad about that! Glad to be on my dinner break at work and catching up on your blog. Glad to be typing this with nails that I have not bitten for 8 weeks! Bettyx

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm glad I've *met* you through your Pom Pom blog. This was a very happy post and I liked so many of your *glads.* The Betsy-Tacy books were one of my daughter's favorite book series. She read them all many more times than once or twice each. Her baby, Betsy, is named after Betsy in the book. Quite an impression, yes?

I'll bet Kelli is glad you are keeping Miss Millie today.

Have a happy day.

Laura Rarig said...

I'm glad you're coming to Washington!!!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

What a lovely collection of glads. Aren't children's illustrations gorgeous - I sometimes just want to step into the pages of the book and live there:)

M.K. said...

Your grandbaby is such a doll!!! Don't you love to watch babies when they're sleeping?

I hope you have a grand time in that adorable cabin. Sounds lovely!

Oh, btw, are those all the kinds of markers you use? I was telling Julia about your doodling. Do you use fine-tips? What brand?

Kerri said...

I loove Anne of the Island, but then I love all the Anne books. One day I must go to Prince Edward Island. And I what a cuddle of Millie please!

Catherine said...

Oh Karen you are such a darling.!I have been overwhelmed by your kind & generous response to my post. I feel as if I have been enveloped in a giant hug from the loveliest friend wearing a warm fluffy security apron : 0 The bestest gift that you could have given me. One of the weirdest legacies for me was feeling invisible..kind of a cousin to loneliness. My dear blogging friends are really helping to alleviate that one & I am so GLAD! I am also really glad that your Bill is home safe & sound. Loving is good, very good, but liking is important too isn't it. Much love & thank you so much X0X0 Catherine

Denise said...

The most wonderful thing about blogging is finding other women in this world who remind you of yourself to put it bluntly.I Love every bit of this post.If you know the name of the cabins and area I would like to know,My husband and I are going up to Washington.Don't really know you but can tell I love you:)

Shey said...

oh the baby!!!! She's gorgeous! What a blessing. I wish I could just watch her sleep, I love babies.

Pom Pom said...

Thank you for all the sweet comments. You all make me VERY glad!

Farm Girl said...

Thank you so much for coming by today and your very sweet words. I love your sweet blog too and really
it made me happy that you like Patty's Place and you went to visit the girls there on the island. One of my favorites??? Well, if that is the one I am reading. I love them all. I have been reading them since I was 11 and maybe that was why I had six kids, I wanted to be like Anne.
I love all of your pictures and they made me so happy.
So thank you so much for stopping by today and making my day.
My Field of Dreams.

The dB family said...

I'm glad for my blogging friends like you! I love all your photos. Those cabins look wonderful!