Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peonies, Anyone?

Poppies next door!  Peonies here!  No explanation needed.  They are gorgeous.

This little robin was on my back doorstep this morning.  I think she was waiting for the sprinklers to stop.  When I said hello to her, she looked me right in the eyes.  Sometimes the mother birds employ tough love.  The nests get too small and the babies are out on their own, ready or not.  She probably saw the geranium pots and the bright petunias waiting for planting, and decided to have a closer look. 

Sometimes I Google teapots. I know, I'm an image addict.  I think Tina over at The Quiet Home has a teapot like this one.  Isn't it pretty?  And I suppose you want me to pour out?  (That's a line from Mary Poppins!) Yesterday, I knit a little (confusing instructions!  I'm blindly following!) and I drew a little bit (making a little picture book for a friend) and I watched an embarrassing number of Lark Rise episodes.  Oh, I filled the bird feeders and played with Millie Rose.  I'm waiting for "the urge" to clean.  I really thought it would arrive sooner.  Hmmmmm.  No, I have not made THE APRON yet.  I DID tidy my sewing box.  That's a start, right? Truth be told, I'm having a bit of a challenge here, adjusting to the "what to do first" feeling.  I way over think the options.  Well, I think I've inspired myself enough now.  Thank you for popping by!  I hope your state of mind is buoyant, giddy even!  Time for more coffee and some porridge.    


wayside wanderer said...

Poppies and peonies are two of my most favorite flowers! I can relate to that feeling of what to do first. Everyone always says "do the next thing" but the first thing is what is the most difficult, I think. Have a blessed day!

Mary said...

oh peonies, don't you just love their fragrance?! Better than roses.

love the little red teapot, but i am partial to red, especially with those polka dots...i don't drink much tea...more coffee here...but that would look pretty sitting on the table!

i am going to try to work in my journal some today...been way too long. hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blooms! And did I hear you say porridge? Yes please!! :) xxx

Elizabethd said...

Oh, those peaonies! I used to have white ones in a previous house, and loved those first fat buds.
Enjoy your free time now you dont have to rush to school!

libbyquilter said...

baby robins and peaonies . . . i think you've started your summer out just right~!!~


Brad M said...

The flowers are simply lovely. Many of ours were taken by the hail, but by God's grace they will recover!
I love you!

ann said...

Urge to clean. If I waited for that urge, my home would be a pit. Today it is: three grandchildren visiting. You poppies are glorious. i had big, beautiful poppies at the old house, and am struggling to get them started here.

Angela said...

Often in the UK, someone says "Shall I be Mother?" before they pour the tea. Do you use that expression in the US?
I have a blue spotty teapot - with a wonky spout that pours anywhere except into the cup!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Angela! I really like that, "Shall I be Mother?" I'm going to start saying it right away! Even Englishwomen have wonky teapots? Amazing!

Lisa Richards said...

Mmmm...I love porridge and tea! Have fun deciding what to do first. I know what you mean; I tend to overthink the options, too! With all of the fun options you have to choose from, how can you lose? Happy summer to you!

no spring chicken said...

What a load of lovelies! I am especially admiring the teapot and thinking about 'pouring out as I enjoy some Lark Rise myself!

Blessings, Debbie

aishwarya said...

Beautiful. Flowers spread so much of happiness around and make the place heaven on earth. You have an eye for detail. Thanks for spreading happiness
Have a wonderful day

Catherine said...

Now that is a happy wee alliteration... piles of pretty prize poppies & peonies at Pom Pom's Ponderings..ha, ha! Yes please you can be mother (& be next door) my favourite is Twinings lemon scented tea..I'll bring some with me eh. I's a funny old thing the anticipation of holiday time but then when it arrives it can take a bit of settling in to. Can't really MAKE it happen. I'm a butterfly myself..I get bored easily so I do a wee bit of this & then a little bit of that & my house is always a work in progress ; ) Love & hugs Catherine x0x0x

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love that phrase Angela mentioned: "Shall I be Mother?" We really should start using this in the U.S. That polka-dotted teapot is perfect! I hope you will not feel you have to do too many things during your vacation. Perhaps the "first thing" is to put your feet up and do nothing at all. xo Kari

Gumbo Lily said...

I love peonies and I like to cut them and bring a big bunch into the house and smell them all day long. Mine are still in bud form.

When I get that "what do I do first" feeling, I start a list and check off everything I accomplish. It makes me feel on top of my game!


Lisa Richards said...

Is that a Tasha Tudor drawing in your header? It's wonderful! :)

Gigi said...

OMGoodness Pom, those peonies are so lush and beautiful and fluffy -- I just want to rub them against my cheek and make a peony bed to lie on.
And I love your new blog look -- so sweet. How do you do that so easily? It takes me all day to figure out how to revamp mine -- dur.
I hope the little bird made it home! We had an unhappy baby bird story here the other day ;(. We did our best but to no avail.
Cute cute spotty teapot! Now I want one of those too. I think we must be sisters from another mother (or something like that ;).

The Provincial Homemaker said...

What a lovely teapot and lovely flowers. I love Lark Rise too! My MIL just sent me out the latest series, which I hear is sadly the last. Sob! Have you read the books?

Bonnie said...

Another thing in common besides Lark Rise addiction...I love peonies. I have many different varieties in my gardens, pink, red, burgundy, white, doubles, and singles. My great-great grandfather was a gardener on a large English estate. When he immigrated to the U.S. he brought peonies starts with him and planted them in his garden here. I have peonies plants that came from my mothers separations that she took from her mothers, etc. 6 generations have split those original peony plants.

I hope my daughters carry on the tradition when they get homes of their own.

I am your newest follower and am stuck (happily) in your archives.